Grim Outlook for AF Pilots, AI in the Supply Chain, and more

Apr 18, 2019 | NDTAGram

Ports to Take Center Stage at NDTA & CNU’s New Conference

Join NDTA and Christopher Newport University’s (CNU) Center for American Studies as they co-host a Conference on America’s Ports, in association with the US Army’s Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), and US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD), 30 April-2 May 2019 on the campus of CNU in Newport News, Virginia. Visit for more information and to register!


New Study Shows Grim Outlook for Future of Air Force Pilot Shortage
(Federal News Network) It’s no secret that the Air Force is short on pilots. However, a new study the Defense Department delivered to Congress sheds more light on the makeup of the shortage and the exact challenges the Air Force and DOD have in digging out of the hole. READ MORE

How the US-China Trade War Has Reached a Turning Point
(Fortune) Senior US and Chinese officials are scheduling two more rounds of face-to-face trade talks in an effort to reach a deal that President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping could possibly sign by late May, according to one source. READ MORE

US Military Spending Set to Increase for Fifth Consecutive Year, Nearing Levels During Height of Iraq War
(The Washington Post) America’s military budget is set to grow for a fifth consecutive year to near-historic highs in 2020, as lawmakers push increases in defense spending for next year despite opposition from some liberals in Congress and deficit hawks. READ MORE

Adapting Command and Control for 21st Century Seapower
(Center for International Maritime Security) As the United States winds down from two regional land conflicts, its seapower must once again evolve to meet the challenges of sustaining America’s prosperity and security in a multi-polar world. READ MORE

Readiness for Strategic Support Area: Supply Availability and Equipment Readiness
(The Redstone Rocket) Under the Multi-Domain Operations concept, Army Materiel Command has reorganized and reshaped to ensures readiness of the Strategic Support Area, where military might is generated, projected and sustained during the fight. Supply availability and equipment readiness is one key focus area to achieve that goal. READ MORE


Securing the Air Cargo Supply Chain
(Freight Waves) TSA is responsible for setting and managing the security programs that keep passengers and cargo aircraft flying safely in the US. But air cargo is very different from passengers. READ MORE

Three US Ports Announce Global Carrier Agreements in New Foreign Markets
(Logistics Management) Several new ocean cargo vessel deployment announcements suggest that shippers are reconfiguring supply chains to accommodate uncertainty in the global trade arena. READ MORE

Truck Drivers See Orders, Miles Fall in Latest US Slowdown Signal
(Reuters) Across the United States, drivers, regional operators and industry officials say the $700 billion US trucking sector slipped in late 2018, with the fall continuing into this year. While the decline in freight rates and hauling does not suggest the United States is headed into a recession, that softness is consistent with slippage in the economy as a whole. READ MORE

Why Turn to Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Your Supply Chain Compliance?
(Forbes) Some past compliance rules required vendors to invest in automation that would streamline the supply chain process, increase operational flexibility, enhance collaboration and ensure scalability. Without automation, there’s an increased risk of operational disruption, which could lead to diminished profit margins. READ MORE

Shipping Industry Isn’t Ready for Looming Low-Sulphur Fuel Requirement
(Supply Chain Brain) The “IMO Scramble” isn’t the name of a new breakfast dish at a fast-food restaurant. It describes the plight of ocean carriers, who find themselves woefully unprepared for a new mandate on switching to cleaner-burning fuel. READ MORE


Hapag-Lloyd Targeting Quality, Profitability and Selected Growth
(Seatrade Maritime News) When Hapag-Lloyd unveiled its ‘Strategy 2023’ towards the end of last year, it was based on the premise that the container shipping market’s rush of consolidation is over.
As the company pointed out, the liner shipping industry has changed significantly. READ MORE

Improving the Car Rental Experience Starts With What Biz Travelers Want
(Skift) In a recent interview, Jeff Kaelin, Avis Budget Group’s vice president of product development, talked about the future of rental cars, building a better experience for business travelers, and the inevitable endgame of personalization in ground transportation. READ MORE

Shipping Lithium Batteries on Cargo Flights
(AmeriJet) Individuals and commercial firms that ship electronics and consumer products containing lithium batteries have a lot of rules to follow when it comes to air shipping. AmeriJet fills you in on what you should know. READ MORE

Echo Global Logistics Launches EchoDrive, a Carrier App and Web Portal with Access to Echo’s Private Load Board, on New EchoAccelerator Platform
(Cision PR Newswire) Echo Global Logistics, Inc. has announced the launch of EchoDrive, a carrier-facing web portal and mobile app that displays Echo’s available loads for the company’s carrier network to bid on. READ MORE

Matson Receives New Cranes
(Matson) Matson, Inc. has received three new 65 long-ton capacity gantry cranes at its Honolulu hub terminal at Sand Island. The biggest ship-to-shore container cranes to be deployed at any commercial harbor in Hawaii, the cranes arrived aboard a special heavy-lift vessel on Saturday and have been positioned for discharge. READ MORE


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