Open Season for NDTA Foundation Scholarships Has Begun

Jan 17, 2024 | From HQ

NDTA Foundation

Applications are being accepted now through April 15 for NDTA’s four scholarship opportunities for members and their children: Program A for currently enrolled college students, Academic Scholarship Program B for soon-to-be high school graduates accepted at an accredited institution, and Academic Scholarship Program C for currently enrolled, distance learning college students, along with Academic Scholarship Program D, The Denny Edwards Graduate Scholarship for Graduate (Masters) Degree Students.

While you are thinking about education, here is one more important opportunity. NDTA offers all scholarship winners a unique opportunity to join our Industry Connect Program (ICP). ICP links interested students with an industry mentor to help them bridge to the future. More information can be found here

NDTA is excited about the education and development of our Nation’s future logistics and transportation leaders! Providing scholarships and the ICP helps us promote learning and professional development. To learn about the scholarship qualification details and to see what it takes to apply, go to, call us at 703-751-5011 or send us an email at Read student testimonials from previous scholarship recipients to learn about the impact it has had on their studies.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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