February 28 - March 2, 2022


The theme for GovTravels 2022 is “Rebound. Reconnect. Reimagine.”  Sessions will focus on how the government and the commercial travel industry are responding to today’s challenges and preparing for the years to come. The symposium will address:

  • COVID-19 Response and Building Resilience
  • Current and Future Travel Environment
  • New Developments in Transportation Infrastructure
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities, Threats, Response and Creating Resilience
  • Emerging Technologies that Impact Passenger Travel Today and, in the Future,
  • Industry Innovations and Investments for the Future
  • Defense Travel Modernization Initiative

Travel Academy sessions will including the following tracks:

  • Travel Experience and Safety – Examining responsibilities and capabilities of industry to care for travelers from threats of personal safety and health, intertwined with role of Government
  • Travel Innovation – Learn how to take advantage of new techniques and technologies in travel to assess threats, locate resources, and act
  • Travel Technology – Advancing travel industry capabilities through technology including challenges to the industry, such as virtual meetings, and other advances since last year
  • Travel Partner Programs – Providing an overview of government and industry travel partnerships and programs
  • Travel Compliance – Review of ethical and compliance standards relative to government and industry travel

Questions can be directed to Mr. Craig Hymes, Senior Vice President, Operations, NDTA, at chymes@ndtahq.com, 703-751-5011 or Mr. Bob Gerenser, Chief of Staff, Defense Services Support Center, Defense Human Resources Activity, at robert.s.gerenser.civ@mail.mil, 703-597-3542.


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