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Speakers & Session Participants, in keeping with the Forum's theme "New Frontiers - New Opportunities,"

will emphasize the adaptability of the Global Supply Chain in response to the Nation's strategic pivot and

continuing budget cuts.  Details concerning select sessions follow.

All Speakers and Sessions at Dena'ina Center



MG John O'Connor, USA

Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, FORSCOM


Dennis Clifford,

Manager, Military & Government Sales, Delta Air Lines


(Listed in Order of Appearance)

MG Roger Mathews, USA

Deputy Commander,



Maj Gen Peter Talleri, USMC


Marine Corps Bases Pacific


VADM Mark Harnitchek, USN




CDR James Kriner,

CCJ3-S Strategic Deployments,



Lt. Gen Brooks Bash, USAF

Director for Logistics, J-4,

Joint Staff


Gen. William Fraser, USAF




Gen. Raymond Johns, Jr., USAF




RADM Mark Buzby, USN



For Forum Program Info, contact Mark Victorson at 703-751-5011.


Monday, Sept 24


An Interagency Transportation Perspective Including DoD Overseas Operations

Interagency coordination and collaboration have become increasingly more important for DoD to support operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief, and contingency efforts worldwide.  Interagency collaboration plays a significant role in transportation and distribution initiatives that support the National Security Strategy.  Agencies are seeking efficiencies, synergies, and elimination of duplication through more effective coordination with Interagency counterparts.  Through information sharing, relationship building, and networking, agencies are developing Whole of Government approaches to implement national security goals including Defense, Diplomacy and Development.   Senior executives from the Office of the Secretary of Defense; the Department of Homeland Security US Customs and Border Protection; Department of State, and the Department of Transportation Maritime Administration will discuss their interagency transportation policy experiences and lessons learned.



Mr. Don Stanton,




  • BG Lewis Roach, USA (Ret.), Deputy Dir., Policy & Planning, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, DHS
  • Mr. Joel Szabat, Interim Executive Dir, Maritime Administration, Deputy Asst. Secretary for Transportation Policy, DOT
  • COL Mike Cashner, USA, Asst. for Deployment & Distribution, TP, OSD

The Service Contract Act - Implications for Government Contractors

USTRANSCOM is transitioning from tenders to FAR based contracts.  Clauses in FAR based contracts require adherence to the SCA.  Contractors who do not comply with SCA risk severe penalties—large fines and/or debarment from government contracts.  Representatives from the US Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division will provide compliance assistance training regarding the SCA prevailing wage and fringe benefit requirements that are being applied to USTRANSCOM’s FAR based transportation contracts. Attend this session and learn about the SCA and receive information on a handbook being developed by Department of Labor for Defense Contractors.



William Brooks, Senior Policy Advisor, Branch of Gov't Contracts Enforcement, Wage & Hour Division, DOL

Supply Chain Efficiencies -

Reducing DoD's Costs Through Process Change & Strengthened Partnerships with Industry

With the inevitability of continued budget reductions and the looming possibility of sequestration, Department of Defense (DoD) logisticians and their industry partners are focused on reducing spending and gaining supply chain efficiencies.  This panel of senior logisticians will address the challenges of reducing costs while maintaining or improving readiness.  The discussion will focus on government and industry partnering efforts to reduce materiel inventory and warehouse infrastructure, foster innovative procurement strategies, and execute distribution process opportunities to realize the savings.



COL Craig Jorgenson, USA,

Chief, Joint Logistics Operations Center, DLA



  • Brig Gen John Michel, USAF, Chief, Change & Learning Strategist, USTRANSCOM
  • Mario Pejrone, CEO, Argol America Inc, Argol Villanova Group
  • Chris Larson, Director of Solutions, UPS

What's New in Personal Property -

BCA Results & Potential Changes in HHGS Management

"The only thing constant is change itself" is certainly true in the Personal Property business.  Senior Leaders from the Office of the Secretary of Defense; U.S. Transportation Command; Surface Deployment and Distribution Command; and Industry will provide their experiences leading and managing the $2.2 billion Defense Personal Property Program.  This session will provide the latest updates on the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3), including a brief discussion on the 2012 peak moving season and program adjustments to mitigate capacity challenges.  Panel members will also provide updates on the Department's Personal Property Regionalization Initiative, Household Goods Business Case Analysis, and Industry initiatives and trends.



Mr. Mike Williams, SES,

Deputy to the Commander, SDDC



  • JJ, SDDC
  • Lisa Roberts, Deputy, Deputy ASD (TP), OSD
  • Tim Helenthal, VP Agency Development, Military, National Van Lines
  • Michael Gonzales, Denali Group

New Frontiers - New Opportunities for Cost Efficiencies Using Rail, on Large or Small Volume Shipments

Representatives from the Rail Industry will be presenting a presentation covering:

  • Rail Industry Efficiencies
  • Ease of doing business with Rail
  • Environmental Advantages of Rail
  • Rail capabilities, points of major military activity, and current major lanes
  • Accessorial capabilities in the Rail Industry & 3PL's
  • Relationships with SDDC, DCMA, DTCI
  • Review of a vast network of rail lines to provide transportation access, opportuntites and alternatives

Rail Industry representatives will be on hand to answer questions in a panel format and for individual one on one contact with any specific questions afterwards.  Anti-Trust protocols will be strictly adhered to.



John Pinard,

Manager Sales, Industrial Products, BNSF



  • TBA

Re-balance to the Pacific;

Opportunities and Challenges supporting the Nation's Strategic Pivot

In the fall of 2011, the Obama Administration issued a series of announcements indicating that the United States would be expanding and intensifying its already significant role in the Asia-Pacific. The "strategic pivot" emphasizes the importance of the region and the United States' role in shaping its future. As DOD embraces this strategic effort, logistics support challenges across the expansive region will drive new opportunities for innovative solutions with an optimal mix of service, joint, combined and commercial capabilities. The panel will look at the future and how to best approach support to things like joint/combined exercises, prepositioning, disaster relief, and forward stationing.



COL Stan Wolosz, USA,

Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, USARPAC



  • Col James D. (Doug) Golden, USAF, Vice Commander, 515th Air Mobility Operations Wing
  • BG Paul C. Hurley, Jr., USA, Commanding General, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command
  • CSM Kevin A. McKeller, USA, Command Sergeant Major, 599th Transportation Brigade
  • Colonel (Retired) Larry A. Johnson, Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, G4, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

Mentoring - A Joint Junior / Senior Dialogue

Note: This session does not repeat; 2-3:30 p.m. only

Gain a greater appreciation for the importance of your role and its impact on our warfighters from the perspective of Junior and Senior leaders who serve across the transportation system.  As the mission continues to change and military capabilities continue to expand, the panel members will discuss the importance of mentoring as it relates to embracing change.  New concepts both in technology and in the way we will conduct business in the future will create a learning curve that will have to be welcomed by junior and senior leaders within the transportation system.



Mr. Charlie Hermosa,

VP, Business Development, Triple B Forwarders



  • MG Roger Mathews, USA, Deputy Commander, USARPAC
  • RADM Mark Buzby, USN, Commander, MSC
  • Will Martin, Manager, Military Markets, APL
  • John Myhre, Director, Gov't Services, Crowley
  • SSgt Jason Eubanks, USAF, 437 APS

NDTA Chapter Best Practices

How do you form or revive an NDTA Chapter; once it’s up and running, how do you take it to the next level? How do you keep volunteers motivated and recruit new ones when high OPTEMPO affects your chapter’s numbers? Young Professionals are key to chapter longevity – how do you attract and retain them? This NDTA All-Star panel features Mr. Bob Sherrill, whose leadership has brought the North Pole Chapter from Category I (100 or fewer members) to Category II (101-200 members); Mr. Joe Escalera, whose tactics have kept him atop NDTA Individual Recruiting Contests, and the Regimental Chapter (Peninsula) in the top three of Category III (201+ members); and Mr. Ryan Garcia of the San Antonio Chapter, which has won A-35 Chapter of the Year 11 times and this year held a successful 5K.

Note: This session does not repeat; 3:45-5:15 p.m. only



Mr. Jeff Campbell,

Manager, Chapter & Membership Support, NDTA



  • Mr. Bob Sherrill, NDTA Pacific NW Region & North Pole Chapter President

  • Mr. Joe Escalera, NDTA Regimental (Peninsula) Chapter President & Recruiter of the Year

  • Mr. Ryan Garcia, San Antonio Chapter A-35er

Tuesday, Sept 25


AA&E, HAZMAT Safety, Security, and Base Access -

Rail & Highway Rules & Regulations

The panel discussion will focus on Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Transportation (DOT), and commercial regulations, procedures, and initiatives aimed at improving the safe and secure movement of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E), and other hazardous materials (HAZMAT)  and protective security and sensitive cargo along US roads and railways.


Topics include:

  • Transportation Security and Safety Programs
  • Installation Access
  • Secure Hold/Safe Haven
  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA)



Mr. Melvin Holland,

Director, Strategic Business (G9), SDDC



  • Marc Boyle, Chairman, NDTA Security and SafetySubcommittee

  • Lloyd Coleman, Special Agent, Federal Motor Carriage Safety Administration (FMCSA), DOT

  • CE Radford, SDDC Chief of Domestic Business

International Opportunities -

Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe

Industry Working for YOU.

This informative session will include a panel of logistics representatives discussing industry successes in supply chain management and forwarding with an exchange of information on the commercial realities when operating in emerging markets.  Discussion will include the geopolitical, infrastructure and commercial nuances learned while navigating in these four regions … and how industry successes can be effectively translated into lessons learned for your potential challenges.



Mr. Brian Roberts,

Senior Dir., Gov't Services, DAMCO



  • Jim Solares, Manager Worldwide Sales, FedEx Gov't Services/DoD
  • Gregory Diven, Managing Director of Enterprise Accounts, Gov't Defense Sector
  • Ambassador Egidijus Meilunas, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lithuanian Embassy
  • Ms. Stefanie Dobbert, Key Account Manager, DB Schenker

Leveraging Business Data & Intel for Logistics Efficiencies

Companies today work in the moment and any delay in the transportation process leads to frustration, higher costs, an ever-expanding ripple throughout the organization.  Fortunately, you can learn from the leaders on how to use data to effectively spot and correct problems quickly, in many instances before they even occur!  The panel will start off with the broader theme of injecting near real time data into your actions and be followed by three panelists from industry and government detailing their own usages and experiences.  This will be wrapped up with approximately 30 minutes for audience participation and Q&A.



Rob Armstrong,

Solutions Marketing Specialist, Teradata Corporation



  • Jeff Moomaw, Dir., Marketing and Alliance Sales Development, Delta Air Lines
  • Joe Cash, Engineer, FedEx
  • John Rusnak, Army ERP AESIP Chief Architect, USTRANSCOM/DLA IGC Chief Architect, Mitre

New Frontiers - New Opportunities - Air Ships

We’ll begin by covering the current status of USTRANSCOM’s Hybrid Air Ships program and its relationships investing with Industry.  We’ll also explore the benefits of airship technology in the delivery of logistics support to locations in remote and austere regions, then discuss the economic considerations that must be met to exploit future aero ship technologies.  While hybrid airships will potentially decrease transportation costs, they may come with new logistics challenges, including depot/field maintenance facilities and support equipment.  Finally, we’ll have a quick overview of the Alaska Seafood Industry – how might these aircraft perform in the conditions Alaskans face?



Gen. William Tuttle, USA (Ret.),




  • LTG Robert T. Dail, USA (Ret.), President, Supreme Group, USA

  • Maj Gen Sam Cox, USAF, Dir., Strategy, Policy, Programs and Logistics, J3, USTRANSCOM
  • Mr. Ray Riutta, Executive Director, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

  • Redding Hobby, Deputy Dir., J3, Logistics Operations, DLA

Future AQ (DTCI, DT-15, USC 07, Sea/Air, TPS, DTMO Contracts)

The panel will address the major transportation and transportation-related services and information technology programs that support USTRANSCOM’s full-spectrum deployment and distribution mission.  Panel members will discuss current programs, as well as evolving initiatives and strategies within USTRANSCOM and its Component Commands as they posture for the future.



Ms. Gail Jorgenson,

Director, Acquisition, USTRANSCOM AQ



  • Brig Gen John Michel, Deputy Dir., USTRANSCOM Strategy, Policy, Programs & Logistics, J5/4
  • Tammy Thouvenot, Acting Deputy, Acquisition Business Operations, USTRANSCOM AQ
  • Mike Williams, SES, Deputy to the Commander, SDDC
  • Brig Gen Scott Goodwin, USAF, AMC/A3

The Next Great Frontier: Cyberspace and Securing Your "Bits & Bytes"

Securing your vital information is a business imperative.  As the transportation sector is a key part of the nation's critical infrastructure, securing the computer systems and information used by the transportation sector to power our economy and support our national defense.  In this panel discussion, senior leaders from both the government and private sectors will share their perspecitves on cyber threats to your operations, things you should do to protect your business from cyber attack,a nd what you should do if you are under cyber attack.



Brig Gen. Gregory Touhill, USAF,

Dir., C4 Systems, USTRANSCOM TCJ6



  • Senior Representatives, DoD, DHS, TSA, FBI & DOT

How to do Business with the Gov't (GSA, DLA, USTRANSCOM)

Join panel members from DLA, GSA, GSA/FAS and TRANSCOM to learn how these agencies can assist in developing a successful marketing and business development strategy.  Get advice on how to maneuver through the acquisition process and provide better service through partnering. Discover the wide range of available resources for agency customers and take part in a discussion on FY ’13 contracting with government.



MG James Chambers, USA (Ret.),

EVP, McLane Advanced Technologies



  • COL Craig Jorgenson, USA, Joint Logistics Operations Center, DLA
  • Scott Kidd, Chief, Freight Management Branch, GSA
  • Nicholas Weiss, Director, Office of Small Business Programs, USTRANSCOM

The Army Reserve Expeditionary Rail Center in Afghanistan

The Expeditionary Rail Center (ERC) is the U.S. Army's emerging force design update to keep a relevant theater railway capability in its force structure.

This panel will introduce the ERC's contemporary mission set. The panel will include DOD and Industry experts to inform audience of initiatives being pursued with Army employer and training partnerships with the U.S. Freight Rail Industry. Focusing on Afghanistan the panel will share the precedence set for the ERC by recent contributions from the Afghanistan Railway Assessment Team (ARAT). The ARAT partnered with DOS, DOT, CENTCOM and SDDC to provide rail network capability, infrastructure assessments, rail mode feasibility studies, advise on employment of rail capabilities, and assist with rail planning. A follow-on ARAT is planned to continue the effort and again partner in theater to continue the effort to improve organization, infrastructure and regulatory issues associated with rail transportation in Afghanistan. The panel looks forward to an exchange of information and discussion between the panel and forum audience.



COL David Pollard, USA,

Asst. Chief of Staff, Reserve Affairs, SDDC



  • COL Larry McColpin, USA, U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command Chief of Reserve Affairs

  • Ms. Erin Thede, Director, Employer Partnership Office, Office of Army Reserve

  • MAJ Tim Christensen, USAR, Team Chief, Afghanistan Rail Assessment Team




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