Surface Force Projection Conference

May 18-20, 2021

Support & Frequently Asked Questions

How do we access the conference?
We are using Zoom to broadcast the Surface Force Projection Conference (SFPC). You can join the Zoom sessions using the app, your browser, or your phone. Access sessions via the virtual Conference Access page. You will need a password to access this page which was sent to you via email. If you have forgotten the password, please contact us via support and we will provide assistance.

What time are the sessions?
The virtual Conference Access page (listed in the SFPC menu) shows session times based on Eastern Daylight Time.

How do I join a live meeting?
Click on the “Conference Access” menu item in the SFPC menu, find the session that you would like to attend, and click on the red “Join Now” button which will load the Zoom meeting. The session will start at the time listed.

I am having problems accessing the site. What do I do? Please try the troubleshooting tips below.

  1. Make sure that you use Google Chrome to open your link
  2. Make sure you are not on a VPN as the firewalls may be restricting your access
  3. Clear your cache and history on the computer that you are using
  4. Log out of your computer, turn it off and then turn on your computer

Where do I download Zoom?
Click Here to download Zoom.

How to download Google Chrome?
Click Here to download Google Chrome.

Zoom is asking me for a password. Where do I get it?
You have an older version of Zoom on your device so you’ll need to download the most current version. The password is embedded in the Zoom link so when you click on the Join Live Meeting button it is already included.

Additional Assistance:
TECHNICAL SUPPORT, please contact: or chat via the chat support window
Questions regarding the event, please contact:

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