Data-Driven Analytics – A Practical Approach to Create Decision Advantage

Nov 21, 2022 | Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, DTJ Online, Fall Meeting, Fall Meeting 2022 Videos


Detailed Course Description: USTRANSCOM has employed modelling & simulation and data-driven analytics for many years, with the last five years embracing data science and advanced analytics under the broad “big data” label. This class is designed for a general audience to understand the basics of “analytic application” based on the most current approach to leverage DoD enterprise platforms, foundational technologies, use-case development, Community of-Practice approach, and organizational adoption for both daily and wartime expected benefits. The instructor will cover USTRANSCOM’s overall approach to embrace advanced analytics, efforts underway, recent successes, future challenges and focus areas for the next several years to embrace USTRANSCOM’s strategic priority of “Create Decision Advantage.” The class initially covers how people understand complex real-life problems and the role of analytics to provide fact-based situational awareness and predictive/prescriptive analytic decision support to enhance human decision making, ask better questions, be good consumers of analytic products, and lead organizational transformation using data-driven analytics.

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