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Professional Development

Selected Articles:



Autonomous Vehicles


Aeroscraft Innovation: Enhancing Logistics Capabilities with the World's Largest Aircraft


DLA: Delivering the Right Solution


Rough Waters: America's Response to Chinese Aggression in the South China Sea


Foreign Military Sales


Business in Africa


50 Years of Moving Military Families


Over-Automated, Under-Trained, and in the Cockpit


Soldier for Life: The US Army Transportation School's Workforce Credentialing Programs


Troops to Import / Export Specialists: Potentially Filling a Need in the Industry



Safety & th Dangerous Goods Professional


Synchronizing Global Distribution Planning


The Army Container Management Strategy


In Transit Visibility: A Tool to Enhancing the Military Decision-making Process


The NDTA Foundation 3 part series

Part I | Part II | Part III


Pipeline Capacity: Ensuring the Resiliency the US Requires


In Flux: America's Transportation Infrastructure



Domestic Multimodal Shipping


The 3D Printed Supply Chain


Trucking Industry Update


DTCI: Leading the DOD Transportation Evolution


The Case for Containers


Humanitarian Logistics Case Study: Delivering Critical AIDS Medication to Africa for the US Government


A DOD Mandate & the Global Supply Chain


What Goes Around Comes Around


An Afghan Odyssey: Gifts to Troops, Brave Ambushes, Bombs



The Aeroscraft: The 21st Century Air Vehicle


Military Logistics Readiness: A Logistics Roadmap for the New American Military


Vietnam Messages from a Forgotten Troopship


The Lean, Green, Supply Chain Machine


Corporate Profile: Totem Ocean Trailer Express


Commercial Sea/Air Multimodal Operations Support to the Warfighter


Norfolk Southern Corporation Celebrates 30 Years


Passenger Travel Update


Railroad Industry: Security and Capacity


Arctic Journeys


AT21 and CSV Drive the Enterprise Together


Crisis Abroad: Tips for International Travelers


Forum and Expo Wrap-Up


From the Heart


Government-Industry Partnership for Our Next Distribution Challenge


GTN: Continuing the Legacy


Logisticians Play Dual-Role Before Kirkuk Transition


MSC: Who we are. Where we're going. How we're getting there.


"Our Mission Continues"


Passenger Travel Outlook


Plzeň Remembers


Reflections On Change


SDDC Conducts Munitions Emergency Response ROC Drill and Exercise


SDDC Symposium NDTA Expo Wrap-Up


The End State: Part I


The End State: Part II


The Final Tribute


The Power of One



Aviation History Month


Brain Drain: A Looming Epidemic


Enterprise Distribution Optimization Comes to Life


Forum and Expo Wrap-Up


How Cancer Has Affected My Life


How The US Military Can Win the Robotic Revolution


Hybrid Airships


Joint High Speed Vessel


Overcoming Distribution Challenges


Passenger Travel Outlook


Perspectives On Defense Transportation:Rail


Plastics Challenge Traditional Thinking for Bridge Building


Returning Veterans To The Job Market


RFID In Defense Wrap-Up


San Antonio Chapter Celebrates a Lifetime of Service


The Crucial Need For Maritime Research & Innovation


The University of Denver's Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI)


USD-S Well Equipped for Drawdown



Crossing Cultures & Continents


Collaboration Parts I


Collaboration Part II


RFIDefense - 3rd Supplement


PAX Travel —The Domino Effect


About Face - Social Media & DOD


Shattering Stovepipes


An Ounce of Prevention


Enhancing Supply Chain Ops


Not on Our Watch


MRAP Update



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