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Professional Development
Professional Development (DTJ)

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Professional Development (DTJ)

The Professional Development column, launched in the Feb, 2008 DTJ, furthers NDTA's educational commitment.  Column contributors are instructors from APICS, the Defense Acquisition University, American Public University and private industry. Content is instructional and of value to all levels of military and civilian logisticians. 

Please check back often.


This page will be refreshed following DTJ publication.


To suggest topics, please contact Irv Varkonyi, NDTA Educational Committee - Co-chair.

  • Hybrid Education: Combining the Benefits of Face-to-Face Learning with Online Distance Learning! (Feb)
  • Transportation and Logistics-Winning the Talent Race (Jun)
  • The E-Book.  Move Over Mr. Gutengerg! (Apr)
  • Teaching Supply Chain Security
    in an Uncertain World (Jun)
  • Professional Certification & Career Enhancement (Aug)
  • Training and Educating a Skilled Manufacturing Workforce (Sept)
  • Catch the Crest of the Wave in a Growing Economy (Apr)
  • Investing in Human Capital Training
    for Small Business - Trucking Owner-Operator (Feb)
  • Unleashing Learning: from Strategy to Execution (Observations from the Chief Learning Officers Symposium (Dec)
  • Int'l. Maritime eLearning - Update 2010 (Sept)
  • Collaborative Educational Interchange at the Interagency Logistics Symposium (Aug)


  • Professional Development & Career Choices (Jun)
  • Human Capital: Protecting Critical Manufacturing and the Defense Industrial Base with SRP - Secured, Resilient, Prepared (Apr)
  • Content Beyond the Classroom (Feb)
  • Joint Logistics Integration: DOD's Logistics Roadmap from an Operations Professional Perspective.  Presented 9/21 ~ 22, 2009 at the NDTA Forum in Nashville (Dec)
  • Challenging Traditions in Maritime Education (Sept)
  • Education Fairs & Resources - What's in it for You? (Aug)
  • Lockheed Martin - Aligning Logistics Career Development to Corporate Business Strategy (Jun)
  • Transforming Inventory into a Competitive Advantage (Apr)
  • The Magic of Forecasting (Feb)
  • Forum APICS Workshops Wrap-Up (Dec)
  • NDTA's Professional Development Supports DOD Human Capital Logistics Strategy (Sept)
  • Mitigating Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortages (Aug)
  • DOD Logistics Human Strategic Planning: the Role of Professional Development for DOD Stakeholders (Dec)