Technology and Innovation in the Pacific

Nov 4, 2021 | DTJ Online, Fall Meeting, Fall Meeting 2021 Videos, Information Technology

Instructor: Sean Thomas, Crowley Solutions

Lines of supply and their resiliency are key factors to the overall success of the U.S. military and our allies in the Pacific. Resiliency in a contested environment will only be possible through the continued advancements in logistics technology, tools, and the deployment of innovative capabilities, by the military and industry collaboratively. This session will briefly discuss logistics concepts, capabilities, and future opportunities for collaborations to support the warfighter in the Pacific.

Technology and innovation in the Pacific contribute to economic growth, advancement of policy, and support for our warfighter. Fostering partnerships and collaboration between military and industry implements best practice, promote values, and protects our national and economic security. Discover more about innovation in emerging markets and discuss how current efforts are shaping our future in the Pacific.

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