CakeBoxx Technologies Launches Danish Operating Company – Expanding Sustainable Supply Chain Platform Business in EMEA

Feb 1, 2023 | Corporate Member News

U.S. supply chain systems engineering leader CakeBoxx Technologies announces the establishment of its Danish operating company, building on record YoY growth

After four record years of revenue growth supporting the world’s leading energy and power systems companies, CakeBoxx Technologies announces the establishment of its new Danish operating company, CakeBoxx Technologies, ApS, launching in Aarhus, Denmark this month. This expansion builds on the company’s success in the United Kingdom and Europe and will further enhance its ability to develop sustainable, modular, high-performance supply chain systems for EMEA headquartered customers.

After the success of CakeBoxx Technologies’ U.S. supply chain platform business which launched in 2015, today’s announcement signifies the company’s commitment to expanding its systems engineering services and platform products for high-value, high-consequence cargo in Europe. These solutions, along with light-weighting, green steel, and high-performance modularity offerings help CakeBoxx customers lower costs, accelerate delivery times, and meet sustainability targets, as well as spurring the adoption of green shipping, 3PL solutions and green trade lanes.

CakeBoxx Technologies CEO Daine Eisold commented, “Over the past 24 months, our multinational customers have been asking for enhanced visibility, carbon monitoring, measurement, and tracking to be integrated into their most valuable shipping, intermodal and transloading systems. With the formation of CakeBoxx Technologies, ApS, we will now embark on applying our supply chain systems engineering and platforms expertise to smart containers and connected, digital 3PL platforms to enhance supply chain sustainability, velocity, and delivery.”

With the innovation in and utilization of green steel and green aluminum, and rapid developments in automation, artificial intelligence, and supply chain visibility software, CakeBoxx Technologies is becoming world-renowned for its systems integration and product development that enables global multinational customers to improve specialized cargo performance and profitability while also delivering critical sustainability goals.

The most tangible examples of CakeBoxx Technologies’ impact on sustainability occurred with the introduction of its onshore and offshore wind platforms in 2019. These platforms reduced transport times from months to days and enabled Zero Defect Delivery – improving both quality and profitability for CakeBoxx customers. Importantly, all CakeBoxx designs utilize a “design for sustainability” approach, allowing customers to simultaneously improve their operations and profitability, and deliver on sustainability goals. These transformational, game-changing customer benefits are fueling CakeBoxx Technologies’ unprecedented growth.

CakeBoxx Technologies officially launched its platform business in 2014 when it announced the TrusDek® Series of customized, super strong, intermodal-compatible platforms and decks for heavy and oversized cargo (with or without CakeBoxx’s patented lid installed). This innovation revolutionized the carriage of heavy, top and side-loaded machinery and project cargo shipments that require more floor strength and thickness for the mounting of advanced sensing hardware, intelligent software, and power and electrical connections. This is particularly critical in a wide range of industries and applications including automation, embedded systems, and robotics.

In 2017, CakeBoxx began reinventing the way high-value, high-consequence turbines (such as those for aerospace, and onshore and offshore wind applications), could be transported safely, securely and with integrity. CakeBoxx has since developed 100, 105, and 250 ton rated transportation platforms where weight reduction, increases in payload weight capacity, loading integrity, interoperability, and overall safety were paramount in the design and manufacturing, enabling the transport of some of the world’s most important cargos. This innovation has created industry standard platforms for renewable power, and energy 3PLs.

Following the announcement of CakeBoxx Technologies’ smart container partnership with NALEJ Corporation in October 2022, and with its ecosystem partners from edge computing, converged networking, and cloud computing, CakeBoxx has evolved its leadership in specialized platforms for renewable energy and regenerative food systems to now include smart and intelligent transportation platforms for 3PLs and global systems integrators. These are revolutionizing intermodal and transloading shipments and last-mile delivery of high-value, high-consequence cargo for the space technology, aerospace, and defense industries as well as for the public sector. As a result, CakeBoxx Technologies, ApS and the associated sustainable supply chain business focus are being launched to better serve our global multinational customers in these critically important and fast-growing segments. 

“CakeBoxx is now recognized as a vital leader in the design and development of sustainable, optimized supply chain solutions for high-value, high-consequence, and oversized cargo that reduce risk, improve profitability, and deliver sustainability targets,” said Jim Campbell, COO of CakeBoxx Technologies. “Given our obsession for delivering the best customer experience and the highest quality transportation platforms and solutions available, this made it the right decision to continue our investment and expansion into Europe through the opening of our Denmark operations – bringing our sustainable supply chain platforms, customer service, and customer success teams closer to many of our key global customers.”

CakeBoxx Technologies ApS officially opens its Denmark operations on 1 February 2023.

About CakeBoxx Technologies: CakeBoxx Technologies is an innovative, global leader in supply chain systems engineering and end-to-end solutions for the safe, secure, and efficient transport and storage of cargo. CakeBoxx’s focus is on supply chain sustainability, and its customized platform and container solutions address a wide range of ever-changing challenges and risks for the most important cargo. Advantages of CakeBoxx solutions include supply chain safety, security, flexibility, and resiliency – improving operational efficiency, sustainability, and cargo velocity. CakeBoxx “two-piece” containers with their deck and lid design, are the first innovation in the industry to offer truly safe, secure, and efficient containerized transport for the top-loaded, side-loaded, break bulk, and general project cargo markets.

Advantages of CakeBoxx solutions include increased operational efficiency, reduced risk of cargo theft, and lower operating costs. Using CakeBoxx platforms and containers saves money and increases sustainability.

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