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Industry plays such a vital role in government and military logistics, transportation and travel it is is referred to as the fourth component. Delve into the issues facing industry and learn from their innovations, plus get all the latest news from NDTA’s corporate members.

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Chinese Hackers Suspected of Airbus Cyberattacks—A350 Among Targets
(Forbes) Airbus has been hit again by nation-state cyberattacker, according to a recent AFP report. Citing security sources, the news agency reported that a notorious Chinese state-sponsored hacking group is being linked to the attacks which targeted key suppliers to access the company’s secure data.

Port Officials Say Even with Trade Uncertainty, Now is Time to Expand
(Transport Topics) U.S. seaports hoping to benefit from the demands of bigger cargo ships are investing in Neopanamax electric cranes to expand their shipping channels.

Economic Forecast for Trucking: Gloomy with a Chance of Recession
(FleetOwner) An economic storm is brewing over the trucking industry. Here’s what you need to know to weather it.

For Supply Chains, Customer Experience is the New Differentiator
(Supply Chain Brain) New delivery models and e-commerce are causing customers to expect immediate, accurate and flexible product delivery at any quantity. So how can you deliver this new level of customer experience, while managing costs and limiting business disruption? By making your supply chain customer-centric.

Examining Autonomous Ships’ Vulnerability to Piracy
(Maritime Executive) Autonomous ships are a hot topic in the maritime sector; piracy and armed robbery too. Since the beginning of the year, according to the IMB, almost 100 attacks have been committed against ships all around the world, but what would happen if an autonomous ship were hijacked?

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