October 18-21, 2021

National Harbor, MD

Transportation Academy will consist of eight sessions and a total of 70+ individual classes/seminars. Transportation Academy is designed to provide the community of interest the opportunity to learn about and discuss various topics that span the defense transportation and logistics spectrum. The combination of the speaker/instructor’s presentations coupled with rich, interactive audience dialogue makes Transportation Academy an outstanding forum for information exchange, as well as professional networking that allows for continued dialogue and issue resolution long after Fall Meeting has ended. Class/seminar leaders range from tactical/technical experts to geopolitical strategic thinkers, ensuring there is something in each Academy session for all professional levels and interests. Finally, McKendree University will once again provide CEU credits for participating in Fall Meeting General Sessions and Transportation Academy (a $35 administrative fee is required).

TrackDay/Time (EDT)RoomCourse TitleSpeaker(s) / OrganizationShort Description
Logistics Technology & InnovationMon, 08:00-9:00 amTBDPractical Applications for AI/ML Technology in LogisticsMaj Gen (retired) Mark Johnson, Shashi Jina, & Probodh Chiplunkar, Chickasaw Nation IndustriesThe desire to leverage technology in logistics operations will be a critical factor to building and maintaining resilient and adaptable logistics networks going forward. The question is this… When and where does technology really make a difference?
Agile & Pandemic LogisticsMon, 08:00-9:00 amTBDWorkforce Resilience - Becoming A Mariner in Our New Challenging EnvironmentMatt Mueller, MARADThis session will include discussion on how the Maritime Administration provides sufficient U.S. merchant mariners to meet the strategic sealift needs of our nation and help ensure our economic and national security. This discussion will cover the pathways to becoming a mariner, challenges faced by MARAD in maintaining an adequate pool of mariners, and strategies to overcome these challenges, especially in our new challenging environment.
Acquisition & FinanceMon, 08:00-9:00 amTBDMaximizing Your End-to-End Financial Supply ChainCheryl Garcia, Jeff Lineberger, Jeff Derick, & Delores Rebertus, US BankHealthy financial supply chains power the physical supply chain to deliver capacity for the DoD mission and for the continued growth and prosperity of industry. We’ll take a closer look to uncover what the financial supply chain means, why it is so important and what you can do to speed payments to your bottom line while quickly and easily getting revenue to curb. If you are in industry or government and are a CEO, CFO, certifying officer, financial manager or transportation officer, this session is for you.
Leadership & Human ResourcesMon, 08:00-9:00 amTBDWorkforce Impacts and Adapting to the New Normal after the Pandemic: Deloitte’s 2021 Human Capital Trends ReportJohn Forsythe, Deloitte ConsultingMaking the shift from “survive” to “thrive” relies on an organization becoming distinctly human at its core – a different way of being that approaches every question, every issue, and every decision from an employee experience angel first. Through an understanding of Deloitte’s 2021 Human Capital Trends, organizations can identify and bring out the human strengths that make thriving possible.
SDDC WorkshopMon, 08:00-9:00 amTBDOperational WorkshopSDDC G3 Instructors, HQ SDDCSDDC will showcase the power of the Surface Tasking Order (STO) module within the Single Mobility System, introduce the audience into how the enterprise utilizes its most limiting asset - ocean going vessels - through ICODES/Stow Planning and explore the art of Mission Integration - the complete synchronization of mission control from end to end.
Intelligence & AnalyticsMon, 08:00-9:00 amTBDSAP HANA Analytics platform as a Logistics Situation RoomDan Miller, Stuart Turner, David Marks, SAPSAP will present the use of the SAP HANA Analytics platform as a Logistics Situation Room combining an analytics application with an operational dashboard. We will show how the tools can merge real time open source information such as AIS, FAA, and weather with Transportation Management System data to produce actionable insights for commanders and their staff to conduct operations across the full spectrum. We will show how predictive capabilities and geo-spatial analytics are used for a reachability analysis easily applicable to Non-Combatant Evacuation, Unit Deployment tracking, and Sustainment cargo flows.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMon, 08:00-9:00 amTBDA Framework for Winning LogisticsVADM Dee Mewbourne, USTRANSCOM Deputy CommanderThis session provides an overview of the importance of logistics in maintaining a comparative strategic advantage. It will highlight the changing character of logistics and how rapid changes will continue to impact the future of the transportation industry and Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise.
Legislation & PolicyMon, 09:20-10:20 amTBDCargo is King - Maritime Strategy, Policy, Jones Act UpdateTony Fisher, MARADCargo Is King: As great powers have often relied on the strength of their merchant fleets to extend their military, economic, and diplomatic reach, so too have their merchant fleets relied on policy makers to create an economic environment suitable for sustained investment. The U.S. Merchant Marine, which reached its low point of 169 vessels in 2016, serves as a prime case study of this interdependent relationship. This course will identify key market dynamics and federal policies that shape global merchant fleets, including the one universal constant upon which investment is hinged—a quest for cargo.
Logistics Technology & InnovationMon, 09:20-10:20 amTBDTechnology and Compliance (Quality, Security, Logistics) Panel DiscussionFrankie Mossman (moderator), Overhaul; Panelists: Coming SoonThis session will focus on Logistic Technology and Supply Chain Innovation. We will review: Chain of custody concepts, Preventing IP leakage, Avoiding loss of data, Infringement on intellectual property and patents, and Looking into the future on new compliance and global supply chain regulations. In this session you’ll learn how industry changing organizations are using technology to aggregate data, create connection, and ensure strong and resilient supply chain are built in scalable and secure models.
IT, Cyber, & BlockchainMon, 09:20-10:20 amTBDData Modernization...Explained by a LogisticianAllison Edwards, USTRANSCOM J6This session looks at data modernization through the lens of developing a warfighting capability and from an operational perspective. The discussion is non-technical in nature.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMon, 09:20-10:20 amTBDLeveraging the Commercial Air Carrier Network for Government Air ShippingDave Blackford & Chris Boros, USTRANSCOM J4This session will cover the commercial air, less-than-planeload (non-charter) commercial solutions; Next Generation Delivery Service (NGDS), which is a mandatory-use government-wide solution for small package delivery services (DOD, Federal Agencies); Global Heavyweight Service (GHS), offers commercial air, door-to-door, pickup and delivery service for international shipments over 301 lbs. to less-than-planeload and domestic air services for cargo over 150 lbs. (over 300 lbs. for Hawaii and Alaska). Two targeted breakout sessions will follow this class - date/time and room information can be found on the main Fall Meeting agenda webpage: Breakout #1 – "Commercial Air Less-than-Planeload for Shippers" is a government-only meeting for shippers, and will cover shipper-specific information on shipping under the NGDS and GHS contracts; Breakout #2 – "Commercial Air Less-than-Planeload for Carriers" is for carriers only and will cover carrier specific information on executing shipments under the NGDS and GHS contracts.
Interactive Workshops & TrainingMon, 09:20-10:20 amTBDPrinciples of FLOW – How to create throughput in your organizationSridhar Chandra, Goldratt OrganizationLearn about employing Theory of Constraints (TOC) thinking as a tool for delivering breakthrough results in your organization. The seminar will introduce two concepts of TOC – The 5 Focusing Steps and the Principles of FLOW. This seminar will be taught by an accomplished TOC practitioner using an interactive simulation to demonstrate the importance of flow in your organization and to highlight the inefficiencies of multi-tasking. The simulation will introduce the concept of a Drum-Buffer-Rope implementation as a way of focusing and fully exploiting an organizational constraint.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMon, 09:20-10:20 amTBDProviding Integrated and Synchronized Global Deployment and Distribution Capabilities to the Point of NeedMG Heidi Hoyle, SDDC Commanding GeneralSurface transportation is a major part of the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise. This class will delve into a surface force projection topic of interest and stimulate discussion on this critical component.
Leadership & Human ResourcesMon, 09:20-10:20 amTBDOvercoming Personal and Professional AdversitySenior Enlisted Leaders: Fleet Master Chief Don Myrick (moderator), USN, USTRANSCOM; Chief Master Sergeant Brian Kruzelnick, USAF, AMC; Command Master Chief Theron Fischer, USN, MSC; Command Sergeant Major Brian Morrison, USA, SDDC; Chief Master Sergeant Brian Bischoff, USAFR, JECCManaging the demands of our daily lives can be challenging in today’s home and work environments. Given this dilemma, what measures do you incorporate when confronted with hardships within your personal or professional life? This session will canvas real life methods for overcoming adverse situations by exploring personal stories and experiences from senior enlisted leaders.
Acquisition & FinanceMon, 10:40-11:40 amTBDMarket Research from the Government PerspectiveJill Muskopf, USTRANSCOM AQDoD acquisition professionals use market research to develop knowledge and understanding of the industries and sectors that make up the global market for products and services. This course will describe how acquisition professionals gather and use market research information, how and when Industry Partners can contribute and influence decisions, and how procurement integrity comes into play throughout the market research process.
Leadership & Human ResourcesMon, 10:40-11:40 amTBDData-Driven Organizational EmpowermentPatrick Wallace & Shannon Sarkees, Crowley SolutionsTransform data into actionable information sets that drive efficiencies and empowers employees. Explore how using data science to improve processes drive results and superior organizational effectiveness.
Logistics Technology & InnovationMon, 10:40-11:40 amTBDTechnology and Innovation in the PacificScott Hooper, Crowley SolutionsLines of supply and their resiliency are key factors to the overall success of the U.S. military and our allies in the Pacific. Resiliency in a contested environment will only be possible through the continued advancements in logistics technology, tools, and the deployment of innovative capabilities, by the military and industry collaboratively. This session will briefly discuss logistics concepts, capabilities, and future opportunities for collaborations to support the warfighter in the Pacific.
Agile & Pandemic LogisticsMon, 10:40-11:40 amTBDModeling and Quantifying the Operational and Economic Impacts of Cross-infrastructure, Inter-organizational DisruptionsDr. Gabe Weaver, Information Trust Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAgile and resilient logistics depends on the ability to model cross-infrastructure, inter-organizational disruptions at a variety of geographic scales, because cascading effects of disruption can propagate instantaneously through the physical and cyber layers of all those interconnected systems. Research, sponsored by the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute (CIRI), as well as the Army Cyber Institute (ACI), seeks to address this problem and quantify the operational and economic impacts of such disruptions. Also, a National Science Foundation I-Corps cohort evaluated commercialization opportunities for this research.
SDDC WorkshopMon, 10:40-11:40 amTBDAmmunition and Explosives Motor TransportationSDDC Safety Instructors, HQ SDDCProvides an overview of DOD efforts to evaluate and improve the safety performance of individual Transportation Protective Service (TPS) Ammunition and Explosives (AE) carriers. Topics include: Safety program compliance evaluations, on-road safety performance discussion, accident/incident trends and highlights.
Logistics Technology & InnovationMon, 10:40-11:40 amTBDTotal Asset Visibility – An Automated SolutionChris Hetland & Paul Mattingly, CGI FederalLearn how total asset visibility can be achieved more effectively using automated tools. Tracking thousands of pieces of equipment and inventory can be a daunting, manpower-intensive task. But using the right radio frequency identification solution coupled with a strong IT suite is a significantly more efficient process that provides more accurate and timely actionable information.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMon, 10:40-11:40 amTBDSealiftRADM Michael Wettlaufer, MSC CommanderSealift gets the majority of equipment and materiel to the fight, thus it is a critical piece of the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise. This class will identify and discuss sealift topics of interest.
Leadership & Human ResourcesMon, 12:45-1:45 pmTBDCritical Thinking as a Leadership SkillLt Gen (retired) Andy Busch, Goldratt OrganizationHow do you lead your organization to deliver breakthough results? How do you stay focused on your long term objectives and not get pulled down by the daily minutiae that surrounds you? If every part of your organization is producing faster/cheaper/better, why isn’t your organization’s overall throughput increasing at a corresponding rate? This course delivers a senior logistician’s leadership experiences to get the audience thinking critically about improving organizational throughput. The presentation relies on case studies where breakthrough results were delivered using Theory of Constraints (TOC) thinking. The leadership model, refined by years of personal development and reflection, will be presented as a framework for the audience to rely on in the future.
IT, Cyber, & BlockchainMon, 12:45-1:45 pmTBDBlockchain and the Express IndustryDale Chrystie, FedExThis panel will focus on blockchain and explore the evolution of Customs and Border Protection thinking in the digital space relative to 21st Century Customs Frameworks. The planel will also cover FedEx thinking and approach, how that continues to evolve, and how we continue to work together to drive forward.
Acquisition & FinanceMon, 12:45-1:45 pmTBDUSTRANSCOM Readiness Programs - VISA & CRAFWill Henderson & Mickey Muskopf, USTRANSCOM AQ; Tim Boemecke & Dave Atkinson, USTRANSCOM J5This class will discuss two important strategic readiness programs, the Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement and the Civil Reserve Air Fleet. The VISA program provides international cargo transportation and distribution services using ocean common or contract carriers, as defined in the Shipping Act of 1984, offering regularly scheduled commercial liner service for requirements that may arise in any part of the world. The CRAF program provides critical passenger and cargo aircraft to augment the military organic fleet, as seen in the recent Afghanistan passenger airlift effort; the instructors will discuss the structure of the CRAF program and how it fits into the Defense Transportation System.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMon, 12:45-1:45 pmTBDAFRICOM LogisticsCol Uduak "U2" Udoaka, USAFRICOM J43The Defense Transportation System is in direct support of the warfighter. USAFRICOM will highlight important logistics issues of particular interest in the African theater.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMon, 12:45-1:45 pmTBDDefense Personal PropertyInstructor TBD, USTRANSCOM J9This session provides an opportunity to hear about and discuss the latest developments in the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3).
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMon, 12:45-1:45 pmTBDAerial Port of the FutureMike Courtney, AMC/A4The civilian logistics industry’s adoption, development, and demonstrated results in automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous capabilities provides the USAF opportunities to employ these evolving logistics capabilities in transforming Air Transportation operations.  Aerial Port of the Future (APoF) supports the AMC/CC’s Intent and 2040 Strategic Approach to have “a fully evolved flight-line and aerial port of the future that maximizes velocity and flexibility in mission generation processes” and supports USAF Agile Combat Employment and Logistics Under Attack priorities.
Legislation & PolicyMon, 12:45-1:45 pmTBDOSD Transportation Policy DevelopmentAdam Yearwood, ODASD(Logistics)The important partnership between Industry and the Department of Defense will be showcased by Adam Yearwood, Director of Transportation for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Learn the key factors that lead to policy changes through an overview of the steps and processes for DoD transportation policy creation and revision.
SDDC WorkshopTue, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDDOD Shipping Container ManagementSDDC G4 Instructors, HQ SDDCThe purpose of this training is to teach how to successfully effectively manage DOD owned, leased or controlled ISO containers.
Logistics Technology & InnovationTue, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDTesting and Evaluating Logistics InnovationsJared Andrews & Rebecca Graupmann, LMIThis session highlights best practices for testing, evaluation, and deployment of innovative logistics technologies. Countless innovations seek to create logistics efficiencies and increase mission effectiveness, but many fail to account for the complexities and challenges of real-world operating environments. Failure to appropriately test and evaluate research projects and new solutions can lead to risky investments in impractical innovations. Artificial intelligence (AI) logistics products can be particularly susceptible to inaccuracies because the often rely on incomplete data or false assumptions, so a comprehensive and expert-driven T&E approach is critical to success.
Acquisition & FinanceTue, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDSmall Business Opportunities with MSCLeah Baker, MSC Small Business OfficeThis class will explain how to identify and locate business opportunities with Military Sealift Command and the Dept. of Navy
DoD & Commercial LogisticsTue, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDImproving Readiness in Commercial and Military Aviation through Theory of Constraints (TOC)Moderator - Andrew E Busch, Lt Gen (ret) US Air Force, Goldratt Consulting; Panelists: David Garrison, Senior VP, Delta Air Lines; Col (ret) Michael O’Connor, former 92nd Maintenance Group Commander, Fairchild AFB; Amanda Bangs, Logistics Operations, DLA; Sridhar Chandra, Partner, Goldratt ConsultingPanelist experience spans a wide range - improving pilot/aircrew training throughput,optimizing flightline maintenance based on lessons learned from our extensive work with Delta Airlines,creating supply chain efficiencies and savings through very manageable changes in ordering procedures
DoD & Commercial LogisticsTue, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDSealift Assurance, Reliability, and RecapitalizationDoug Harrington, MARADLooking back at 75-years of maintaining a reserve fleet of sealift ships, this session will include how the Maritime Administration is preparing to keep a National Defense Reserve Fleet that meets the objectives laid out by statute, and for stakeholder requirements provided by the Department of Defense. Discussion will include a focus on what sealift programs and initiatives worked well in the past, and how they can inform the way ahead for recapitalizing the existing fleet for future needs.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsTue, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDAirliftLt Gen Brian Robinson, AMC Deputy CommanderAir Mobility Command manages a complex airlift system of military and commercial aircraft that allows the U.S. to deploy, sustain, and redeploy personnel anywhere on the globe. This class will discuss how air mobility - organic airlift and tankes as well as commercial partners - is at the forefront of rapid response.
Agile & Pandemic LogisticsTue, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDCOVID-19 Vaccine Distribution PanelKirstin Knott (moderator), FedEx; Panelists TBDThrough Operation Warp Speed (OWS) and transitioned to Countermeasures Acceleration Group (CAG), over 350M doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been successfully administered to U.S. citizens in 35 weeks. Representatives from the U.S. Department of Defense, McKesson Corp., the Centralized Distributor; Walgreens, a Federal Retail Pharmacy Partnership; and FedEx, an express transportation provider, will discuss the Public-Private Partnership of delivering safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines from conceptualization to implementation and enhancement.
Logistics Technology & InnovationTue, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDTransportation Strategy in the Age of Disruption: Adapt, Reassess,..(+ Adapt Again)Judson Johnson, McKinsey & CompanyOne year update on the Transportation Strategy in the Age of Disruption: Adapt, Reassess,..(+ Adapt Again)
Legislation & PolicyTue, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDTracking the Federal Government’s Plans for Supply Chain Resiliency and Revitalizing American ManufacturingStacy Newstead - Alion Science and Irvin Varkonyi, SCOPEThe current Administration seeks to elevate global supply chain resilience as a matter of National Security. As the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic dislocation revealed long-standing vulnerabilities in our supply chains, government and commercial sectors will need to identify best practices of exemplar organizations to optimize operational performance while minimizing operational vulnerabilities.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsTue, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDComparison of a United Nations (UN) Operation, a European Union (EU) Operation, and a NATO ExerciseProfessor Frank Reininghaus, German Navy (retired) & Institute for Peace Research and Security StudiesIn this interactive session, two operations (MINUSMA – United Nations, ATALANTA – European Union) plus a NATO exercise (Defender Europe) will be introduced and discussed. A focus will be put on the logistical challenges of these three scenarios.
Intelligence & AnalyticsTue, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDTransportation Analytics – The Journey to Deliver Operational Decision Support for USTRANSCOM and the Component CommandsBruce Busler, USTRANSCOM JDPAC & SDDC TEAThis session will focus on the current status of building and delivering operationally relevant analytic and data science outcomes for the defense transportation mission. As the director of the analysis center for over a decade, Mr. Busler provides a unique perspective on the evolution of operations research and data science endeavors, and will speak to both the technical foundation and operational challenges inherent in providing data-driven, analytically rigorous outcomes for USTRANSCOM. This session highlights not only the necessary technical capabilities as the foundation, but also the pragmatic steps necessary to actually gain value in the application of these capabilities to real-world challenges inherent in the defense transportation mission.
SDDC WorkshopTue, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDDomestic Freight Support Trends and TipsSDDC G3 Instructors, HQ SDDCThis course provides information and highlights of common freight cost disputes, carrier and shipper performance trends and other domestic freight topics. The course will offer helpful advice and recommendations for commercial industry partners and DOD Transportation Officers.
Interactive Workshops & TrainingTue, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDSupply Chain Disruption & AdaptationJim Ritchie, RedStone Logistics / University of KansasThis is a working session in which participants will role-play a real-world scenario involving a rapidly evolving supply chain in a high growth environment. Working in teams, participants will address presented disruptions while adapting the supply chain to maximum efficiency.
Leadership & Human ResourcesTue, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDDeveloping Tomorrow’s Joint Enlisted ProfessionalSenior Enlisted Leaders: Fleet Master Chief Don Myrick (moderator), USN, USTRANSCOM; Chief Master Sergeant Ramón Colón-López, USAF, JCS; Fleet Master Chief James Honea, USN, USINDOPACOM; Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott Stalker, USMC, USSPACECOM; Command Sergeant Major Tomeka O’Neal, USA, DLA; Sergeant Major Edward Cummings, USA, Joint Staff J7The emerging operating environment demands that joint enlisted leaders be far better educated and more knowledgeable in the employment and integration of the national instruments of power. This session will illustrate current initiatives being employed to develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary for future enlisted leaders to succeed in a volatile, uncertain, and complex battlespace.
IT, Cyber, & BlockchainTue, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDCybersecurityTed Rybeck (Moderator) & Chiderah Okoye, NDTA Cybersecurity Best Practices Committee; Patrick Grimsley, USTRANSCOM J6; Crowdstrike Instructor TBDPanelists will dive deep into cybersecurity and data protection, it's importance and the mindset necessary to effectively combat cyber attacks.
Acquisition & FinanceWed, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDTSP Panel: Industry Challenges with the Government Acquisition ProcessJesika DeArmond (moderator) & Emily Tift, USTRANSCOM AQ; Panelists TBDTransportation Service Providers (TSP) panel moderated by USTRANSCOM Acquisition to discuss industry challenges with the government acquisition process. Focus is to highlight challenges and discuss ideas to improve transportation and transportation related acquisitions in order to form a better partnership between Industry and the Government.
Agile & Pandemic LogisticsWed, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDCold Chain Innovation Through Visibility, Integrity, Security, and AgilityKelly Preczewski, Senior Director of Customer Success (moderator), Overhaul; Panelists: Coming SoonIn this session we will discuss the last 18 months of cold chain logistics and security. The global pandemic brought many challenges and we’ll share our stories of agility, challenges, and best practices. We’ll also discuss: The power of agility, Lessons learned on global vaccine distribution, Important of real-time visibility and risk management, Embracing new and quicker ways of creating supply chain threads, Technology, best practices, and learnings used to mitigate errors and increase awareness
Logistics Technology & InnovationWed, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDDelivery Through Space VanguardDr. Dan Brown, AFRLDiscuss the underlying motivation for USSF/AFRL conducting the Transportation thru Space Vanguard and what that says about usability/availability. Why is such an extensive research effort needed and what does that tell the community about the maturity, usability, and risks/opportunities (for users AND providers) of space transportation for logistics for the next 5, 10, 20 years?
Legislation & PolicyWed, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDThe Last "Least Partisan" CommitteesMark Osmack, USTRANSCOM LAAmid the chorus of talking heads and Sunday morning news programs decrying loss of legislative civility, the House and Senate Armed Services Committees are generally regarded as the best option for passage of legislation via the reliable annual NDAA. This course will investigate how this came to be, USTRANSCOM coordination with PSMs, and the importance of collaboration between Majority/Minority Armed Services Defense Committee Staff that has weathered Chair/Ranking Member changes and flipped Chambers. More Information
SDDC WorkshopWed, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDDomestic Rail and Special Requirements MovementsSDDC G3 Instructors, HQ SDDCThis course provides instruction on domestic movements by rail and those considered “Special Requirements”—large volume movements, unique requirements, standing route orders, and movement requests not supported under voluntary tenders and/or spot bid. Topics include the negotiated tender process, requirements and timelines, the Domestic Freight Routing Request and Order (DFRRO) Application, and waybilling.
Intelligence & AnalyticsWed, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDThe Future of Data Sharing – Leveraging Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to Enable Multi-party Data SharingCGI Federal InstructorThe country and world are moving from an ownership economy to a sharing economy. It is interesting, however, that we are willing to share our homes, but not our data. Data sharing challenges remain, but can be overcome with an open attitude and recent technological advancements. This session will focus on how we can leverage emerging technologies, including Blockchain and AI, to build a platform that enables efficient data sharing and discovery of data across and between agencies, networks, and systems. We can achieve robust traceability, auditability, and discovery with validation access without the need for a centralized single party-controlled data repository (integrated data repository or data lake) nor the need for data transfer, which commonly sacrifices data integrity, authority, and non-repudiation.
Leadership & Human ResourcesWed, 1:30-2:30 pmTBDWomen in Supply Chain: The Power of Diverse (Logistics) NetworksLeigh Method, DASD(Log); Brig Gen Linda Hurry, HQ USAF; Kristin French, DLA J3; Ramona Hood, FedEx Custom CriticalThe defense supply chain faces unique challenges from climate change, cyber threats, and a pandemic that has changed supply and distribution operations in some meaningful ways. Achieving success in this new environment requires leaders who can build and employ a diverse, talented workforce and connect to trusted professional networks. This panel of senior government and industry supply chain leaders will provide their perspective of recent significant events, including their impact on the future operating environment and how diverse networks are needed to succeed
Acquisition & FinanceWed, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDOptimizing DoD and Industry Processes and PaymentsCheryl Garcia, Jeff Lineberger, Jeff Derick, & Delores Rebertus, US BankThis session for government and industry attendees focuses on the DoD third-party payment system using U.S. Bank Freight Payment. We’ll explore opportunities to streamline operations and increase efficiencies across accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. If you are a CEO, CFO, certifying officer, financial manager or transportation officer, this session is for you.
Logistics Technology & InnovationWed, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDCyber Up - Protecting the Mission and the Force on the MoveMeg Novacek, IQMRIChester Maciag, IQMRICommercial trucks that support the Transportation Protective Service (TPS) operations are connected to USTRANSCOM for location tracking and to the fleets to manage their operations. While these connections are beneficial, they may pose cyber risks to the mission. In this presentation you will learn about an approach to not only detect a cyber attack but also provide predictive vehicle health features that could save fleets millions of dollars annually.
SDDC WorkshopWed, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDDefense Transportation Tracking (DTTS)SDDC G3 Instructors, HQ SDDCThis class provides an overview of the primary mission of the Defense Transportation Tracking System (DTTS). Discuss the capabilities of the DTTS system and how DTTS personnel use it to monitor transportation protective service (TPS) cargo. Overview of DTTS Emergency Reporting procedures. Gain knowledge of issues and challenges impacting effective monitoring from origin to destination.
Interactive Workshops & TrainingWed, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDSupply Chain Risk & Resiliency: It’s all About Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance and CultureIrv Varkonyi & Greg Schlegel, SCRM ConsortiumJoin us for an interactive session discussing Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance, and company Culture. The session will include definitions of terms, grounding of risk concepts and an interactive Group Risk Appetite Exercise. We’ll finish with a few helpful hints about Risk Culture as it relates to the Warfighting agencies.
IT, Cyber, & BlockchainWed, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDRespondng to the Presidential Executive order on CybersecurityHeather Harinstein, MicrosoftThis session with review how to respond to the Presidential Executive order on Cybersecurity and rapidly deploy Zero Trust security principals.” Our goal would be to also integrate how companies should consider CMMC and the attack surface as they operate in- in the cloud and integrating with the US Government.
DoD & Commercial LogisticsWed, 3:00-4:00 pmTBDTransportation Management SystemAndy Dawson, USTRANSCOM J3This session provides an opportunity to hear about and discuss the latest developments in the Transportation Management System.


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