NDTA 75th Anniversary Funds Campaign


Join NDTA now to receive your complementary 75th Anniversary Yearbook at the Fall Meeting!

We are excited to begin to celebrate NDTA’s 75th Anniversary which will culminate with our Fall Meeting in St. Louis, 7-10 October 2019. We have thought extensively regarding the appropriate way to go about fundraising for the celebration—and have decided to ask for modest contributions, inasmuch as many already give a full measure towards membership, sponsorship, exhibits, DTJ advertising, travel expenses and human resources in support of NDTA programs.

Together with my staff and key volunteers, we continue to put together a significant amount of celebratory opportunities. We have commissioned a piece of art which will “tell the story” of NDTA’s history. This piece will be available at all major events. Major “unveilings” will be at held at GovTravels and the Fall Meeting.

We have also committed to publishing a 75th Anniversary Yearbook which will republish much of the editions from the 50th and 65th yearbooks—and years 66 through 75, the content of which is being developed now. We will not “advertise” in the 75th yearbook, but rather we will list those who did contribute to the commemoration—and appropriately recognize levels of participation. The yearbook will be a limited publication to be primarily handed out to Fall Meeting registrants.

I have discussed this with the NDTA Board of Directors and we are targeting $50,000 as our goal. The levels of contribution(s) I am suggesting are as follows:

$1,000 Diamond Anniversary Benefactor (Suggested for Industry)
$500 Platinum Benefactor
$200 Gold Benefactor
$50 Anniversary Supporter (Suggested for individuals)

Thank you for your consideration regarding a donation to celebrate the 75th Diamond Anniversary of NDTA. As we look back, we are also looking ahead to the future—continuing to educate and add value through dialog and relationship building. Thank you for all of your support!


William A. Brown
VADM (ret.), USN
President and CEO


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