New National Security Strategy Released

Oct 14, 2022 | Your Source

Sure to be a hot topic during this year’s NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting is the very recent release of the new National Security Strategy. The strategy is used to set budgets, encourage cooperation, advance diplomacy, steer investment, and much more. The Defense Department’s National Defense Strategy and National Military Strategy take their cues from the National Security Strategy.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan summarized the strategy as focusing on two strategic challenges. The first being the geopolitical competition the United States faces with China and Russia.  The second challenge deals with the sheer scale and speed of transnational challenges that do not respect borders or adhere to ideologies. 

“As we confront strategic competitors and threatening and coercive behavior, the strategy prioritizes the People’s Republic of China as our most consequential geopolitical challenge while also standing up to an increasingly aggressive Russia. We will rely on integrated deterrence, as detailed in the Department’s National Defense Strategy, which will soon be released in unclassified form. We will seamlessly combine our capabilities to convince potential adversaries that the costs of their hostile activities far outweigh any possible benefits—in all theaters, in all domains, and across the spectrum of potential conflict,” read a statement from Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III.

The strategy also addresses several global economic challenges, including recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that have been extended and deepened globally as uneven, recovering demand has outpaced suppliers and put strains on supply chains, as well as a global energy crisis driven by Russia’s weaponization of the oil and gas supplies it controls, and exacerbated by OPEC’s management of its own supply.

The strategy delves into what investments are necessary, defines global priorities, and outlines US strategy by region. Click here to read the strategy in its entirety.

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