Ports America Sets Environmental Goals: Aims for Green Marine Certification Across Ports

Oct 26, 2022 | Corporate Member News

Ports America, the largest terminal operator and stevedore in the nation, announced its goal today to achieve Green Marine environmental certification at various ports across the United States. The rigorous program offers its participants, on the way to sustainable marine transportation, a comprehensive framework to measurably reduce their environmental footprint.

To achieve certification, ports and terminals must demonstrate and commit to continual and measurable improvement. Fourteen performance indicators target key areas, including: greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutants, spill prevention, waste management, community impacts, and relations, as well as environmental leadership. A third-party verification process takes place every two years.

“Ports America is committed to protecting the environment and health of our ports across the country,” said Ports America President and CEO Matthew Leech. “We continue to be environmental leaders, utilizing the latest in environmental innovations to raise the bar and ensure our ports are sustainable for years to come. We look forward to collaborating with Green Marine to recognize our environmental impact nationwide.”

Ports America’s operations at the Port of Baltimore have achieved certification through the Green Marine program. Areas in which Seagirt Marine Terminal was evaluated included: reduction of greenhouse gas and air pollutants, spill prevention and stormwater management, community impacts, environmental leadership, and waste management.

Ports America’s strategic initiative identifies multiple ports to further improve their environmental performance against industry standards nationwide.
“By expanding its Green Marine participation to various port operations, Ports America proves its commitment to sustainable operations throughout its network of terminals in the United States,” said Green Marine President David Bolduc. “The company will benchmark the environmental progress of these terminals along with 60 other U.S. and Canadian terminal operators.”

ABOUT PORTS AMERICA: Ports America is the leading marine terminal operator in North America with operations in over 70 locations and 33 ports across the United States. The company is a leader in technology-driven solutions and covers a wide range of supply chain services including container, breakbulk, automotive, military, and cruise ship operations. Ports America is based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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