AEG CONNECT Network Continues to Grow

Aug 18, 2022 | Corporate Member News


National Jets is Newest Member of AEG’s Preferred FBO Global Network

AEG Fuels is pleased to announce that National Jets is now part of AEG Connect, AEG Fuels’ network of world-class FBOs. Headquartered at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (KFLL), National Jets joins a leading group of FBOs carefully selected for their world-class service, operational excellence, and competitive pricing.

“With the AEG Connect Network, our business aviation customers know they will have the highest levels of service at every AEG Connect Network FBO around the world,” said Dave Diulus, Vice President of AEG Connect. “While each location has its unique ambience and regional flavor, all network FBOs adhere to the same level of superior service. Customers will experience seamless travel experiences and enjoy exceptional facilities and amenities at each location. We’re delighted to welcome National Jets to this select group.”

Mark Binko, CEO of National Jets, “By bringing these two iconic brands together, both companies look to raise the bar on what is expected from both FBOs and fuel companies. Historically the fuel company supplied the fuel, the FBO sold it and that was the extent of the relationship. This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies and provides the entrepreneurial spirit that drives both management teams. Together we will raise expectations within the industry when it comes to what the FBO/Supplier relationship looks like. We are proud to be a founding member of the AEG Connect network.”

The AEG Connect Network benefits FBOs as well as customers. Member FBOs are provided a suite of tools and services that enhance their ability to compete in their own marketplace and help grow their business. These include added visibility on all AEG online ordering platforms and the ability to reward their customers with AEG’s fuel loyalty program. In addition, member FBOs gain increased market exposure through inclusion in AEG’s marketing strategy, including participation at major industry events.

Network members are recognized by AEG with preferred status earned by continued excellence in service and quality standards. Each member FBO is individually committed to delivering consistently superior services across the entire network. All members undergo a periodical audit and review to ensure compliance with established levels of service and deliver on AEG’s commitment that every location meets AEG Connect standards for exceptional service.

“Since our founding, AEG Fuels has established a network of strategic relationships offering our customers cost-effective and reliable fuel supply worldwide,” said Dave Diulus. “With AEG Connect, our customers know when at a network FBO they will receive superior service and excellence every time.”

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