Critical Thinking as a Leadership Skill

Nov 3, 2021 | DTJ Online, Fall Meeting, Fall Meeting 2021 Videos, Leadership

Instructor: Lt Gen (retired) Andy Busch, Goldratt Organization

How do you lead your organization to deliver breakthrough results? How do you stay focused on your long-term objectives and not get pulled down by the daily minutiae that surround you? If every part of your organization is producing faster/cheaper/better, why isn’t your organization’s overall throughput increasing at a corresponding rate?

This course delivers a senior logistician’s leadership experiences to get the audience thinking critically about improving organizational throughput. Lt Gen Andy Busch, USAF (Ret.), presents case studies where breakthrough results were delivered using Theory of Constraints (TOC) thinking.

Theory of Constraints, a management method, is based on the assumption that any system, no matter how complex it seems, is governed by just a few elements. By identifying the system’s constraints and increasing the flow through the system, fast-paced results are produced and harmony throughout the system is fostered.

This leadership model, refined by years of personal development and reflection, can serve as a framework to rely on in the future.

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