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  • Special Report from the Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure: Improving the Nation's Freight Transportation System HERE


  • USTRANSCOM Industry Days Conducted to get feedback from various parts of the transportation industry:  TCAQ Vendor Communication Plan HERE | Corporate Executive Acquisition Board Session Results HERE

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Special Report: The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) LEARN MORE


April 11 Chief of Army Reserves Holds Town Hall on Fort McCoy READ


April 11 Supply Chain Transformation Earns AMC Top Award READ


April 11 Naval Forces Stand Ready Despite Threat of Sequestration READ


April 11 Hearing for Proposed Fiscal 2015 Defense Authorization, Panel 2 READ


April 11 Op-Ed & Fact Sheet on Joining Forces Commitments to Support Military and Veteran Caregivers READ


April 11 Nigerian, US Air Forces Partner for Disaster Relief Seminar READ


April 11 More Amphibious Forces Needed in Pacific, General Says READ


April 11 DHS Reaction to "Heartbleed," Provides Tips to Mitigate Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities READ


April 11 Airmen: Our Greatest Strength READ


April 11 Former DLA Aviation Commander to Take Over DLA Logistics Operations READ


April 10 Readiness Key to Air Force Posture READ


April 10 Marine Corps Will Continue to Serve as Nation's Ready Force READ


April 10 DOT Secretary Foxx Announces National Bus Tour to Highlight the Importance of Transportation Investment READ


April 10 SecAF, CSAF Testify on Air Force Posture READ


April 10 Army: Funds Fall Short to Restore Lost Readiness READ


April 9 Selva Appointed USTRANSCOM Commander READ


April 9 DLA Looks to IT Industry to Help Cut Operating Costs READ


April 9 Sgt. Maj. of the Army Lists Soldiers' Top Five Concerns READ


April 9 USN, USMC, USCG Officials Speak About Being Ready READ


April 9 Federal Railroad Administration to Issue Proposed Rule on Minimum Train Crew Size READ


April 9 Vice Chief of Staff of the Army: Fiscal Constraints Mean 'Greater Risk' in Modernization READ


April 8 Pentagon Officials Announce US Strategic Force Structure READ


April 8 DLA Logistics Operations Director Retires READ


April 8 Africa Presents Challenges, Opportunities to US Command READ


April 8 AFMC Wright-Patt Global Hawk Program Receives 2013 Logistics Awards READ


April 8 Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator Helps Plan for the Future READ


April 8 Sea Service Chiefs: Sequestration Could Affect Navy Ships READ


April 7 Fox Challenges Marines, Navy to Innovate READ


April 7 DOD Must Meet New Challenges with Smaller Force READ


April 7 DLA Fine Tunes Emergency Response During National Exercise READ


April 7 Airmen Train with Civil Authorities to Prepare for Natural Disasters READ


April 7 Future Outlook Released for Remotely Piloted Aircraft READ


April 7 ITV Exercise Paves the Way for Cargo Tracking Improvements READ


April 5 Hagel: US-Japan Partnership Critical to Regional Security READ


April 4 Acting Deputy Defense Secretary Talks Budget, Urges Innovation READ


April 4 US DOT Secretary Foxx Names New Members to Maritime Industry Advisory Panel READ


April 4 Navy Adm. Rogers Takes Over Top NSA, Cyber Command Posts READ


April 4 Air Force Launches New Program to Capture Innovative Ideas READ


April 3 FEMA, K-State, & Other Organizations Partner to Prepare Students for Future Disasters READ


April 3 Active Army & Army Reserve Bring Total Force Concept to Warex READ


April 3 Transition, Uncertainty Make Budget Request Important Says DOD Official READ


April 3 Budget Cuts Threaten Military Readiness, Officials Say READ


April 2 Battaglia Talks Top Military Issues at Scott READ


April 2 Army Modernization Strategy Soldier-focused in Lead Years READ


April 2 Infrastructure Cuts Shift Funds to Operations, Maintenance READ


April 2 Air Mobility Command: The Fleet is Complete READ


April 2 Navy to Commission Littloral Combat Ship Coronado READ


April 2 Cyberspace Milestone Reached for Air Force Network READ


April 2 Hagel Describes the Role of Partnership in Asia-Pacific Rebalance READ


April 1 ID Cards to be Scanned, Verified at DLA Installation Gates READ


April 1 Military Officials Testify on Sequestration, Readiness READ


March 31 USTRANSCOM Announces New Senior Enlisted Leader PHOTOS


March 31 SDDC POLAD Speaks to Students During University's Global Awareness Week READ


March 28 DLA Installation Support Leaders Outline Fiscal 2014 Goals READ


March 27 Air Force Officials Stress Balance in Face of Budget Constraints READ


March 27 FEMA: Capstone 2014 National Exercise Begins READ


March 27 Air Force Looks at Cost-effective Technologies to Sustain Future Operations READ


March 27 CSAF: Budget Cuts Affect Combatant Commands READ


March 26 Air Mobility Command's Force Structure Plan Takes Shape in President's Budget Proposal READ


March 26 TSA Report Identifies New Measures to Ensure Safety & Security of TSA Employees and Travelers READ


March 26 18th AF Commander Visits Team Dover READ


March 26 SecAF Discusses Service's Top Priorities READ


March 24 US DOT Secretary Foxx Announces $1 Million in 'Quick Release' Emergency Funds for Roads Damaged in Washington State Mudslide READ


March 24 DLA's Executive Officer Retires After 27-year Army Career READ


March 21 Transportation Official Urges Planning Before PCS Moves READ


March 21 Unmanned Vehicle Demonstration Showcases Leap-ahead Technology READ


March 21 First Female National Guard Soldiers Graduate Field Artillery School READ


March 21 Marines Conduct Crisis Response Exercise from Joint High Speed Vessel USNS Spearhead READ


March 21 President Obama Signs H.R. 4076: The Home Heating Emergency Assistance through Transportation Act of 2014 READ


March 20 Veterans Unemployment Rate Dropped in 2013 READ


March 20 Training Takes Top Priority in Army Budget Decisions READ


March 20 DLA, DLA Energy Senior Leaders Discuss Annual Operating Plan READ


March 19 Obama Presents Long-overdue Medals of Honor to 24 Soldiers READ


March 19 Hagel, Army Leaders Induct 'Valor 24' Into Hall of Heroes READ


March 19 Leadership Link: AMC Command Chief Connects with Airmen READ


March 19 Investigator Discusses Navy Yard Findings, Insider Threat READ


March 19 AFSBn-Afghanistan LARs Save Money, Time in Keeping Aircraft Operational, Mission Ready READ


March 19 18th Air Force Commander Shares Leadership Perspectives with MacDill Airmen READ


March 19 GSA Tech Initiative Delivers Public Service for the 21st Century READ


March 18 Remarks by the President at Presentation Ceremony for the Medal of Honor READ


March 18 CSAF to Airmen: Sequestration Creates Tough Choices READ


March 18 US and EU Plan to Eliminate Duties on Bilateral Trans-Atlantic Trade READ


March 18 DHS Announces Grant Guidance for FY2014 Preparedness Grants READ


March 18 Self-Healing Paint Could Halt Rust on Military Vehicles READ


March 18 US Department of Transportation Provides $30 Million to Improve Transit Options for American Indians, Alaska Natives on Tribal Lands READ


March 18 Pentagon Official: Research, Development No Place to Cut Costs READ


March 18 SecAF Shares 'Way Ahead' with USAFE Airmen READ


March 18 Hagel Details New Security Actions After Navy Yard Shooting READ


March 18 Reviews Recommend Big Changes in Installation Security READ


March 18 Social Security Launches Expedited Veteran Disability Process READ


March 17 SDDC Centralizes Regional Storage Inspection Functions at Scott AFB READ


March 17 Legislators from AK, HI, Territories Lobby for Jones Act Revision READ


March 15 Air Force Continues Force Management Programs READ


March 14 DLA Liaison Officers to COCOMs Meet, Network at Agency Headquarters READ


March 14 Army Studies Using Technology to Improve Logistics READ


March 14 SecAF Addresses Budget Challenges in Congress READ AF Chief of Staff: 'Every Budget Decision Hurts' READ


March 14 DLA CFC Ceremony Recognizes Those Who 'Make It Possible' READ


March 14 Budget, Strategy Dominate Dempsey's Facebook Town Hall READ


March 14 Changes Coming to Deployed Airman Pay READ


March 14 Air Mobility Command Investigation Board Determines Cause of KC-135 Crash in May READ


March 14 AF Requests BRAC from House Appropriations Committee READ


March 13 Sequestration Would Cripple US Military Strategy, Hagel Says READ


March 13 Dempsey: Budget Balances Security, Fiscal Responsibilities READ


March 13 DOT Proposes Use of Electronic Logbooks to Improve Efficiency, Safety in Commercial Bus & Truck Industries READ


March 13 USTRANSCOM Leads Efforts to Increase Visibility for DOD Logistics Requirements READ


March 13 Mission to Afghanistan Proves Versatility of SDDC Operations READ


March 13 Presidential Memorandum--Updating and Modernizing Overtime Regulations READ


March 12 AF Budget Director Outlines Challenges, Opportunities to AFA Members READ


March 12 DOT Secretary Foxx Testimony on the 2015 Budget READ


March 12 Greenert: Navy Faces Support Shortfalls, Maintenance Backlogs READ


March 12 Cybercom Nominee Emphasizes Legislation, Transparency READ


March 12 2015 Budget Reduces Infrastructure Spending, Official Says READ


March 12 'Transition GPS' Helps Troops Re-Enter Civilian World READ


March 12 Army Materiel Command Open for Business: Commander Addresses Industry READ


March 12 GSA Management Matters: Creating a 21st Century Government READ


March 11 USTRANSCOM Nominee Testifies on Issues, Challenges READ


March 11 AF Undersecretary: Budget Uncertainty Worries Airmen READ


March 11 2014 QDR Presumes Future Includes More Risk, Less Money READ


March 11 Colombian Military Officials Learn from DLA's Field Activities READ


March 11 Army Developing New Training Opportunities for Civilians READ


March 10 Chairman Stresses Professionalism to Combat Ethical Lapses READ


March 10 AF Officials Announce FY15 Force Structure Changes READ


March 10 Dempsey: Fiscal 2015 Request Juggles Budget, Risks READ


March 10 Wingmen in Action Across AFMC READ


March 10 Battaglia Honors Service Members, Families for Adaptability READ


March 7 DOT Budget & Performance READ


March 7 Alexander: US Must Address Media Leaks, Cyber Legislation READ


March 7 Ship Recycling Industry Reps Meet with DLA Leaders READ


March 7 Pentagon Official Expresses Concerns Over Budget Instability READ


March 7 Hagel Outlines Compensation Reform Proposals in Budget Request READ


March 7 Quadrennial Review's Focus is Protecting Homeland READ


March 6 DLA Information Operations Standardizes IT Services READ


March 6 HAZMAT Safely Transported for Proper Disposal READ


March 6 DLA Logistics Operations Director Visits Agency Personnel in Philly READ


March 5 'Risk' Discussed Following Army Budget Request READ


March 5 Commentary: We are Airmen First READ


March 5 US DOT Secretary Foxx Recommends $2.5 Billion to Expand Transit Options that Improve Access to Jobs & Opportunities READ


March 5 Hagel: Severe Budget Cuts Will Compromise National Security READ


March 5 Officials Detail Army's Fiscal 2015 Budget Request READ


March 5 Navy Budget Request Involved Tough Choices Official Says READ


March 5 Air Force Official: Budget Request Repositions Force READ


March 5 Official Encourages Dialogue Between Pentagon, Industry READ


March 5 SecAF Discusses Current, Future Challenges with ACC Airmen READ


March 5 Dempsey: Budget Cuts, Global Challenges Raise Risk to Nation READ


March 5 Locklear Warns of Growing Challenge in Asia-Pacific Region READ


March 5 New Network Technologies to Support Expeditionary Signal Battalions READ


March 4 DOD Releases Fiscal Budget 2015 Proposal & Quadrennial Defense Review READ, Secretary Hagel's Statement on Budget & QDR READ.


March 4 Speeches for DOD Budget Request: OPENING SUMMARY & SUBMITTED STATEMENT


March 4 Secretary Johnson Announces DHS' Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request READ


March 4 Enabling Fleet Management with CBM+ READ


March 4 Air Force Presents FY 15 Budget READ


March 4 Army Materiel Command Restructuring HQ Staff, Legal Support to Consolidate at AMC Centers of Excellence READ


March 4 Retrograde Operations: Planning & Execution READ


March 4 Official Discusses Sequestration Constraints, Hagel's Priorities READ


March 4 US DOT's Proposed Budget Invests $90.9 Billion in Safe, Efficient, Innovative Transportation Programs READ


March 4 QDR Charts Strategy Evolution READ


March 4 Defense Budget Request Squares Priorities, Resources READ


March 4 Reinvigorating Sustainment Home Station Training READ


March 4 Strategic Broadening: An Opportunity for Logisticians READ


March 3 SDDC Offers Advice If Planning to Move this Summer READ


March 1 White House: Investing in Technology & Infrastructure to Create Jobs READ


February See our military Olympians HERE


February 28 New DOT Report on Highway, Transit Conditions Points to Need for More Investment READ


February 28 DLA Energy Works to Increase Environmental Compliance READ


February 28 SecAF Discusses Air Force Future, Budget During Defense Summit READ


February 28 Top AF Senior Enlisted Leader Testifies on AF Quality of Life READ


February 27 Fraser's Testimony Focuses on the Future READ


February 27 Leadership Lessons: What You Should Know About Force Shaping READ


February 27 Winnefeld: Budget Request Balances Security, Fiscal Realities READ


February 27 SMA: Army Remains Strong Despite 'Daunting Fiscal Challenges' READ


February 27 Alexander: Laws, Policies Lag behind Changes in Cyber Threats READ


February 26 18th Air Force Commander: 'Offer Value Through Competence' READ


February 26 Dempsey, US Leaders Discuss Obama's Afghanistan Decision READ


February 26 White House Fact Sheet: President Obama Lays Out Vision for 21st Century Transportation Infrastructure READ


February 26 DLA Subsistence Supply Chain Stands Up New Food Services Division READ


February 26 President Obama & DOT Secretary Foxx Announce $600 Million for Sixth Round of TIGER Funding READ


February 26 Infrastructure Upgrades Enhance Joint Base Missions READ


February 26 Hagel Talks with Troops about 2015 Defense Budget Request READ


February 26 DOT Secretary Foxx Announces $60 Million Loan for US-36 in the Boulder-Denver Region READ


February 25 Hagel Outlines Budget Reducing Troop Strength, Force Structure READ


February 25 Chairman Joint Chiefs Disputes Notion of Declining US Military READ


February 25 DOT Issues Emergency Order Requiring Stricter Standards to Transport Crude Oil by Rail READ


February 25 Harnitchek Tours DLA Distribution Red River, Meets Senior Leaders READ


February 25 Kendall Cautions Against Complacency in US Tech Superiority READ


February 24 Dempsey Stresses Balance in the Fiscal 2015 Budget Request READ


February 24 US & Canada Announce Second Phase of Truck Cargo Pre-Inspection Pilot READ


February 24 DOD Takes Holistic View of Slowing Military Compensation Growth READ


February 24 SecAF Outlines Top Priorities During 'State of the AF' Address READ


February 24 DLA Holds "Buying Green" Workshop for Acquisition, Procurement Personnel READ


February 21 US DOT Secretary Foxx's Letter to the Association of American Railroads READ


February 21 Cone Shares Army Focus for Force 2025 READ


February 21 AF Chief of Staff: Taking Care of Airmen, Future Roadmap Key to AF Success READ


February 21 National Guard: Strengthening Partnerships for Mission Success READ


February 21 DLA Troop Support Preps Pacific Partnership Support READ


February 21 Air Mobility Command Announces 'Initial Operational Capability' Milestones for Upgraded C-5 READ


February 21 Army Exhibit Showcases 'Leap-Ahead' Technologies READ


February 21 CMSAF Give Enlisted Perspective READ


February 20 US-Afghan Agreement Remains a DOD Priority READ


February 20 US DOT Secretary Foxx Speaks to Chamber of Commerce READ


February 20 Army Experts Talk Cyber Domain READ


February 20 Yearlong Effort Shifts US' Main Afghanistan Air Hub READ


February 20 Thinking Outside the Box to Equip the Army of 2025 and Beyond READ


February 20 AF Announces Change to Reduction in Force (RIF) Board Schedule READ


February 20 Army Materiel Command's Top Leader Presents Command Perspective READ


February 19 White House Executive Order Streamlining the Export / Import Process for America's Businesses READ


February 19 DHS to Implement Steps to Streamline the Export / Import Process for America's Businesses READ


February 19 Army Corps of Engineers Commander Sees Funding Returning to Pre-9/11 Levels by 2020 READ


February 19 Army Material Command Deputy Discusses Partnering Opportunities READ


February 19 Operating in the 'New Normal'—Post Conflict Support Essential to Industrial Base Future READ


February 19 Emergency Management: Training for the Worst, Hoping for the Best READ


February 19 AF Next-Generation Mobility Solutions Beginning READ


February 18 Remarks by President Obama on Fuel Efficiency Standards of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles READ


February 18 Maintainers Counter Cyber Threats at Red Flag 14-1 READ


February 18 DLA Leaders, Maritime Industry Reps Discuss Budgets, Partnership READ


February 18 NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Enhances Fleet Readiness, Saves Millions READ


February 18 Commentary: Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Commander Outlines New Focus Areas READ


February 18 CSM Thomas: Leaders Have Vision, Drive, Commitment, & Skill READ


February 18 Davidson Announces as Next SDDC Commanding General READ


February 18 LaPlante Confirmed for Top AF Acquisition Leadership Position READ


February 18 GSA, DHS Announce Modernization & Expansion for Laredo Land Port of Entry READ


February 18 FEMA Seeks Applicants for National Advisory Council READ


February 17 DOD  Works with NBA to Improve Troops' Transition Assistance READ


February 14 Exercise Cobra Gold Kicks Off in Thailand READ


February 14 Sea Service Chiefs Examine Future of Maritime Strategy READ


February 14 DARPA Helps Cadets, Midshipmen Prep for Cyber Mission READ


February 14 General Officer Assignments Announced: Davidson to Lead SDDC READ


February 14 DOT Seeks Comment on Whether to Ban Mobile Device Voice Communications on Flights READ


February 13 Air Force Launches Enhanced Civilian Development Site READ


February 13 White House Announces Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework READ


February 13 Obama Aiming to Protect US Networks READ


February 13 Harnitchek: Audit Readiness, Contract Award-time Top Priorities READ


February 12 FMCSA Proposes National Drug & Alcohol Testing Clearinghouse for Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers READ


February 12 White House Background Briefing on the Launch of the Cybersecurity Framework READ


February 12 Secretary McHugh Discusses Leaner, More Capable Army READ


February 12 Odierno: Leader Development Number One Priority READ


February 12 Launch of the Cybersecurity Framework READ


February 12 Marines Train with Soldiers in Railway Operations READ


February 12 New BRAC Round Would Save Money, Increase Army Readiness READ


February 12 Military Power Aids Diplomacy, Defense Official Says READ


February 12 Statement by the President on the Cybersecurity Framework READ


February 12 DOD Official Reports on Security Clearance Process READ


February 12 New AF Materiel Command Chiefs Attend Orientation READ


February 11 America's Sea-Going Force Returns to Amphibious Roots READ


February 11 Fox Discusses Posture, Threats in Asia-Pacific Region READ


February 11 2013 Airline Consumer Complaints Down from Previous Year READ


February 11 Update on USTRANCOM ERC Industry Representative READ


February 10 SDDC Establishes Internal Audit Office READ


February 10 Remarks by the First Lady at a National Symposium on Veterans' Employment in Construction, A Joining Forces Event READ


February 10 Accounting Challenges, Partnership Discussed at DFAS/DLA Day READ


February 9 Chairman Dempsey Promises Vigorous Military Ethics Campaign READ


February 7 Balance Key to Fiscal 2015 Budget Reduction, Hagel Says READ


February 7 Obama Nominates Selva to Succeed Fraser READ


February 7 Air Guard Remains Experienced, Ready Force READ


February 7 DLA, GSA Partnership Agreement to Consolidate, Improve Processes READ


February 7 'My Army Benefits' Website Scam Targets Soldiers, Families READ


February 6 Hagel Recognizes Marines, DOD Agencies for Audit Progress READ


February 6 DLA's Distribution Centers No Longer 'Depots' of the Past READ


February 6 Locklear: US Must Remain 'Out and About' to Succeed in Pacific READ


February 6 401st AFSBn-Kandahar Uses Lean Six Sigma to Expedite Retrograde READ


February 6 DOT Secretary Foxx Announces $840 Million Loan for the Grand Parkway Project in Greater Houston READ


February 6 US Army Europe to Undergo Logistics System Upgrade READ


February 6 DARPA Official: Human-Robot Teams Key to Disaster Response READ


February 5 Education Opportunities Soar at Sea READ


February 4 Combat Airlift Role Critical to Retrograde Operations READ


February 4 DLA Now Buying Afghan Produce for Deployed US Troops READ


February 4 Nigerian, US Forces Partner for Disaster Relief READ


February 3 DLA Chief of Staff Meets with Employees in New Cumberland, PA READ


February 3 DLA Acqusition Director Retires After 38 Years of Federal Service READ


February 1 Hagel: Future Requires Renewed Era of Partnership READ


January 31 AMC Commander: 'I'm Suggesting We Change the Rules' READ


January 31 USTRANSCOM Transportation Intelligence Pilot Underway READ


January 31 AMC To Host Small Business Industry Outreach Event at Redstone Arsenal READ


January 31 435th AGOW Airmen Lead Rwandan Port Operations READ


January 31 DLA Troop Support Keeps Super Bowl Traditions for Troops in Afghanistan READ


January 31 Marine Corps Students Learn the Value of DLA Capabilities READ


January 31 Final Words from the AMC Chief 'Thank You for the Inspiration' READ


January 30 Real-World HOS Study Shows Drivers Using New Restart are More Alert, Less Fatigued READ


January 30 CLB-6 Redeploys, CLB-7 Last Marine Logistical Unit to Deploy to Afghanistan READ


January 30 Navy to Christen Second Mobile Landing Platform READ


January 30 Air Force Will Reinvest in Readiness, Says Secretary READ


January 30 Rogers Tabbed as Nexy Cyber Command Chief READ


January 30 Delivering Heroes Home READ


January 30 DOD Raises $21 Million in CFC Campaign READ


January 29 Statement by the Secretary of Transportation on the State of the Union READ


January 29 GSA and DOD Announce Acquisition Cybersecurity and Resilience Recommendations READ


January 29 Air Mobility Command Hosts Chief Learning Officer Round Table READ


January 29 Pentagon Links Prosperity to Asia-Pacific Partnerships READ


January 28 State of the Union Address VIDEO


January 28 Vice Chairman Urges Congress to 'Grandfather'Retirement Changes READ


January 28 DOD Official: Force Size Limits Modernization Efforts READ


January 28 Dempsey to Evaluate Profession of Arms Campaign READ


January 28 FEMA & Partners Exercising Earthquake Scenarios READ


January 28 DLA Energy Hosts International Military Students READ


January 28 USTRANSCOM Commander Presents Innovative Showcase Award READ


January 27 Army, Veterans Groups Focus on Reintegration for Soldiers READ


January 27 DLA Strategic Goals Award Winners for 4th Quarter 2013 Announced READ


January 24 Gen Wolfenbarger Discusses Challenges and Successes at Commander's Call READ


January 24 USTRANSCOM Continues Civilian Exchange Program READ


January 24 1st MLG Supports Afghanistan Retrograde READ


January 24 New AF Secretary Ceremoniously Sworn-in by Hagel READ


January 23 Locklear: PACOM Keys Capabilities to 21st-Century Asia-Pacific READ


January 23 Military Chiefs Look at NATO's Future READ


January 22 DLA Vice Director Urges Employees to Escalate Contracting Issues READ


January 22 Airmen Participate in Joint Exercise Global Response Expeditor READ


January 22 CMSAF Cody Shares Advice on EPR, AF Changes Ahead READ


January 21 GSA Announces Major Investments in the Nation's Public Buildings READ


January 21 Army Materiel Command New CSM: 'Leadership is Inspiring the Best in Others' READ


January 20 Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: The White House | DOD | DLA |