DHL Brings Road Freight Platform Saloodo! To South America

Aug 18, 2021 | Corporate Member News


  • The digital marketplace is now available in Argentina
  • Provides shippers and carriers with a one-stop platform for road freight connections
  • It is the first digital logistics platform to be launched in Argentina

Digital road freight platform Saloodo!, a product of DHL Global Forwarding and Freight, the leading international provider of air, sea and road freight services, has launched its digital logistics platform for shippers and transport providers in Argentina. This makes it the first digital logistics platform for road freight to be offered in the country. Due to its continued success, the service is increasingly being extended to other regions.

“We are proud on how quickly we are able to expand our digital platform. The successful implementation of Saloodo! in Europe, the Middle East and Africa allows us to offer the service now also in South America. This helps to improve the connectedness and efficiency of the road freight system in this region” says Antje Huber, CEO of Saloodo!. “According to our Global Connectedness Index, South America is one of the least connected continents in the world but has made great progress in recent years. In a country where road and, above all, rail infrastructure is deficient, solutions of this type boost round-trip logistics, with the Saloodo! platform being an ideal place to link supply and demand.”

Argentina provides the foundation for entry into the Latin American market. Saloodo! is the first digital road freight platform in the region to provide a central, simple and reliable interface for shippers and carriers, helping to optimise costs, routes, freight loads and transit times. The intuitive and simple-to-use Saloodo! platform simplifies the search for suitable and reliable freight forwarders so that the right partners can be found more quickly from a network of verified freight forwarders.

“An efficient land freight network is essential for local and international trade and gives an additional boost to economic growth and local and regional connectivity, as it is the key channel of trade within a geographically very large country. Our goal is to get rid of traditional, time-consuming and offline logistics processes – Saloodo! optimises the whole shipping process on just one single platform,“ says Eduardo Rodrigues, General Manager of DHL Global Forwarding Argentina.

The platform recommends a transport price based on current market data and makes all transportation documents accessible online. With DHL’s logistics expertise in combination with the flexibility and digital skills of a start-up, Saloodo! lends weight to the digitalization efforts of the logistics sector in Argentina.

Since 2017, the digital freight service, Saloodo!, has been supporting businesses in Europe and the Middle East and has recently been expanded to Africa. The platform is rolled out globally in line with DHL’s guiding principle „Connecting People. Improving Lives.“, enabling the seamless commission of international transports and simplifying cross-border and cross-market transport processing. Globally, the service has grown to more than 30,000 shippers and over 12,000 carriers covering 50 countries.

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