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Important Update for Industry Partners Regarding Contractor Employees in Workplaces Shared with Some Federal Agencies – 8/25/2021

Industry Partners should be aware of some immediate actions being taken by Federal Agencies that will impact your contractor employee in workplaces shared with the Federal Protective Services control entry for the facility owners and at GSA leased facilities where your employees may share space in the building or with other federal agencies implementing the latest administration force health protection policies.

At least one Federal agency (DHS Federal Protective Service (FPS)) has just issued guidance implementing the additional workplace safety measures.  This guidance will impact some DoD personnel, including contractor personnel, and became effective Aug 25.  This will impact on-site DoD contractors that are in shared facilities where FPS and the facilities owners adopt these procedures and at GSA leased facilities. Guidance and links below will help get the word out to your workforce on this near-term development. […READ MORE…]

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ARC Provides Logistics Support for USNS Pililaau

American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group (ARC) provided stevedoring and related logistical support to the U.S. Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) 838th Transportation Battalion at the Port of Gdansk, Poland. The United States Naval...

Where Are Your Travel & Expense Savings Hiding?

You probably have heard a few times about how automated travel and expense solutions can save your company money. So a fair question to ask is, “Just how and where can I find those dollars?” Much of the savings come by reducing the inefficiencies of doing business on...


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