Basic Contact Information

National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA)
The Association for Global Logistics & Transportation

Telephone: (703) 751-5011   •   Toll Free: 1-844-620-2715   •   Fax: (703) 823-8761

NDTA Staff Information

Temporarily vacant
VADM William A. Brown, USN (Ret)

President & CEO

Jim Veditz
Craig Hymes

COL, USA (Ret.) | Senior VP Operations

Chapter Support / Membership Services / Professional Programs / Awards Program / Scholarship & Intern Programs

Patty Casidy
Claudia Ernst

Director of Finance and Accounting

Budgeting / Finances / Audits & Metrics / Human Resources

Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews

VP Marketing & Corporate Development

Corporate Membership Program / Event Logistics & Expo Manager / Booth and Sponsorship Sales & Marketing

NDTA Leah Ashe
Leah Ashe

Membership Manager

Membership Database / Chapter Reports / Individual & Corporate Membership Support / DTJ Subscription Manager

NDTA Leah Ashe
Jennifer Reed

Operations Manager

Event Registration / Chapter Support / Membership Support / Council and Committee Support / Young Professional Leader Program / Volunteer Coordinator / Event Planning and Execution

Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

President’s Calendar / Official Correspondence / Travel Coordinator / Executive Events / Hotel Room Block / Board of Directors & Committee Support

Rebecca Jones
Chloe Baker

NDTA Project Coordinator

Event Coordination Support / Communications Coordination & Social Media / NDTA Foundation Support / Membership & Chapter Support / Young Leaders Program Support / Event Planning & Execution Projection Coordination Support

Carl Wlotzko

Banquet & Special Events Coordinator

Fall Meeting F&B / Tours & Transportation (Part time: Fall Meeting)


Join the National Defense Transportation Association’s global association of transportation, logistics and passenger travel professionals. Experience competitive benefits, rewarding professional development courses, exciting networking opportunities, and create a strong, efficient transportation system for the United States.

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