Bennett DriveAway RV Division Introduces New Driving Simulator

Jan 7, 2020 | Corporate Member News

Bennett DriveAway (Bennett) is excited to introduce the L-3 DeliverySim™ Driving Simulator as the new state of the art safety training exercise for drivers operating within its RV Division. The L-3 DeliverySim™ Driving Simulator is located at Bennett’s RV Division Safety Training and Recruitment headquarters in Middlebury, Indiana.

“The DeliverySim™ Driving Simulator reinforces the desired decision making in many different critical environments, providing drivers with a real-life driving experience without real world consequences.” said Jared Whitson, Director of Safety at Bennett. “One of the key benefits of the simulator is that we are able to be proactive and address accident exposure in a realistic, risk-free environment.”

Randy Torrence, Safety Manager of Bennett DriveAway RV Division, stands in front of the L-3 DeliverySim™ Driving Simulator in Middlebury, Indiana.


According to L-3 Technologies, the DeliverySim™ Driving Simulator is an effective, hands-on, training tool for drivers of fleet and light vehicles. The system utilizes short driving simulations and allows participants to gain valuable experience, preparing them for a variety of real-life situations that might occur over the road while behind the wheel. Now, drivers can prepare for various safety critical situations such as dangerous weather and road conditions, difficult terrains, urban deliveries, high traffic, construction zones, and more.

“Yes, this is only a simulator but it is helpful for drivers to experience different scenarios and overcome any challenges before hitting the road,” said Randy Torrence, Safety Manager of Bennett DriveAway RV Division. “With the simulator, we are even able to program scenarios off of a specific safety issue. We can put a driver in that scenario and provide them with a real-life experience, bringing to light safety issues that can arise firsthand and how to successfully navigate them in the future.”

The goal is to integrate the driving simulator within the driver onboarding process for Bennett’s RV Division. During driver orientation drivers must demonstrate satisfactory performance in the completion of several different scenarios on the simulator. The simulator will also provide a high-tech option that will be utilized through periodic and remedial trainings.

“We monitor our claims and accidents every day and constantly look for ways we can improve in that area. It is exciting to be able to bring in new technology like the L-3 Driving Simulator that will be beneficial to our drivers and keep our commitment to always making Safety Priority One,” said Marcia Taylor, CEO of Bennett International Group.


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