A Secure by Design to Communication and Data Exchange

Dec 11, 2023 | Fall Meeting, Fall Meeting Videos 2023

Federico (Fed) Simonetti, Xiid Corporation

Description: This course provides essential principles for CISOs, system and network administrators, and IT professionals to
avert cybersecurity risks and attacks by adopting a “secure by design” approach. It focuses on designing secure communication infrastructure and data exchange to achieve high cyber-resilience, emphasizing prevention over remediation Ultimately, it aims to create a comprehensive blueprint for effectively countering evolving technological complexities.

Course Outline:
Module 1: Cybersecurity Burden and Enterprise Responsibilities
• Recognizing the burden of cybersecurity
• Enterprise organizations’ role beyond your current reliance on technology producers and developers

Module 2: Considerations in Designing Secure Communication Infrastructures
• Creating an effective blueprint for adapting to technological developments
• Design elements for a secure communication infrastructure
• Processes for achieving a high degree of cyber-resilience
• Ensuring secure data exchange
• Emphasizing early warning and prevention of security incidents

Module 3: Implementing a Security-by-Design Approach
• Understanding security-by-design principles
• Continuous monitoring, management, and maintenance of security risk governance
• Methods for prioritizing security risks based on impact and potential for mitigation
• Achieving true secure-by-design communication and data exchange (the design itself renders attacks impossible to
perpetrate or even just plan)

• Recap of core principles learned.
• Encouraging a proactive and adaptable mindset in cybersecurity practices.

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