GovTravels Academy Classes 2023

Government & Industry Meeting: GovTravels 101
Description:  NDTA and DTMO provide new attendees with an overview of the GovTravels symposium so that they can take full advantage of the event. Participants will learn about symposium sessions, understand the different content tracks and various networking opportunities, and meet representatives of the host organizations.

Track:  Travel Partner Programs
Topic:  City Pairs – Travel Policies and Procedures (GSA)
Description:  During this course, the City Pair Program (CPP) Management Office (PMO) will provide an update on the FY22 contract closeout, current status of FY23 awards, and review the FY24 Solicitation Items.

Track:  Travel Compliance
Topic:  Ethics Training for Industry and Government (DHRA)
Description:  Learn how you can avoid the ethical landmines of government-industry relationships and ensure you are ready to do what is right when ethical dilemmas arise. The Department of Defense is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards for all of its employees. To do that, DoD has support systems in place to help government employees determine what is ethically appropriate or legally required of its workforce. Not your stereotypical attorney, Tom Serrano will provide both an informative and entertaining presentation of applying ethical principles from both perspectives—government and industry.  

Track:  Travel Experience and Safety
Topic:  The Future of Government Ground Transportation (Uber)
Description:  In this session, Uber will discuss how government agencies are utilizing rideshare in their daily lives. Ranging from standard TDY and local travel to supporting agency missions, Uber is helping agencies create cost effective programs while helping the government modernize.  

Track:  Travel Compliance
Topic:  Sustainability in Government Business Travel (GSA)
Description:  During this course GSA, will discuss sustainability and how it has and will continue to be an important part of GSA’s Government-wide Travel and Transportation Programs as well as procurement strategy and how our air, lodging and ground transportation programs are starting to address sustainability.  

Track:  Travel Experience and Safety
Topic:  VISA Virtual Travel Service
Description:  Discover a better way to pay for air and lodging. Come and talk to us about how you can benefit from:

  • Automated reconciliation
  • Rich consistent data/reporting
  • Reduced misuse/fraud

Track:  Travel Partner Programs
Topic:  Government-wide Lodging Solutions (GSA)
Description:  FOR GOVERNMENT TRAVELERS, a GSA-led session discussing its government-wide lodging solutions:  FedRooms, Long Term Lodging, and Emergency Lodging Services. Learn about the programs’ benefits, how to use, and real-life scenarios.

Track:  Travel Technology
Topic:  Gaining visibility into simple or small meetings (CWT)
Description:  For most organizations, as much as half of their meeting spend is focused on managing small meetings. Tracking the spend for these meetings and understanding their scope poses a significant challenge. Even organizations with mature and centralized meetings management programs don’t always have visibility into small or simple meetings. Simple or small meetings technology may be the answer.

Track:  Travel Compliance
Topic: Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Post Payment Audits for Travel and the DTMO Compliance Program
Description:  This session is designed to inform travel management professionals on how DFAS conducts its Travel Post Payment Review and the Defense Travel Management Office’s DoD Travel Compliance Program.  

Track:  Travel Compliance
Topic:  System for Award Management (SAM) Basics (GSA)
Description:  During this course, representatives from GSA’s Center for Travel and Transportation Acquisition will give an overview of the System for Award Management (SAM). Topics will include the purpose of, how to register, and how it impacts a potential offeror’s ability to do business with the Federal Government.

Track:  Travel Technology
Topic:  Looking towards an era of personalized travel (SABRE)
Description:  Weathering many crises over the decades, travel has always proved resilient. The industry has now the opportunity to rebound even stronger. Technology is playing a major role in facilitating recovery, ushering in a new era of personalized travel that presents more opportunities for businesses and a better experience for travelers.

Track:  Travel Experience and Safety
Topic:  Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges of Traveling with Military/Government Working Dogs (Government and Industry)
Description:  Join government and travel industry experts for an interactive discussion about the importance of working K9s to the government mission, and the formidable challenges experienced by working dog teams when reserving and executing official travel for and with their K9 colleagues.

Track:  Travel Innovation
Topic:  GSA SmartPay Travel Card Innovation
Description: This course will cover several new and innovative travel program offerings provided under the GSA SmartPay 3 Master Contract. Attendees will learn about new tools available to maximize and expand their travel card programs.

Track:  Travel Compliance
Topic:  Responsible Travel – a better approach for a better future (CWT)
Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has put employee and traveler wellbeing at the top of every organization’s priority. At the same time, the environmental impacts of travel have also come into the spotlight. As commercial and government organizations return to travel, we have an opportunity and responsibility to do it right. This means taking a more balanced approach to travel management, one that incorporates employee well-being, climate protections and a focus on organizations’ financial objectives to achieve a truly sustainable program that is fit for purpose now and into the future.

Track:  Travel Partner Programs
Topic:  GSA Rideshare/Ride-hail Program Update (GSA)
Description: This course is a GSA led session discussing the 5-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Ridesharing and Ride-hailing services. GSA’s Government-wide Rideshare/Ride-hail BPAs modernizes official travel and will make it easier, and less expensive, to use rideshare services for official travel, augment fleet and shuttle services.

Track:  Travel Partner Programs
Topic:  Pet Relocation (GSA)
Description:  Panelists from GSA, DoD/DTMO, Department of State and the relocation industry will discuss the policies and resources that affect traveling and relocating Government and Military personnel and their pets. They will share best practices and challenges pet owners will face.


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