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NDTA Exhibits

NDTA currently produces three major expositions per year: the NDTA Transportaion, Education and Training Symposium in Norfolk and the SDDC Transportation/Training Symposium in the Spring; and at the Annual NDTA Logistics and Transportation Forum and Expo in the Fall.  Additional exhibiting opportunities may be available for National Transportation Week in the Spring, or Regional Conferences and European meetings occurring throughout the year.  

In all NDTA Expos, companies wanting to do business in the military/government market have the opportunity to exhibit to an audience that covers all the branches of the US armed forces, the  Department of Defense and major US government organizations.  It is this “one stop shopping” aspect of NDTA events that is so valuable to exhibitors.  All of their military/government target market is represented at one show, in one location.

Additionally, NDTA Expos help segment that market by levels of responsibility.  The Spring time Norfolk and SDDC Symposium draws mostly operational and middle level managers and decision makers, while the Annual Forum in the Fall appeals to senior level management and executives with policy making responsibility.

In most cases you can reserve your booth and pay for it online with a minimum of time and effort.  For more information, please contact Denny Edwards or Lee Matthews at 703-751-5011. If you would like to reserve a booth, please visit the event links given above.

2012 Annual NDTA Logistics and Transportation Forum and Expo

"New Frontiers - New Opportunities"


September 22-26 , 2012

Anchorage, Alaska