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About NDTA

NDTA Chairmen & Presidents


William J. Flynn

Chairman 2014-

RADM Mark H. Buzby, USN (Ret.)

President 2014-


Raymond P. Ebeling

Chairman 2006-2014


LTG Kenneth R. Wykle, USA (Ret.)

President 2002-2014


Andrew B. Fogarty

Chairman 2003-2005


Jeff Crowe

Chairman 1993-2003

LTG Edward Honor, USA (Ret.)

President 1989-2002

Ronald W. Drucker

Chairman 1987-1993

RADM Norman C. Venzke,

USCG (Ret.)

President 1985-1988

Brig Gen Malcolm P. Hooker, USAF

Chairman 1985-1987

President 1981-1985

Richard H. Hinchcliff

Chairman 1983-1985

Douglas Blackburn

Chairman 1981-1983

Edward Cummins

Chairman 1979-1981

Gerald W. Collins

President 1977-1981

Everett Hutchinson

Chairman 1977-1979

President 1975-1977

Peter T. Albert

Chairman 1976-1977

President 1973-1975

Robley L. Mangold

Chairman 1973-1975

President 1971-1973

Thomas M. Goodfellow

Chairman 1971-1973

President 1970-1971

Welby M. Frantz

Chairman 1970-1971

President 1967-1970

Kenneth L. Vore

Chairman 1967-1970

President 1965-1967

MG I. Sewell Morris, USA (Ret.)

Chairman 1965-1967

President 1963-1965

William B. Johnson

Chairman 1963-1965

President 1961-1963

Walter F. Carey

Chairman 1961-1963

President 1959-1961

Howard C. Adams

Chairman 1959-1961

President 1958-1959

James F. Haley

Chairman 1958-1959

President 1957-1958

Clark Hungerford

Chairman 1957-1958

President 1955-1957

E. Grosvenor Plowman

Chairman 1955-1957

President 1953-1955

Arthur H. Gass

Chairman 1953-1955


COL Melvin L. Craig, USA (Ret.)

Chairman 1952-1953

President 1951-1952

Brig Gen Charles F. Nielsen,

USAF (Ret.)

Chairman 1951-1952

President 1951-1952

Harry F. Chaddick

President 1948-1950

Merrill F. Redfern

President 1948

Hugh W. Siddall

President 1946-1948

COL Edmund C.R. Lasher,

USA (Ret.)

President 1946

BG William J. Williamson,

USA (Ret.)

President 1945-1946