October 7-10, 2024

St. Louis, MO

Transportation Academy will consist of eight sessions and a total of 70+ individual classes/seminars. Transportation Academy is designed to provide the community of interest the opportunity to learn about and discuss various topics that span the defense transportation and logistics spectrum. The combination of the speaker/instructor’s presentations coupled with rich, interactive audience dialogue makes Transportation Academy an outstanding forum for information exchange, as well as professional networking that allows for continued dialogue and issue resolution long after Fall Meeting has ended. Class/seminar leaders range from tactical/technical experts to geopolitical strategic thinkers, ensuring there is something in each Academy session for all professional levels and interests. Finally, McKendree University will once again provide CEU credits for participating in Fall Meeting General Sessions and Transportation Academy (a $35 administrative fee is required).

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TrackDay/Time (EDT)RoomCourse TitleSpeaker(s) / Organization
Acquisition & FinanceMidway 10Tomorrow's Transportation Financial Advantage | Synopsis | Details | SlidesJake Ludwigson, Dennis Taitano, & Dan McMillin, Deloitte
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsRegency BComplex Scenario Planning and Transportation Optimization | Synopsis | Details | SlidesDan Miller, SAP
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 1/2Commercial Air Cargo (Less-than-Planeload) Leading Global Changes in Shipping | Synopsis | Details | Slides | Handout Dave Blackford, Chris Boros, Shannon Fast, John Mannino, Page Petrovic, & Ronald Martin, USTRANSCOM J4
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 5Defense Personal Property – Improving the Customer Experience | Synopsis | Details | SlidesCOL Marshanna Gipson, USTRANSCOM J9/DPMO
Infrastructure & Supply Chain ChallengesRegency AInnovation in Supply Chain St. Louis – The Mid-West as a Supply Chain Hub | Synopsis | Details | SlidesMary Lamie, St. Louis Regional Freightway Executive Director
Leadership & Human DevelopmentRegency CEnabling Integrated Deterrence – Combatant Command Perspectives | Synopsis | Details | SlidesSenior Enlisted Leaders: FLTCM Don Myrick (Moderator), USTRANSCOM; MGySgt Scott Stalker, USSPACECOM; SgtMaj James Porterfield, NORAD & USNORTHCOM; CSM Benjamin Jones, USSOUTHCOM; SgtMaj Howard Kreamer, USSTRATCOM
SDDC WorkshopMidway 6Sealift Contract Management – Universal Services Contract (USC), Multi-modal (MM) Contract, & Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (NSGB) Contract | Synopsis | Details | SlidesJamie Hagemeyer, Amanda Weinbuch, Bethany Himel, & Monica King, SDDC
Acquisition & FinanceMidway 10Your DFAS Partner in Transportation Pay – Financial/Accounting Knowledge Sharing | Synopsis | Details | SlidesTeresa Blue, DFAS
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsRegency CData-Driven Analytics – A Practical Approach to Create Decision Advantage | Synopsis | Details | SlidesBruce Busler, USTRANSCOM JDPAC & SDDC/TEA
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsMidway 6Project Rosie Panel | Synopsis | Details | SlidesApril Roseman, STL NDTA Chapter; Kuan Collins, SAIC; & Cindy Mebruer, CSCMP
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 5Recognizing Espionage & Cyber Threats to U.S. Power Projection & Opportunities for Collaboration with Our Commercial Partners | Synopsis | Details | SlidesLt Col Zachary Smith, USTRANSCOM J2; SSA Gavin Lappé, FBI; SA Scott Twidwell, OSI; SA Michael King, ACI
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 1/2Sealift Recapitalization for the Future | Synopsis | Details | SlidesDoug Harrington, MARAD
Leadership & Human DevelopmentRegency BEvolving the Workforce for a Digital World | Synopsis | Details | SlidesWalter Fulda, Accenture Federal Services
SDDC WorkshopMidway 3/4DOD Shipping Container Management…What You Need to Know to Effectively Manage DOD Owned, Leased, or Controlled ISO Containers | Synopsis | Details | SlidesThomas Catchings & Mark LaRue, SDDC
SDDC WorkshopRegency AUkraine Support – Shipping at the Speed of War and Lessons Learned | Synopsis | Details | SlidesJimmy Wiley (Moderator) & Jessica Snyder, SDDC; Gina Ward, JMC; Misty Blickensderfer, Toole Army Depot; Don Welchoff, Tri-State; Dan Labyak, CSX Transportation
Acquisition & FinanceMidway 1/2Unlocking the Power of Your End-To-End Financial Supply Chain | Synopsis | Details | SlidesCheryl Garcia, Eric Schoo, & Jeff Derrick, US Bank
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsRegency BData-driven, AI-enabled Technology…How to Create Decision Advantage for Your Organization | Synopsis | Details | SlidesFrank Manuel, CGI Federal
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 6Defense Personal Property Management Office Enterprise Training Initiatives | Synopsis | Details | SlidesLt Col Cody Honeycutt, USTRANSCOM J9/DPMO
Infrastructure & Supply Chain ChallengesMidway 5Supply Chain Tracking & Security | Synopsis | Details | SlidesDr. Robert Lindyberg, Global Secure Shipping
Leadership & Human DevelopmentMidway 10Leveraging Your Greatest Asset: Manpower | Synopsis | Details | SlidesBrad Sill, Deloitte
Legislation & PolicyRegency CMilitary Operations Empowered Through Logistics | Synopsis | Details | SlidesAdam Yearwood, ODASD(Logistics)
SDDC WorkshopMidway 3/4Transportation Discrepancy Report (TDR), GOCARE, & Cost Dispute Resolution Program – Overview, Recommendations, & Dialogue | Synopsis | Details | SlidesEric Wiggins, Sharon Thomas, & Bobby Roberson, SDDC
Technology & InnovationRegency AAir Mobility Partnerships – Teaming for Technological Advancements | Synopsis | Details | SlidesMark Surina, LMI (Moderator); Dr. Ken Olliff & Dr. Jeff Jackson, St Louis University; Col Rudy Cachuela, USTRANSCOM SG
Acquisition & FinanceMidway 3/4Defense Contract Audit Agency Supporting the Warfighter | Synopsis | Details | SlidesMichelle Baldwin & Jeff Annessa, Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)
Acquisition & FinanceMidway 10Small Business Utilization – The Source Selection Evaluation Factor | Synopsis | Details | SlidesSuzanne Mudd-Yarber, USTRANSCOM AQ
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsMidway 5Data Encryption for Safe Passage and Airlift Operations | Synopsis | Details | SlidesNick Powers, UNCOMN
DoD & Commercial LogisticsRegency CSDDC Responsibilities during Fort to Port (FtP) Movements - SDDC-Industry Panel Discussion on Getting the Warfighter to/from the Port | Synopsis | Details | SlidesMajor General Gavin Lawrence (Moderator), CW5 Terry Throm, & Jeff Olenick, SDDC; Ernest Bezdek, Port of Beaumont; Theresa Lorinser, BNSF Railway; Jack Lubay, Mercer Transportation
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 1/2Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) and Distribution Operations | Synopsis | Details | SlidesDavid Gizenski, DLA Distribution
Infrastructure & Supply Chain ChallengesRegency BAI-Powered Simulation for Massive-Scale Transportation & Logistics Networks | Synopsis | Details | SlidesDr. Steve Hardy, Deloitte
Legislation & PolicyMidway 6Current Legal Issues In The Transportation Sector | Synopsis | Details | SlidesEric Werner, Lou Rae Langevin, Todd Federici, & A.J. Koudelka, USTRANSCOM Staff Judge Advocate Office
Technology & InnovationRegency ASpace Logistics...USTRANSCOM-Industry Partnerships Exploring a Promising New Mode of DOD Global Transportation | Synopsis | Details | SlidesMark Surina (Moderator), LMI; Panelists: Bob Jurenko, Rocket Lab USA; Miles Nash, Virgin Orbit National Systems; Dr. Louis Atchison, Sierra Space Corporation
Acquisition & FinanceMidway 3/4Small Business Opportunities with Military Sealift Command | Synopsis | Details | SlidesLeah Baker & Jacki Alford, MSC
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsMidway 10Simpler & Faster Data Analytics – USTRANSCOM's Journey to Advana | Synopsis | Details | SlidesMike Erhardt, USTRANSCOM J6
DoD & Commercial LogisticsRegency CEvolving the Theater Transportation & Logistics Advantage (90 min roundtable ends at 3:15) | Synopsis | Details | SlidesRDML Philip Sobeck (Moderator), USTRANSCOM J5/J4; Lt Gen Leonard Kosinski, Joint Staff J4; Maj Gen Connie Jenkins, USNORTHCOM J4: BG Gavin Gardner, USINDOPACOM J4; COL Dan Ellinger, USAFRICOM J4; LTC R. Scott Carpenter, USSOCOM J45
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 5Joint Transportation Management System (JTMS) | Synopsis | Details | SlidesAl Albers, USTRANSCOM AQ
Infrastructure & Supply Chain ChallengesRegency BWorkforce Matters and Busy Strategic Ports – Challenges and Opportunities! Are We Ready? | Synopsis | Details | SlidesErnest Bezdek (Moderator), Port of Beaumont; Greg Borossay and Connie LeFevre, Port of San Diego; Anthony Theriot, Port of Port Arthur; Bill Burket, Port of VA
Leadership & Human DevelopmentMidway 6Supply Chain Job Pipeline | Synopsis | Details | SlidesCindy Mebruer, CSCMP & Talent Center of Excellence; Brad Reinhardt, Troops to Logistics
SDDC WorkshopMidway 1/2Understanding Domestic Rail Movements – Various Rail Topics and Details on Waybilling | Synopsis | Details | SlidesChris Hudson, Jaime Bates, LaDonna Gragg, & Dennis White, SDDC
Acquisition & FinanceMidway 1/2Transforming Fuel and Fleet Management | Synopsis | Details | SlidesCheryl Garcia, Eric Schoo, & Jeff Derrick, US Bank
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsMidway 5Protecting America's Defense Industrial Base with Cybersecurity Services | Synopsis | Details | SlidesKristina Walter, NSA Cybersecurity Collaboration Center
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsMidway 10The Power of Data in an Evolving Strategic Environment | Synopsis | Details | SlidesWalter Fulda, Accenture Federal Services
DoD & Commercial LogisticsRegency AAir Mobility - Evolve...Strategic...Advantage! | Synopsis | Details | SlidesLt Gen Randall Reed, Deputy Commander, Air Mobility Command
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 3/4Worldwide Access is Critical for Defense Transportation & Logistics – Strong Alliances & Security Cooperation Enhance the Strategic Advantage | Synopsis | Details | SlidesByron Hinrichsen, DSCA DSCU
Legislation & PolicyMidway 9Cargo is King | Synopsis | Details | SlidesTony Fisher, MARAD
SDDC WorkshopMidway 6Understanding and Using SDDC Information Systems – Discussing GFM Updates and IBS Cloud Native | Synopsis | Details | SlidesAlonzo Williams, Terry Fisher, Tracey Stam, & Randy Ellis, SDDC
Leadership & Human DevelopmentRegency BWomen in Supply Chain Panel | Synopsis | Details | SlidesWendy Walden (Moderator), Director of Staff, AF Sustainment Center; Maj Gen Susan Henderson, 377 TSC/CG; Kristina O’Brien, JS J4; Halimah Najieb-Locke, DASD (Industrial Base Resilience); and Kirstin Knott, FedEx
Acquisition & FinanceRegency AUSTRANSCOM Readiness Programs – Commercial Industry's Role in Getting to the Fight, Sustaining the Warfighter, and Returning Them Home | Synopsis | Details | SlidesWill Henderson, Sarah Albers, & Scott Rader, USTRANSCOM AQ; Tim Boemecke & Dave Atkinson, USTRANSCOM J5
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsRegency CPort of Long Beach Supply Chain Information Highway Data Sharing Platform | Synopsis | Details | SlidesNick Powers, UNCOMN
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 9Commercial Air Cargo Less-than-Planeload Session for Shippers (Government only) | Synopsis | Details | Slides | Handout Dave Blackford, Chris Boros, Shannon Fast, John Mannino, Page Petrovic, & Ronald Martin, USTRANSCOM J4
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 5DLA Consolidation and Containerization Point (CCP) and Theatre Consolidation and Shipping Point (TCSP) – Supporting OCONUS Theatres of Operation | Synopsis | Details | SlidesSherry Amrhein, DLA Distribution
Infrastructure & Supply Chain ChallengesMidway 10Modeling and Quantifying the Operational and Economic Impacts of Cross-infrastructure, Inter-organizational Disruptions | Synopsis | Details | SlidesGabe Weaver, University of Illinois Critical Infrastructure Institute (CIRI)
Leadership & Human DevelopmentMidway 1/2Answer the Call for a Career at Sea - Becoming A Merchant Mariner | Synopsis | Details | SlidesDarnell Burton, MARAD
Leadership & Human DevelopmentRegency BBeing Digital: Why Addressing Culture & Creating a Digital Mindset are Critical to Successful Transformation | Synopsis | Details | SlidesJohn Forsythe, Deloitte
SDDC WorkshopMidway 6Safe Movement of Ammunition and Explosives – Evaluating & Improving Transportation Protective Service (TPS) Carriers Safety Performance | Synopsis | Details | SlidesJeff Leitschuh & Elias Cantu, SDDC
Acquisition & FinanceRegency AChallenges with Government Source Selection Evaluation Criteria and How the Government Could Improve (a government-industry panel discussion) | Synopsis | Details | SlidesPaige Brown & Sarah Law, USTRANSCOM AQ
Cyber, IT, AI, & AnalyticsMidway 10Foundations of a Data Driven Revolution – USTRANSCOM’s Data Literacy Journey | Synopsis | Details | SlidesRob Aronin, USTRANSCOM J6
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 9Commercial Air Cargo Less-than-Planeload Session for Carriers | Synopsis | Details & Slides | Slides | Handout Dave Blackford, Chris Boros, Shannon Fast, John Mannino, Page Petrovic, & Ronald Martin, USTRANSCOM J4
DoD & Commercial LogisticsMidway 5U.S. Maritime Industrial Base: Can it support our needs? | Synopsis | Details | SlidesRADM Michael Wettlaufer, Commander, Military Sealift Command
Infrastructure & Supply Chain ChallengesRegency CDefense Transportation & Logistics Industrial Base - Rethinking How the DIB is Defined and What Comprises that Structure | Synopsis | Details | SlidesRADM (Ret.) John Polowczyk (Moderator) & Felicia Dinkel, Ernst & Young; Leigh Method, DASD(Logistics); Bart De Muynck, Project 44; Bill Driegert, Uber Freight
Leadership & Human DevelopmentRegency BMobility Enterprise Interoperability – Projecting and Sustaining the Joint Force | Synopsis | Details | SlidesSenior Enlisted Leaders: FLTCM Don Myrick (Moderator), CMSgt Chad Bickley, 18 AF; FORCM Steven Bosco, MSC; CSM Brian Morrison, SDDC; CMSgt Brian Bishcoff, JECC; CMSgt Chad Bruntjens, JTRU
SDDC WorkshopMidway 6Sea Port Vessel Planning and Execution – SDDC’s Planning & Execution Methods for Vessel Loading/Unloading Operations | Synopsis | Details | SlidesBradley McDonald & Jeffrey Cline, SDDC


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