The Great Power Competition, USAF is Saving Fuel But Losing Pilots, and more

Dec 13, 2018 | NDTAGram

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FYI – FEMA Tender of Service Program
A FEMA Tender of Service Virtual Industry Day was recently held. If you missed it, check out the Q&A.


Government & Military News

Shadowy Special Ops Sea Bases Are a ‘Gap We Know We Have and We’re Working On,’ Navy Secretary Says
(Military Times) The struggle between managing resources for the United States’ counterterrorism fight and an emerging great power competition has quietly begun. While the US Navy is building up the fleet, the focus on peer-level adversaries like Russia and China is at contention with the responsibility to provide off-shore staging areas for special operations forces. READ MORE

From Small Wars to Great Power, Trump’s Africa Reset Could Change US Military’s Role
(Defense One) The Trump administration has declared a new era of great power competition, shifting US national security priorities from counterterrorism after almost two decades to long-term strategic threats from countries like Russia and China. But in Africa—a contested battlefield where those adversaries are vying for strategic influence—policy experts warn that the US hasn’t been playing the game. READ MORE

$750 Billion or Bust? Trump’s (Latest) Big Defense Budget Bound for Big Fights
(Breaking Defense) Whatever the national defense budget finally looks like for 2020—and the Trump administration has now floated three wildly different toplines in less than three months—one thing is painfully clear: there will be a brutal fight to get any set of numbers through Congress. R EAD MORE

How the Air Force Got Smarter About Its Aviation Fuel Use in 2018
(US Air Force) As the largest consumer of fuel in the Department of Defense, operational energy, or aviation fuel, is critical to the Air Force’s mission success. But, getting fuel to the warfighter involves complex logistical and technical challenges, intricate planning, and more importantly, poses safety risks to the troops transporting it. READ MORE

Alarming Number of Mobility Pilots Decline Bonuses to Keep Flying; Overall Bonus ‘Take Rates’ Up Slightly
(Air Force Times) Mobility pilots are declining aviation retention bonuses in alarming numbers, despite the Air Force’s attempt to keep them in uniform with an infusion of cash. READ MORE


Industry News

Australia’s Fuel Security: Running on Empty
(Maritime Union of Australia) Australia is facing a fuel security crisis. Now a new report, prepared for the Maritime Union of Australia, investigates the significance and the cost of an Australian owned, managed and crewed fleet of petroleum tankers to improve the security of the country’s liquid fuel supply chains. READ MORE

16 New Airports and Terminals We Can’t Wait to Fly Into
(CNN) With more people than ever flying, cities around the world are building new airports and upgrading old terminals to create facilities capable of handling tens of millions of passengers. Here are 16 of the most exciting airport projects under construction or redevelopment. READ MORE

Maritime Industry Can Now Use Blockchain for Certification of Seafarers
(The Loadstar) A new consortium to deploy blockchain technology to cover the certification of seafarers has been unveiled. READ MORE

What’s Next for RFID?
(Supply Chain Dive) Now mature, RFID technology may be ready for prime time, but may have to compete with, or complement, new innovations. READ MORE

How a WWII Agreement Allows Trucks to Travel from China to Europe in Just 13 Days
(FreightWaves) A truck hailing from China recently drove into the depths of central Asia as it journeyed West to its final destination in Poland. Though a lot of trucks have likely traced this path, remarkably this entire journey took just 13 days—something that couldn’t have happened without China’s entry into the World Road Transport Organisation (IRU) TIR system. READ MORE

Member Highlights

CWTSatoTravel Releases Latest Compass Newsletter
(CWTSatoTravel) CWTSatoTravel has just released the holiday edition of its Compass Newsletterincluding updates on the Smart Pay 3 Managed Credit Card Program, hotels’ support to vets this holiday season and so much more!  READ MORE

YRC Worldwide Rolls Out HNRY Logistics Subsidiary
(Logistics Management) Less-than-truckload transportation services provider YRC Worldwide has launched a new entity through the meshing of its LTL network with a freight brokerage and customer-facing transportation management system. READ MORE

Delta Changes the Way Fliers Board Planes
(CNN) A new boarding process is coming to Delta Air Lines.
Beginning on January 23, 2019, the airline will ditch zone boarding in favor of a new — and more complex — process based on ticket type and color. READ MORE

Agility to Invest $100M in ‘Shipa’ Digital Logistics Platform
(Shipa) Agility has announced it will invest $100 million over three years to launch, a digital logistics platform that lets businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers manage their freight, e-commerce, and urban deliveries online. READ MORE

Hertz to Use Biometric Scans for Some Rental Car Pickups
(The Hill) Hertz has announced it will begin allowing some rental car drivers to use biometric scans to pick up their vehicles, becoming the first car rental company to use the technology according to The Associated Press. READ MORE

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