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National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) The Association for Global Logistics & Transportation
Telephone: (703) 751-5011,Toll Free: 1-844-620-2715, Facsimile: (703) 823-8761

NDTA Staff Information


Temporarily vacant
VADM William A. Brown, USN (Ret)

President & CEO

Jim Veditz
Jim Veditz

COL, USA (Ret.) | Senior VP Operations

Chapter Support / Membership Services / Professional Programs / Awards Program / Scholarship & Intern Programs

Patty Casidy
Patty Casidy

VP Finance Treasurer / Budgeting / Finances / Audits & Metrics / Human Resources / Event Registration Manager / Volunteer Coordinator

Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews

VP Marketing & Corporate Development Corporate Membership Program / Event Logistics & Expo Manager / Booth and Sponsorship Sales & Marketing

NDTA Leah Ashe
Leah Ashe

Manager, Database Membership Database Manager / Chapter Reports / Individual & Corporate Membership Support / DTJ Subscription Manager

Kimberly Huth

Director of Public Relations
Strategic communication / Media relations /
Social media / Internal Communication

Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones

Executive Assistant to the President President’s Calendar / Official Correspondence / Travel Coordinator / Executive Events / Hotel Room Block / Board of Directors & Committee Support

Carl Wlotzko

Banquet & Special Events Coordinator Fall Meeting F&B / Tours & Transportation (Part time: Fall Meeting)


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U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman OpEd on a ready Reserve Forces

The RRF functions as the nation’s emergency seafaring logistics arm, ready at a moment’s notice to support rapid worldwide deployment of U.S. military forces, namely, the Army and the Marine Corps. Until recently, for one reason or another — budget cuts, low prioritization, or finger pointing between the Services — the 46 ships of the RRF have atrophied with little resources allocated toward refurbishment and, worse, little thought given toward replacement. At an average age of 43 years old per ship, these critical resources and their mariners needed Congress to step up by providing a plan. We did.

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