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About NDTA

QuestionWhat is the NDTA?

THE NATIONAL DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION (NDTA) is a non-political, non-profit educational association of government, military, and industry professionals dedicated to fostering a strong and efficient global transportation and distribution system in support of national security. NDTA promotes exchange on current matters of transportation, travel, distribution, logistics and security, allowing for knowledge sharing in a non-partisan, fair, and objective environment. Over 8,000 members around the world participate, and are able to discuss critical issues openly in a professional atmosphere consistent with the principles of government ethics and without commercial trade constraints. Results are shared with various interested parties. NDTA is a tax exempt organization, fully recognized federally by the Internal Revenue Service.


  NDTA Mission Statement

  NDTA Brochure

  NDTA Fact Sheet


QuestionWho do I contact with questions?

“We’re here to help you!” The NDTA national headquarter staff is on call Monday through Friday, 8:30am ~ 5:00pm. For specific requests, please contact individual noted below. Staff can be reached by Telephone: 703-751-5011, by Facsimile: 703-823-8761 or by email.

  RADM Mark Buzby, USN (Ret.)
President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Overall Leadership and Management of the Association
  • Custodian / Accountability of all Property and Funds
  • Oversee Perparation, Presentation & Exectution of Annual Budget
  • Functional & Administrative Committees
  • Primary Point of Contact for all Corporate Exectives

 COL Jim Veditz, USA (Ret.)
Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Day to Day management / supervision of the staff
  • Individual Membership Recruitment and Retention Programs
  • Event Professional Programs (Forum, TAB, Board Agenda, other events as appropriate)
  • NDTA Foundation
  • Education, Scholarship and Intern Program
  • Awards Program
  • Facility / equipment maintencance and repair

 Patty Casidy
VP Finance

  • Financial Management (Maintains all financial records, master general ledger, monthly financial analysis, annual budget & finance committee meeting, receipt and disbursement of all funds)
  • Human Resources (Personnel) management functions
  • Forum Registration
  • Forum Volunteers
  • Maintains Financial Records for the Weed and NDTA Foundations

 Lee Matthews
VP Marketing and Corporate Development

  • Corporate Membership Recruitment and Retention Program
  • Exposition management (Floor plan, brochures, contract)
  • Management & Sale of Exhibit Space
  • Management & Sale of Corporate Sponsorships
  • Oversight and Preparation of Marketing Materials

 Leah Ashe
Manager, Database

  • Database Management
  • Corporate Renewal Letters / Invoicing / Reports
  • Individual Membership Administration / Reports
  • Membership Metrics
  • Forum CAD Seating

 Sharon Lo
Manager, Meetings & Publications

  • Communications & PR (DTJ, NDTAGram, Press Releases, Printing, Press Room, Forum note takers)
  • Webmaster, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), E-Mail Blasts
  • National Level Meeting Contracts & Planning

 Rebecca Jones
Administrative Assistant to the President

  • Office Administration / Support to the President
  • Functional Committee Support
  • Executive Events (BOD), Board Minutes, TAB, CEO Meetings, Forum CAD VIP seating, Forum Planning Meeting and Finance Committee Meeting Support)
  • Hotel Room Block

 Carl Wlotzko
Banquet & Special Events Coordinator

  • National Meetings Food and Beverage
  • DMC / National Meeting Tours
  • Hospitality Suite

QuestionWhat types of membership does NDTA offer?

The National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) has two types of memberships, Corporate and Individual. Corporate membership is available at four levels: Regional Patron; Sustaining Member; Chairman’s Circle; and Chairman’s Circle PLUS. Corporate member companies may enroll a number of individuals from their organization.  There are various categories of Individual membership.  To review them, click the link to Individual membership below.

If you are interested in becoming a member of NDTA, please contact NDTA at 703-751-5011.
Individual Membership: mark@ndtahq.com
Corporate: lee@ndtahq.com


 Individual Membership

 Corporate Membership


QuestionWhy should I become an Individual Member?

To keep abreast of trends and transitions in the industry, military and government, and to meet new contacts and to renew friendships.


 Individual Benefits


QuestionWhy should our company become a Corporate Member?

To expand your market reach, to network with professionals in government and industry sectors, and to ensure your corporate voice is heard through participation in NDTA’s Functional and Administrative Committees.


 Corporate Benefits

NDTA’s Committee Structure


QuestionHow do I change or update my membership information?

For membership renewal or updates, log on to the NDTA Website.


QuestionWhere are NDTA Chapters? Who do I contact to be involved?

Currently, 60+ Chapters are located throughout the United States, Europe, and the mid-East and Pacific regions. If you cannot find a Chapter located in your area, you are welcome to initiate a Start-Up. Contact Mark Victorson at mark@ndtahq.com for guidance and the tools that you will need.


 About NDTA Chapters

Chapter Presidents and Regional Officers

 Local Chapters – State Side and Overseas

Chapter Web Sites


QuestionWhat are the NDTA committees?

NDTA has Functional Committees at the National Level for Military Airlift, Sealift, Surface Transportation, Distribution, Security "Best Practices", and Passenger Travel Services. These committees, whose membership consists of senior corporate executives from NDTA's corporate membership, address major national transportation related issues and, when requested, participate with government agencies to provide alternatives to major transportation related problems pertaining to National Security issues.

In addition, NDTA has a number of Administrative Committees that assist the NDTA President in managing the organization.


 NDTA Committees


QuestionWhat is the forum?

NDTA has held annual Forums for more than 65 years.  Military, Government and Commercial Logisticians & Transporters meet to share knowledge, network and connect with peers working across the Global Enterprise.


 NDTA Forum


QuestionWhat is the NDTA expo and how can I be involved as an exhibitor?

NDTA Expos are held in conjunction with conferences put on by NDTA and our associates.  NDTA is committed to giving you access to the best resources necessary to equip you for today and tomorrow's challenges.  Exhibitors are eager to share their knowledge, new concepts, and help you fine-tune your operations in innovative and profitable ways.

Get involved with the next NDTA Expo by contacting Lee Matthews, lee@ndtahq.com; T: 703-751-5011.


QuestionHow can I sponsor an NDTA Event?

Sponsor NDTA Events to increase brand awareness and visibility with senior military, government and commercial logisticians.

Contact Lee Matthews, lee@ndtahq.com; T: 703-751-5011.


QuestionWhat publications does NDTA offer?

NDTA offers three publication venues. Corporate and individual members are welcome to submit stories, announcements or news at no cost. Items will appear in print and/or online based on timely submission entry. NDTA reserves the right to review submissions for relevance, and to edit content to fit format requirements.

The Defense Transportation Journal (DTJ), a bi-monthly hard copy trade magazine that features articles of interest relative to the maritime, air, rail, surface and passenger travel industry. News concerning our Government and Military Partners, Industry Members and local Chapters is also presented. Submissions should be directed to Sharon Lo, Managing Editor; sharon@ndtahq.com; T: 703-751-5011. Layout design, advertising, production and mailing are managed by Carden Jennings Publishing Company / Custom Publishing Division (375 Greenbrier Drive, Suite 100, Charlottesville, VA 22901; T: 434-817-2000). For advertising rates and to place ad orders, please contact Jim Lindsey: jlindsey@cjp.com;

T: 434-817-2000. Ext. 141.



 DTJ Fact Sheet

 Current Content & Archives

NDTA also publishes the NDTAGram, a monthly publication distributed to membership electronically and posted on the NDTA website.  The NDTAGram includes news from the United States Transportation Command and its components, as well as viewpoints and kudos to membership. Submissions should be directed to Sharon Lo, Managing Editor; sharon@ndtahq.com; T: 703-751-5011. NDTAGram sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Lee Matthews, lee@ndtahq.com; T: 703-751-5011.


 NDTA Gram

The NDTA Website shares recent announcements and news items through regular updates. To share an update, please contact Sharon Lo: sharon@ndtahq.com or 703-751-5011.
NDTA Web sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Lee Matthews, lee@ndtahq.com; T: 703-751-5011.


QuestionWhat is the NDTA Foundation?

The National Defense Transportation Association Foundation carries out the Association’s charter to support, conduct and assist programs of transportation education, scientific research and development. These activities are carried out in coordination with private, industrial, educational and government agencies. They are designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our distribution industry and enable it to meet national security needs.

The Foundation's academic scholarship program provides opportunities for college and graduating high school students majoring in supply-chain, transportation, logistics, information technology and related fields to gain scholarship awards and recognition. The Foundation is funded from voluntary contributions and donations are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For information about the NDTA Foundation contact Mark Victorson at (730) 751-5011 or mark@ndtahq.com.



 NDTA Foundation


QuestionHow can I apply for scholarships?

At the National level, NDTA offers two scholarship/tuition assistance programs that are available to NDTA members and their financial dependents. Completed applications must be postmarked no later than April 16th and can be submitted to Mark Victorson mark@ndtahq.com [Please note in message header, "NDTA Scholarship Application"]. Award(s) will be effective for the fall term or a semester of that year.

  • ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM A: tuition assistance to college students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in logistics, transportation, physical distribution, supply chain, passenger travel services, or a combination of the above.

  • ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM B: tuition assistance to college freshmen and graduating high school students planning to attend college. Applicants must indicate that they plan to enroll in an undergraduate degree program (there are no limits placed on the areas of study but transportation, logistics, and related fields are encouraged).
  • ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM C: tuition assistance to distance learning college students to encourage study in the fields of logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services.

NDTA local Chapters also provide scholarships to members within their own community. Throughout the year, Chapter volunteers organize various activities and fundraising events in support of their Scholarship program.


 About NDTA Scholarships


QuestionWhat types of awards does NDTA give?

NDTA offers a variety of awards, both externally to the organization and internally, for recognition of individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond the norm to foster and support the goals and aims of NDTA. The major external awards are listed below.

  • The National Transportation Award, presented annually to a Senior Executive of the Transportation Industry, other than an employee, representative or organization of the United States Government, who has made exemplary contributions to his own industry and the transportation industry at large, in support of national security.


  • The NDTA National Defense Leadership Award, presented at the discretion of the Board of Directors, for singularly outstanding contributions, in a senior leadership role, to further national security issues.


  • The Department of Defense Distinguished Service Award, presented annually to a Senior Executive of the Department of Defense who has made outstanding contributions to NDTA programs and national security.


  • The Distinguished Government Service Award, presented to a Senior Executive of a Government Agency, other than the Department of Defense, for outstanding contributions to NDTA programs and national security (this is not an annual award.)

In addition to the external awards listed above, NDTA has a number of internal awards that recognize chapters and individual members who have excelled in fostering the goals and aims of NDTA. Some of these awards are:

International Chapter of the Year and International A-35 Chapter of the Year

NDTA President's Award

Junior Executive Leadership Award

NDTA Distinguished Service Award

NDTA Special Achievement Award (This certificate is presented by Regional NDTA Presidents)


 NDTA Awards Program


QuestionWho are NDTA’s Military and Government Associates?

We maximize our collective talents through partnerships based on mutual trust, cooperation and communication. NDTA Associates, or partners, represent team players from the Department of Defense and other Governmental Agencies who serve as liaison to our Committees and our Board of Directors.


 Roster of NDTA Associates

 NDTA Organization Wire Diagram