NDTA is organized as—and is at its core—an educational organization. It focuses on educating and promoting the sharing of knowledge among its members and the related, broader community. NDTA accomplishes this through its foundation and scholarship program, as well as through a variety of educational events. In-person and online events include speakers, conferences, and classes featuring some of the most influential and brightest minds in defense transportation and logistics.

Education Library

The NDTA library features more than 200 talks by military and industry experts in the fields of passenger travel, government travel, transportation, and logistics.

Educational Events

Fall Meeting
The Fall Meeting is a four-day, NDTA-USTRANSCOM co-sponsored, annual event that provides government and industry with the opportunity to gather together to identify and solve logistics and transportation issues, learn about new technologies, develop best practices and build professional and personal relationships. View keynotes, roundtable discussions, and some of the Transportation Academy classes taught by subject matter experts.

GovTravels Symposium
The NDTA-DTMO Annual GovTravels Symposium is the only event where decision-makers from government and industry gather to meet, learn, and collaborate on common travel issues. View keynotes, roundtables, and classes taught by subject matter experts. View 2024 Travel Academy slide decks.

Surface Force Projection Conference
Jointly presented by NDTA and Christopher Newport University’s Center for American Studies (CAS), the Surface Force Projection Conference (SFPC) brings together U.S. government and industry logistics and transportation experts, and members of the Joint Logistics Enterprise (JLE), to examine a wide range of challenges associated with operating in and through the contested environment to provide U.S. capability at the point of need. View keynotes, roundtables, and classes taught by subject matter experts. View 2023 SFPC Breakout Sessions slide decks.


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