Administrative Committees

NDTA includes seven administrative committees: Education & Professional Development, Finance & Audit, Foundation, Young Leaders, Chapter Support & Membership Development, Industry, and Communications & Publications. Administrative committees assist the president and the board of directors in the management and oversight of the organization. Each committee is chaired by an industry volunteer who devotes time to ensuring the success of the association. Committee membership includes other volunteers from industry or government with an interest in education and the professional development of our industry and government members.


Education & Professional Development Committee
  • Selects individuals for NDTA scholarships awarded at the national level
  • Oversees the development of educational programs for the association
Finance & Audit Committee
  • Responsible for the annual audit and direct communications with the auditor
  • Reviews the financial performance of the association monthly
  • Reviews the association investments and performance monthly
  • Reviews the proposed annual budget, provides guidance, and presents it to the BOD for approval
NDTA Foundation Committee
  • Exercises fiscal oversight of the foundation
  • Solicits donations to the foundation
  • Identifies and recommends to the BOD appropriate expenditures from the foundation
Chapter Support & Membership Development Committee
  • Exercises oversight of chapter activities
  • Serves as a resource for all actions associated with the chapters
  • Develops programs to recruit new individual members
Industry Committee (Corporate Members)
  • Promotes NDTA with Corporate Members
  • Develops programs to recruit new corporate members
Communications & Publications Committee
  • Serves as a source for new themes for the DTJ, articles, and writers
  • Advises on outreach programs, promotions, publications, and media
  • Provides advice/guidance on new and emerging technology and industry practices

Committee Chairs

Education & Professional Development Committee

Kirstin Knott, Managing Director, FedEx Government Services
900 7th Street, NW, Suite 550, Washington, DC  20001

Finance & Audit Committee

Honorable Alan Estevez, National Security & Logistics Executive, Deloitte
1919 N. Lynn Street, Arlington, VA  22209

Foundation Committee

Larry Larkin, Principal Stratvantis LLC
14705 Botany Way, Suite 100, Gaithersburg, MD  20878

Chapter Support & Membership Development Committee

Lt. Col. Donna Johnson, USAF (Ret.)
1009 Oriole Drive, O’Fallon, IL 62269

Young Leaders Committee

Garrett McGregor, Sr. Account Manager, Government, Southwest Airlines
2702 Love Field Drive, Dallas, TX  75325



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