DLA Highlights Successes in New Annual Report

Feb 20, 2024 | Your Source

Defence Logistics Agency FY2023 Annual Report

The Defense Logistics Agency recently released its 2023 Annual Report, “Transforming Global Logistics.”

“In this annual report, we provide a snapshot of our performance over the past year. Through brief descriptions of the agency’s myriad activities, you will soon see that DLA covers a lot of ground, figuratively and literally,” Navy Vice Adm. Michelle Skubic, DLA’s former director, said in the introduction to the annual report. “We operate with a dedicated team of more than 25,000 employees, manage eight supply chains, and provide services for acquisition, storage, distribution, disposition, and more.”

The document details DLA’s successes and key initiatives from 2023 in several areas, including global supply chain performance, acquisition operations, financial highlights, operational environment information, innovation and growth. The report concludes by looking forward to what’s on the horizon for the agency in 2024.

Throughout the year, DLA’s six major subordinate commands and three regional commands worked with 8,500 suppliers and awarded 10,000 contracts a day, 95% of which were automated.

“We enjoyed core mission success, managing over $49.5 billion in contract obligations and executing 3.7 million contract actions. We also met our small-business goal for the 11th consecutive year with small-business contracts worth $18 billion, the most ever,” Skubic said in the document.

View the annual report on DLA’s website for full details.


By Nancy Benecki, DLA Public Affairs


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