Double Gas Tax, DLA’s Bot Army, Aerospace Forecast and more

May 2, 2019 | NDTAGram

NDTA 75th Anniversary Funds Campaign

We are excited to celebrate NDTA’s 75th Anniversary which will culminate with our Fall Meeting in St. Louis, 7-10 October 2019. The NDTA staff and key volunteers are working to put together a significant amount of celebratory opportunities.

We’ve commissioned a piece of art which “tells the story” of NDTA’s history. It will be available at all major events. The first soft “unveiling” was held at the GovTravels Symposium and the Fall Meeting will host our official unveiling. We have also committed to publishing a 75th Anniversary Yearbook which will republish much of the editions from the 50th and 65th yearbooks—and years 66 through 75. The yearbook will be a limited publication to be primarily handed out to Fall Meeting registrants.

We have thought extensively regarding the appropriate way to go about fundraising for the celebration—and have decided to ask for modest contributions. To find more information on these fundraising efforts and to make a donation, please visit:

As we look back, we are also looking ahead to the future—continuing to educate and add value through dialog and relationship building. Thank you for all of your support!

Government & Military News

Trump’s Withdrawal from Arms Trade Treaty Could Reduce US Exports
(Defense One) In a recent speech, President Trump announced the United States would “unsign” the Arms Trade Treaty, or ATT. This decision is a mistake, not only because it undermines the United States’ important role in multilateral diplomacy on issues crucial to national and international security, but because it harms US defense industry interests as well. READ MORE

One Defense Agency is Building a Bot Army
(Nextgov) The Defense Logistics Agency will have an army of bots working independently across its networks by the end of fiscal 2019 and is currently deploying new automated applications every two weeks. READ MORE

Trump Ally in House Calls for Doubling Gas Tax to Pay for Infrastructure
(The Hill) A Trump ally on Capitol Hill is calling for the doubling of the federal gas tax and airline fees in order to pay for the $2 trillion infrastructure package being negotiated by President Trump and Democratic leaders. READ MORE

Metro, Please Don’t Fall for China’s Trap and Buy Their Rail Cars
(The Washington Post) The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority did the right thing when it extended the deadline for proposals from manufacturers for its next series of rail cars. WMATA’s decision is good news, provided that it addresses cybersecurity concerns related to the purchase of new rail cars. READ MORE

Senators Urge Regulators to Quickly Approve Drone Identification Rules
(Reuters) Two US senators have urged US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to finalize a long-delayed rule that would require the remote identification of unmanned aircraft systems, or drones. READ MORE

Industry News

FAA Releases Aerospace Forecast
(Aviation Pros) All safety, efficiency and economic indicators show that air travel in the United States is strong, according to the FAA Aerospace Forecast Fiscal Years (FY) 2019-2039. With aircraft operations expected to increase more than 25 percent over the next 20 years, the FAA is advancing major airspace modernization and infrastructure improvements to meet this tremendous projected growth. READ MORE

Uber Freight’s On-Demand Logistics to Be Available Inside SAP’s Logistics Business Network Under New Deal
(Freight Waves) Building a small business is difficult if you don’t have access to the same powerful tools that larger competitors do. Uber Freight, with its growing suite of tools, has been trying to empower small fleets and owner-operators to allow them to compete on an even playing field. READ MORE

6 Best Practices for Successful Last-Mile Delivery
(DC Velocity) While there is no certain way to create a successful last-mile delivery strategy, following a blueprint designed to balance consumer needs with the resources of the company, you can create standard procedures that can withstand fickle trends and unplanned changes. READ MORE

How Railroads Are Keeping Trains Safe from Hackers
(Fast Company) Railroads have historically focused on safety, from ensuring tracks and trains are properly maintained to making sure pedestrians and drivers stay out of harm’s way, but lately they’ve also emphasized a new type of protection: cybersecurity. READ MORE

More Than 100 Maritime CEOs Want to Fight Climate Change by Slowing Down Ships
(Yahoo Finance) In April 2018, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which regulates shipping on the high seas, laid out plans to cut emissions from the sector by 50% by 2050, when compared with 2008 levels. To get there, the IMO is considering new rules for the shipping industry, including putting speed limits on ships. READ MORE

Member Highlights

Most Business Travelers Would Never Stay at a Hotel Where They Could Not Earn Rewards Points
(La Quinta by Wyndham) What does it take for today’s business traveler to make the most of their time on the road? La Quinta by Wyndham has unveiled the behaviors, quirks and realities business travelers face with the brand’s first-ever “La Quinta Means Business” national survey. READ MORE

WGA’s Role in E-Commerce Accelerates Growth

(Western Global Airlines) The surge in e-commerce has brought about radical changes in customer expectations which now require speedy delivery both domestically and internationally. As a next generation air cargo airline platform, Western Global Airlines is already set up to support e-commerce in terms of its economics and service. READ MORE

Amtrak Celebrates 48 Years; Looks to the Future

(Amtrak) Continuing its FY18 success, Amtrak is on track for its best year as the company celebrates its 48th year of operations. READ MORE

FedEx, UPS, DHL Executives See Eye-to-Eye on Blockchain

(Freight Waves) Executives from FedEx, DHL and UPS took the unusual step of sharing a single stage and found common ground on how blockchain technology can transform the global supply chain. READ MORE

Pasha Hawaii Marks Construction Milestones at Keppel AmFELS for new ‘Ohana Class Containerships

(The Pasha Group) Pasha Hawaii recently celebrated the ceremonial keel laying for M/V George III and the cutting of the first steel plates for M/V Janet Marie, two Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”) fueled containerships currently being built. Upon completion, both 774-foot US Jones Act vessels will join Pasha Hawaii’s fleet, serving the Hawaii/Mainland trade lane. READ MORE

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