Complex Scenario Planning and Transportation Optimization

Nov 30, 2022 | Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, DTJ Online, Fall Meeting, Fall Meeting 2022 Videos

Dan Miller, SAP

Complex multi-modal global transportation scenarios can be planned and optimized using SAP Transportation Management software with embedded analytics and visualization powered by SAP’s in-memory computing platform. We will show and discuss how to use transportation resource capabilities, schedule constraints, cargo compatibility, and airport/seaport node limitations to derive optimal schedules.

Detailed Abstract: Using advanced algorithms and predictive analytics we will show how we can optimize the transportation plan to minimize cost and maximize schedule attainment. Factors to consider include limitations of different air, ground, and sea transportation resources as well as the cost of each mode. Cargo and passenger compatibilities are taken into account to ensure that items are appropriately segregated. Multiple courses of action can be evaluated and the solution can place plans into execution and adjust when disruptions occur

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