DLA Warehouse Management System Deploys in Bahrain

Sep 6, 2023 | Partner News

Navy Cmdr. John Olabode, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Bahrain commander, praises the workforce during a DLA Distribution Bahrain warehouse management system go-live event for their commitment to the new DLA WMS implementation. The Aug. 23, 2023 ceremony celebrated the first DLA site to make the transition outside the continental United States.

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Bahrain is the first DLA site outside the continental United States to deploy the new warehouse management system, and the first distribution center to go live a day earlier than planned. The Bahrain team worked diligently to ensure all work was processed in the former distribution standard system, allowing for an early transition to the new commercial, off-the-shelf software that offers benefits ranging from improved productivity to streamlined processes.

“The successful WMS implementation is just the beginning of how DDNB will leverage technology to improve our customer-centric service and develop our workforce to help sustain the warfighter,” Navy Cmdr. John Olabode, DDNB commander, said.

Olabode hosted a ceremony Aug. 23 at the Hidd, Bahrain, location, to commemorate the accomplishment. DLA WMS teams from human resources, operations, future operations and information technology, onsite for the hyper-care portion of deployment, joined the event.

Olabode thanked his predecessor, Navy Capt. Jeretta Dillon, the continuing government activity and the service provider who embarked on the WMS journey together to ensure all requirements were accomplished. He also applauded the herculean effort of the Bahrain employees, led by Jarrick Rudolph, DDNB deputy commander, who were instrumental in the seamless transition and success of the project. In addition, he thanked the DLA WMS transition team for their expertise on policies, processes and training the workforce.

“From the leadership team all the way down to the personnel on the floor, I am extremely proud of how you embraced the challenge of implementing WMS. I am proud of how you responded to overcome all the adversity over these last few weeks. Your patience, dedication, resiliency and teamwork continue to amaze me,” Olabode said.

The WMS system will help DDNB improve operations, provide better support to customers and ultimately takes DDNB one step closer to meeting the Defense Department’s audit readiness mandate.


By Dawn Bonsell, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

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