Bennett’s CEO Marcia G. Taylor & Cultural Ambassador Katlyn Foulks Featured on Women of Character Podcast

Apr 19, 2021 | Corporate Member News

Marcia G. Taylor and Katlyn Foulks from the Bennett Family of Companies appear on the first episode of Women of Character podcast by Turknett Leadership Group.

Marcia G. Taylor, President & CEO and Katlyn Foulks, Culture Ambassador of the Bennett Family of Companies, were recently featured in the first episode of The Women of Character podcast with Anne Quiello of the Turknett Leadership Group. In this interview, Marcia talks about her leadership journey from the very beginning and how it took courage as a young mother with three small children to move from southern Illinois to Georgia. Marcia shares how the family culture of Bennett was set very early on after her husband passed away shortly after they purchased a small trucking company in 1974. She was left with a company to lead and a family to provide for.

“After this, I realized that one thing we really needed at Bennett was a good foundation to build on and a good set of core values. We established 12 core values and still live by those core values today,” said Marcia Taylor, CEO of Bennett.

Katlyn Foulks, Culture Ambassador of Bennett and third generation to Marcia Taylor, talks about the importance of establishing core values and how they play a large part in the success of the culture within the Bennett Family of Companies.

“You have to constantly communicate what your culture is and be able to instill it into the hearts and minds of people so they can use your culture as decision making tools. Our culture at Bennett is shared between our mission, vision, core values and purpose,” said Foulks.

Listen to the complete interview here.


Podcast: EP 1: Building and Sustaining a Culture of Character

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