Enterprise Car Sales Streamlines Customer Experience with New Technology

Feb 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

Innovative Approach Combines Speed, Ease, and Transparency with Enterprise’s Unmatched Customer Service

Enterprise Car Sales announced today that it has completed the nationwide rollout of the Accelerated Customer Experience (ACE)TM digital platform. With the completion of this rollout, Enterprise’s customers now have the flexibility to complete their used car purchase as quickly as they’d like – either by starting their purchase from the comfort of home (with delivery, where available) or completing their purchase at any of Enterprise Car Sales’ 147 U.S. locations. Many customers are now able to complete their purchase in 45 minutes or less and some in as little as 15 minutes.

As consumers gravitate toward more efficient, low-touch experiences, Enterprise Car Sales has continued to invest in technology aimed at removing friction from customer transactions. Shortly after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Enterprise Car Sales accelerated the launch of “Start My Purchase” functionality on its website, allowing consumers to complete many steps in the purchase process online – from shopping inventory and optional protection products, estimating trade-in value and monthly payments, to scheduling a test drive and applying for financing.

Enterprise’s newly-launched ACETM digital platform enables a fast, easy and transparent car buying experience inside dealership locations, where research shows the majority of customers still want to complete their purchase. Leveraging the ACETM platform, customers engage in an interactive, fully transparent purchase process that allows them to view product information, select from a variety of vehicle financing and protection products, and complete paperwork electronically. They also have full transparency into the trade-in appraisal process and receive personalized recommendations on ways to protect their new investment based on their driving habits.

“We are committed to providing exceptional service, and this latest evolution in our customer experience streamlines the entire car buying process while providing our customers the flexibility to choose how they’d like to interact with us throughout the experience,” said Mike Bystrom, Vice President at Enterprise Car Sales. “Our technology seamlessly allows customers to complete much of their purchase online or the entire purchase in person, while providing visibility into every element of the process.”

And to provide drivers with greater peace of mind, Enterprise Car Sales recently introduced its Complete Clean Pledge – a promise to go above and beyond Enterprise’s already rigorous cleaning protocols, including the use of a disinfectant to sanitize more than 20 high-touch points throughout the vehicle after every test drive and before the customer takes possession of their vehicle.

“Employee and customer safety remain our top priority” said Bystrom. “Our new technology solutions help us address that priority, while making it easier and faster to complete a purchase.”

Enterprise Car Sales is committed to providing customers with an exceptional car-buying experience, including competitive, transparent pricing and a wide selection of high-quality inventory of 1-3-year-old cars, SUVs, and trucks. For more information or to start a purchase online, customers can visit https://www.enterprisecarsales.com/.  

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