Port and Surface Deployment Disrupters:  What are They and What Can We Do About Them?

May 31, 2022 | Panel SFPC, Ports, Surface Force Projection 2022 Videos, Surface Force Projection Conference

Moderator: Michael Cashner


  • Mr. Ernest Bezdek, Director of Trade Development, Port of Beaumont

  • Mr. Don Jones, Account Manager, Industrial Products & Government, Norfolk Southern Corporation

  • Mr. Chris Heibel, Senior Vice President Commercial, American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier Group

  • CAPT Samson Stevens, Sr., Commander, U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Virginia and Port of Norfolk’s Captain of the Port

Description: The panel examines a range of potential disrupters and potential mitigators.

  • High streamlined & efficient systems
  • Complex logistics and transportation systems
  • Vulnerable, unprotected command and control
  • Capacity and labor limitations
  • Others
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