NDTA Chairmen & Presidents

William J. Flynn
Chairman 2014-

RADM Mark H. Buzby, USN (Ret.)
President 2014-2017

Raymond P. Ebeling
Chairman 2006-2014

LTG Kenneth R. Wykle, USA (Ret.)
President 2002-2014

Andrew B. Fogarty
Chairman 2003-2005

Jeff Crowe
Chairman 1993-2003

LTG Edward Honor, USA (Ret.)
President 1989-2002

Ronald W. Drucker
Chairman 1987-1993

RADM Norman C. Venzke, USCG (Ret.)
President 1985-1988

Brig Gen Malcolm P. Hooker, USAF
Chairman 1985-1987
President 1981-1985

Richard H. Hinchcliff
Chairman 1983-1985

Douglas Blackburn
Chairman 1981-1983

Edward Cummins
Chairman 1979-1981

Gerald W. Collins
President 1977-1981

Everett Hutchinson
Chairman 1977-1979
President 1975-1977

Peter T. Albert
Chairman 1976-1977
President 1973-1975

Robley L. Mangold
Chairman 1973-1975
President 1971-1973

Thomas M. Goodfellow
Chairman 1971-1973
President 1970-1971

Welby M. Frantz
Chairman 1970-1971
President 1967-1970

Kenneth L. Vore
Chairman 1967-1970
President 1965-1967

MG I. Sewell Morris, USA (Ret.)
Chairman 1965-1967
President 1963-1965

William B. Johnson
Chairman 1963-1965
President 1961-1963

Walter F. Carey
Chairman 1961-1963
President 1959-1961

Howard C. Adams
Chairman 1959-1961
President 1958-1959

James F. Haley
Chairman 1958-1959
President 1957-1958

Clark Hungerford
Chairman 1957-1958
President 1955-1957

E. Grosvenor Plowman
Chairman 1955-1957
President 1953-1955

Arthur H. Gass
Chairman 1953-1955

COL Melvin L. Craig, USA (Ret.)
Chairman 1952-1953
President 1951-1952

Brig Gen Charles F. Nielsen, USAF (Ret.)
Chairman 1951-1952
President 1951-1952

Harry F. Chaddick
President 1948-1950

Merrill F. Redfern
President 1948

Hugh W. Siddall
President 1946-1948

COL Edmund C.R. Lasher, USA (Ret.)
President 1946

BG William J. Williamson, USA (Ret.)
President 1945-1946


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U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman OpEd on a ready Reserve Forces

The RRF functions as the nation’s emergency seafaring logistics arm, ready at a moment’s notice to support rapid worldwide deployment of U.S. military forces, namely, the Army and the Marine Corps. Until recently, for one reason or another — budget cuts, low prioritization, or finger pointing between the Services — the 46 ships of the RRF have atrophied with little resources allocated toward refurbishment and, worse, little thought given toward replacement. At an average age of 43 years old per ship, these critical resources and their mariners needed Congress to step up by providing a plan. We did.

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