GovTravels Academy Classes 2024

Government & Industry Meeting: GovTravels 101
Description: NDTA and DTMO provide new attendees with an overview of the GovTravels Symposium so that they can take full advantage of the event. Participants will learn about symposium sessions, understand the different content tracks and various networking opportunities, and meet representatives of the host organizations.

Track: Travel Partner Programs
Topic: Rideshare: Governmentwide Rideshare Program Update
Description:  Provide the latest on governmentwide Rideshare program management activities; including FY25 next generation BPA solicitation timeline and solution enhancements. Share the latest vendor technology and sustainability updates from Uber and Lyft and potentially partner with the DOD DTM team to have them joint part of the presentation highlighting the benefits of DOD launching with the GSA Governmentwide Rideshare BPA.

Track: Travel Partner Programs
Topic: City Pair Program: Trends in Government Air Travel
Description:  The City Pair Program (CPP) is a governmentwide air passenger program and has become an important part of the Federal Government’s day-to-day mission operation. Our goal is to meet our customer mission needs while keeping up to date with airline commercial practices. The presentation will delve into current and evolving trends in government air travel. This includes what travel looks like today from a behavior, policy, program, procurement and industry viewpoint.

Track: Travel Experience, Safety, and Sustainability
Topic: The TMC’s Role in Sustainable Choices, Safety, Security, and Duty of Care
Description:  This session will link critical elements of ESG to key travel program considerations for a travel manager focused on sustainable choices, safety and security, duty of care and traveler well-being. This session will also delve into the TMC’s role and why the TMC’s are a crucial part of this process for the traveler as well as the government and military.

Track: Travel Compliance
Topic: REAL ID: You’ll need it to fly…
Description: On May 7, 2025, domestic air travelers must present a REAL ID compliant driver’s license, or other alternative acceptable form of identification, in order to board commercial aircraft.

The REAL ID Act of 2005 requires REAL ID compliant identification to:
• Board commercial aircraft
• Access certain federal and military facilities
• Enter nuclear power plants

Track: Travel Partner Programs
Topic: System for Award Management (SAM) Basics
Description: During this course, representatives from GSA’s Center for Travel and Transportation Acquisition will give an overview of the System for Award Management (SAM). Topics will include the purpose of, how to register, and how it impacts a potential offeror’s ability to do business with the Federal Government.

Track: Travel Experience, Safety, and Sustainability
Topic: Sustainability in Government Business Travel
Description: During this course GSA will discuss Sustainability and how it has and will continue to be an important part of GSA’s Government-wide Travel and Transportation Programs as well as procurement strategy. The panelists will share how government travel programs are starting to address sustainability, will highlight recent advances in sustainable travel options and services available to agencies, as well as current sustainability metrics/measures and what they are doing within their programs to measure and reduce scope 3 emissions within the Federal Supply Chain.

Track: Travel Innovation
Topic: GSA SmartPay® Travel Card Innovation: Leveraging Offerings to Maximize Travel Card Programs
Description: The presentation will discuss strategic payment solutions that are available to the Department of Defense (DoD) under the GSA SmartPay® 3 Master Contract. Attendees will learn about some tools that may be available to help maximize the benefits of and expand DoD travel card programs.

Track: Travel Compliance
Topic: DFAS Post Pay Audits – Trends in DoD Improper Travel Payments
Description: This session highlights the latest trends in DoD improper travel payments, and possible root causes. Additionally, you will see examples of the most common improper payments identified by DFAS Audit processes, and receive helpful tips to proactively identify and prevent such errors before they happen.

Track: Travel Partner Programs
Topic: Relocating with Pets – GSA ERRC
Description: Panelists from various agencies, and the relocation industry will discuss the policies and resources that affect traveling and relocating employees and their pets. They will share best practices and challenges pet owners will face.

Track: Travel Partner Programs
Topic: Governmentwide Category Management Basics
Description: OMB has established 10 common spend areas across Federal Government procurement and implemented Category Management as a primary buying strategy across agencies. During this session, members of the Travel Category team will discuss Government-wide Category Management (GCM) basics, how it works in the government and how it impacts agency buying strategy for Travel.

Track: Travel Partner Programs
Topic: Governmentwide Lodging Solutions
Description: FOR GOVERNMENT TRAVELERS, a GSA led session discussing its governmentwide lodging solutions: FedRooms, Long Term Lodging, and Emergency Lodging Services. Learn about the programs’ benefits, how to use, and real life scenarios.

Track: Travel Compliance
Topic: DTMO Compliance & Training Programs – Mitigating DoD Improper Travel Payments (DTS Perspective)
Description: The purpose of this course is to provide a live demonstration of how the DoD Travel Policy Compliance Tool program and team function to identify improper payments. The session will inform participants on how the Compliance Tool systematically targets inaccurate, unauthorized, overstated, inflated, or duplicate travel expenses reimbursed through the Defense Travel System.

Track: Travel Compliance
Topic: Executing a Successful DTS Training Program
Description: The purpose of this course is to provide a live demonstration to the Authorizing officials (AO) on how to identify common traveler mistakes in DTS documents. The course will teach students on how to review, approve, and return travel documents for non-compliance. The class discusses the resources to aid AOs in their role available on the DTMO website under the Training Search Tool, and TraXs WBTs. This class also includes the specific errors checked by Compliance Tool for DTS documents.

Track: Travel Partner Programs
Topic: Long Term Lodging 101 – What is it and how does LTL work?
Description: The purpose of this course is to provide a concise but comprehensive agnostic overview of the GSA Long Term Lodging program. The course will teach students about the GSA approved compliant method of LTL purchase; where to get the info, how to make the purchase, who can and should be using LTL. Students will also learn about LTL options provided by GSA vendors and how it differs from traditional lodging options. The class discusses the resources to aid in their purchases and shows how to navigate those resources. The presentation will be followed by a brief panel with a Contracting Officer and GSA approved Industry representative.

Track: Evolving Travel Technology
Topic: New Distribution Capability (NDC) Redefining the Airline Industry
Description: NDC continues to occupy travel industry headlines. It’s a critical enabler of more flexible and personalized travel. Using the NDC standards, airlines can broaden their reach by distributing personalized offers, including ancillary services, in real-time to third party sellers. To succeed, NDC requires collaboration across the travel value chain; it’s not an airline-only initiative. In this session, you’ll hear from panelists representing those different links in the value chain discuss what it takes to advance NDC and lessons learned from the significant progress that’s happened over the last 12 months.

Track: Travel Compliance
Topic: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges of Traveling with Military / Government Working Dogs
Description: Subject-matter-experts from the US Military, Civilian Government and Commercial Travel Industry will discuss how Working Dog Teams differ from service and companion dogs when traveling, and the myriad of challenges experienced when reserving and executing travel.


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