Closing Public Sector Cyber Talent Gap, Recession Impacts on Shipping & more news

Aug 22, 2019 | NDTAGram

The First NDTA Europe and Africa Regional Committees Meeting

We’re less than two weeks away from the first NDTA Europe and Africa Regional Committees Meeting…have you registered yet?! Join us September 4-5 in Sembach Kaserne, Germany – be part of something new, let your voice be heard, and take an active role in strengthening the defense transportation network through cooperation between industry and government. During the event we will stand up three committees (Airlift Committee, Sealift & Port Operations Committee, and the Surface Committee), agree on charters, discuss current and future movement operations; identify challenges and opportunities; and develop solutions together! You do not need to be an NDTA member to attend.

Are you energetic, passionate and ready to take on a leadership role in NDTA in Europe & Africa?  We’re looking for industry representatives interested in serving as Chair for each committee, a Secretary for each committee, and an NDTA Europe & Africa Regional Treasurer. Eligibility requires an active NDTA Membership in good standing, that you work locally in either Europe or Africa, and you must be willing to be a neutral industry partner who can focus on the issues of the committee. Please email Mr. Jerry Nickerson ( by 3 September if you are interested!

Don’t miss out! For more details and to register now, visit:

Government & Military News

Closing the Talent Gap for Public Sector Cybersecurity
(Fifth Domain) The latest estimate predicts there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021. This presents both an opportunity and a need for public and private sector to work together to formulate strategies that will up-skill and develop new talent as well as manage the talent gap where it manifests. READ MORE

How Budget Games in Congress Endanger the Lives of US Troops
(Forbes) America’s military faces a rising tide of threats to its survival in future conflicts. But there is one homegrown threat for which the military has no solution. READ MORE

Unlocking the Gates of Eurasia: China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Its Implications for US Grand Strategy
(Texas National Security Review) The Belt and Road Initiative, an unprecedented infrastructure program that extends across and beyond the Eurasian continent, has elicited increasingly hostile reactions in the West and come to symbolize US leaders’ disillusionment regarding Beijing’s growing assertiveness. However, the initiative’s nature and its potential repercussions remain unclear. READ MORE

6 New Capabilities Powering the Unmanned Revolution
(Defense News) In July 2018, a remotely piloted aircraft flew from the United States to the United Kingdom, landing after a 24-hour trans-Atlantic flight using the same routes as manned aircraft. It was a first in the world of medium-altitude, long-endurance RPA, and foreshadows how ongoing and future MALE RPA concepts of operations will evolve. READ MORE

A Trade War With Europe Would Be Larger and More Damaging Than Washington’s Dispute With China
(CNBC) The Trump administration is due to decide in November whether to impose duties on one of most important industries in Europe: autos. Experts believe a wider trade spat with Europe would be much more damaging than the current tit-for-tat with China. READ MORE

Industry News

How a Global Recession Could Impact Ocean Shipping
(American Shipper) Signs of an impending global recession are piling up. If the signals turn out to be correct, not a false alarm, and another global recession ensues, how would ocean shipping be impacted this time around? READ MORE

New US Scanning Tech a Hit with Trucks, But Still Pie in the Sky for Air Cargo
(The Loadstar) US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agents are delighted with new-generation scanning equipment for trucks—calling the new technology a game-changer. But for air cargo operators, such improvements remain a dream. READ MORE

From Kicks to Cars: 3D Printing is Upending Supply Chains
(Supply Chain Dive) As additive manufacturing goes mainstream, supply chains are presented with tough decisions. Are the speed and flexibility worth the cost? READ MORE

Carrier Executives Grapple with Driver Shortage Expected to Worsen
(Logistics Management) The decades-old driver shortage in the trucking industry is like a toothache that you ignore—it tends just to get worse and worse without treatment. READ MORE

What Supply Chain Transparency Really Means
(Harvard Business Review) The concept of supply chain transparency was virtually unknown 15 years ago, yet today it commands the attention of mid- and senior-level managers across a broad spectrum of companies and industries. This article offers clarity on the meaning of supply chain transparency, and guidelines to map and extend progress. READ MORE

Member Highlights

LGL Announces Retirement of Robert G. Wellner
(Marine Link) Liberty Global Logistics LLC (LGL) announced today that Robert G. (Bob) Wellner, its current President, will retire effective December 31, 2019. READ MORE

DSV-Panalpina Merger Creates World’s Second Largest Airfreight Forwarder
(Air Cargo News) DSV has announced that its acquisition of Panalpina will finally be completed today in a deal worth $5.5bn. The combined company will be recognised as DSV Panalpina and the merger will result in the creation of the second-largest airfreight provider in the world. READ MORE

BNSF, Wabtec Advancing the Future of Motive Power
(Railway Age) In a wide-ranging interview with Railway Age in December 2018, BNSF’s then-Executive Chairman Matt Rose discussed the future of locomotive propulsion technology. Nine months later, his vision is starting to take shape. READ MORE

Details of United Airlines’ Big International Expansion
(One Mile at a Time) United has experienced an incredible amount of growth lately, including lots of new ultra long haul flights. Today they’re announcing their latest international growth, which includes new year-round flights, new seasonal flights, and some seasonal flights becoming year-round. READ MORE

Maersk is the Newest Entrant into the Indian Trucking Market
(American Shipper) Maersk has announced a partnership with Indian digital trucking marketplace BlackBuck, marking the shipping company’s entry into the Indian online containerized trucking market. READ MORE

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NDTA 75th Anniversary
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