Since May 1962, the United States has observed National Transportation Week as a time to honor the men and women who transport cargo and individuals throughout the country. Transportation – in all its forms – remains just as essential to our national well-being as it was 55 years ago.

The National Defense Transportation Association strives to promote the study and practice of transportation – and the professionals who make it possible. Our corporate members represent a broad spectrum of the industry’s leaders – here are a few of their thoughts as we mark National Transportation Week 2017:


“AAR has a long, productive history as part of the aviation industry. This week, we’re proud to honor the accomplishments – across all modes of transportation – that have contributed to U.S. economic health and national security.”

Randy Martinez, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

“Transportation is a key enabler of economic growth. Now more than ever, leading advancements in technology and innovation have stimulated economic activity, and facilitated the rapid expansion into international markets. Our transportation industry enables us to project power and logistics excellence both nationally and globally across a wide spectrum of contingencies and crises. The depth and breadth of our national transportation network brings an unprecedented capability to the fight.”

Rich Brooks, President
Agility Defense & Government Services Inc.

“As we celebrate National Transportation Week, it’s important to reflect on the important role transportation plays in our nation’s commerce and security.  Those involved are often “unsung heroes” who’s outstanding work can be taken for granted at times – perhaps because we are too good and efficient.  This is your/our week, so let’s stand tall and be proud of the impact we have every day!”

Eric Mensing, President & CEO
APL Maritime, Ltd.

“The NDTA plays a key role in the security of our country by facilitating partnership between the private and U.S. government transportation communities.  The results of their leadership in transportation policy and innovation are capabilities that benefit our nation.”

Robert Gentzke, President & CEO
Final Mile Logistics

“Maersk Line, Limited salutes the men and women who have sacrificed and continue to do so to serve the United States Merchant Marine.  We honor these individuals because they are vital to the success of our nation’s proud maritime tradition.  On National Maritime Day, MLL salutes the Merchant Mariners that bravely guarantee the delivery of critical cargo to every corner of the Earth.”

Amy Hauser, General Manager, Marketing and Sales Support
Maersk Line, Limited

“Our national transportation system benefits us all by giving us the opportunity to conduct business face to face, visit loved ones who live far away, and explore this beautiful country of ours. With the help of this robust network of interlocking industries, we have become more personally connected as a nation.”

Chris Giovanetti, Director of Sales-Government Agencies and Southeast Region
Oakwood Worldwide   

“Each component of our country’s transportation systems is vital to America’s overall wellbeing. In the maritime industry, we’re especially proud to contribute every day to United States national, economic and homeland security thanks to the outstanding work of the men and women who earn their living on the ships, tugs, barges and docks.”

Augie Tellez, Executive Vice President
Seafarers International Union

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