DOT Secretary Meets with NDTA Leaders, Recruiting Logistics Talent, and more

Jun 14, 2019 | NDTAGram

Secretary Elaine L. Chao Visits the NDTA Board of Directors

On Thursday, June 13, 2019, the National Defense Transportation Association Board of Directors was honored by a very special visit from the US Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao at the Washington DC, Army and Navy Club.  During her visit she took time to personally meet, greet, and thank each member of the Board along with senior government and industry representatives of the logistics and transportation community for their dedication and lifelong commitment to supporting US national security.

A strong advocate of the US maritime industry, Secretary Chao shared her personal experiences in the field and emphasized the national importance of the Jones Act in maintaining the US flag fleet and the pool of highly skilled US merchant mariners.  She noted the many economic benefits that result from a strong US Merchant Marine.  Mr. John Dietrich, NDTA Chairman, and VADM William A. Brown (Ret.), NDTA President and CEO, thanked Secretary Chao for her visit, support for NDTA, focus on transportation infrastructure and all modes of the transportation industry.

Government & Military News

Speaking of DOT…
It’s been a busy week for the Department. Here are a few headlines you should see:

  • US Department of Transportation Launches Port Infrastructure Development Program READ MORE
  • Federal Railroad Administration Announces More Than $326 Million in Grants to Support Railroad Infrastructure READ MORE
  • US Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao Highlights the Department of Transportation’s Strong Innovation Agenda at Uber Elevate Summit 2019 READ MORE
  • US Department of Transportation Announces Hands-Free Mooring Technology Fully Operational at all St. Lawrence Seaway Locks READ MORE

Pompeo Says Intel on Ship Attacks Points to Iran, Vows to “Defend Our Interests” in the Middle East
(Military Times) Two massive tankers off the southern coast of Iran near the strategic Strait of Hormuz were reportedly attacked on Thursday, an assault that left one ablaze and adrift as sailors were evacuated from both vessels. READ MORE

Trump: US to Send 1,000 Troops to Poland in New Deal
(BBC News) The US will deploy 1,000 more troops to Poland, President Donald Trump has said during a press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda. President Trump said the force would be taken from America’s 52,000-strong contingent in Germany, and include drones and other military hardware. READ MORE

From Rare Earths to Soy, the Trade War Will Force the US and China to Diversify Supply
(Hellenic Shipping News) The US has started looking into alternative suppliers for the elements that power hi-tech. Beijing has already done the same with soy, and even a trade war resolution won’t stop this process. READ MORE

Consolidation of Military-Industrial Complex Threatens Pentagon’s Ability to Deal, Critics Say
(The Washington Times) Nearly 60 years after President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the dangers of a too-close partnership between the Pentagon and defense industry, lawmakers and scholars believe the alliance has reached a new pinnacle of power under President Trump. READ MORE

Industry News

Commercial Aviation: Information on Airline IT Outages
(US Government Accountability Office [GAO]) Airline information technology systems help keep people moving. An IT outage, however, can lead to delayed flights, long lines, lost baggage, and more. A new US GAO report looks at how often airline IT outages occur, their effects, and what causes them. READ MORE

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are Revolutionizing Logistics, Supply Chain and Transportation
(Entrepreneur) The potential of AI and Machine learning is not only enhancing everyday business activities and strategies, but is also streamlining the logistics on a global scale. READ MORE

Trucking Seeks Higher Profile on Automated Vehicle Policy
(FreightWaves) A wide-ranging Capitol Hill hearing on trucking safety managed to drill into a policy sticking point for the industry—maintaining a seat at the table on discussions around automated vehicle regulations. READ MORE

New Research Shows Benefits of Ammonia as Marine Fuel
(The Maritime Executive) Ammonia can be safely and effectively applied as a marine fuel to reduce harmful emissions in the maritime industry, according to new research by C-Job Naval Architects in the Netherlands. READ MORE

Got Labor? How Supply Chain Companies are Recruiting Talent During a Labor Crunch
(Logistics Management) Hear how companies are faring in the race to recruit and train high-level supply chain talent in a market with a national unemployment rate at a 50-year low. READ MORE

Member Highlights

Blockchain: Moving From Hype to Tangible Benefits for Supply Chains
(Panalpina) The initial glitter of blockchain may have taken a beating, but concrete steps are underway to turn its promise into tangible business applications. A keen mover of digital technologies in freight forwarding and logistics, Panalpina has narrowed the use cases for this industry and started a pilot to play the benefits of blockchain to make supply chains more efficient. READ MORE

VIDEO: Jensen Maritime’s Engineering Comes to Life with the Navy Workboat Large
(Crowley) Crowley’s vessel design and engineering subsidiary, Jensen Maritime, supplied the design for Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA) powerful, highly-functional 41-foot tugboat. Built by Snow & Company, this unique workboat will soon provide ship- and sub-assist services, as well as other port operational services, at US Navy port locations around the world. READ MORE

What are Supplier-Direct Bookings, and Do They Impact Your Travel Program?
(SAP Concur) Employees today have the world in the palm of their hands. In some ways, this makes the travel manager’s job easier, but it can also make it more complicated. For example, mobile devices give employees greater access to suppliers, making it easier to book direct and out of channel. Out-of-channel means out-of-view, so direct bookings are invisible to your travel program until they appear for reimbursement. READ MORE

NASA Taps Deloitte to Help Plan Future Air Transportation System
(ExecutiveBiz) Deloitte will assist NASA in planning the introduction of new air vehicles, such as passenger drones and flying taxis, into the U.S. air transportation system. READ MORE

APL Halves Fleet Carbon Emissions Intensity Since 2009
(APL) Following the CMA CGM Group’s recent announcement on reinforcing its environmental objectives, APL today announced a 47.4% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per container transported per kilometre in 2018, compared to its base level in 2009. READ MORE

NDTA News & Events

NDTA 75th Anniversary
We are excited to celebrate NDTA’s 75th Anniversary which will culminate with our Fall Meeting in St. Louis, 7-10 October 2019. The NDTA staff and key volunteers are working to put together a significant amount of celebratory opportunities. We’ve commissioned a piece of art which “tells the story” of NDTA’s history. It will be available at all major events. The first soft “unveiling” was held at the GovTravels Symposium and the Fall Meeting will host our official unveiling. We have also committed to publishing a 75th Anniversary Yearbook which will republish much of the editions from the 50th and 65th yearbooks—and years 66 through 75. The yearbook will be a limited publication to be primarily handed out to Fall Meeting registrants. We have thought extensively regarding the appropriate way to go about fundraising for the celebration—and have decided to ask for modest contributions. To find more information on these fundraising efforts and to make a donation, please visit: As we look back, we are also looking ahead to the future—continuing to educate and add value through dialog and relationship building. Thank you for all of your support!

Find NDTA chapter events on the NDTA CALENDAR.



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