The Road to Zero Continues

Nov 29, 2023 | Corporate Member News

Three years ago we embarked on our progress towards becoming a zero-emissions mobility platform and more aggressively tackling the challenge of climate change. 

Now, drivers using the Uber app are going electric nearly 6 times faster than the general population in Europe*, and more than 7 times higher than the general population in the US and Canada. And when high-mileage drivers make the switch to electric vehicles, communities win and see three to four times the emissions reduction benefit compared to the average car owner. 

Ahead of COP28, we’ve released our 2023 Climate Assessment and Performance Report (CAsPR) to continue fulfilling our pledge to be transparent on our journey to zero. The data  shows that in Q3 2023:  

  • More than 74,000 ZEV drivers a month, on average, actively used Uber’s app in the third quarter of 2023 in the US, Canada, and Europe* – 2x as many as the same period the year prior. 
  • Over the quarter, ZEV drivers in the US, Canada, and Europe* completed more than 38 million zero-emissions trips via the Uber app – again almost 2x the number of ZEV trips the year prior. 
  • ZEV drivers completed 9.6% of all on-trip mileage in Europe* and 6.5% of all on-trip mileage in the US and Canada – an increase of 2.5 and 2.4 percentage points respectively compared with the same period a year earlier. 
  • We also found that passenger carbon intensity fell 25% in Europe and 11% across the US and Canada from 2021 to 2022.

Goals are important, but our actions to get there matter even more. In 2023 we’ve made more progress. Some of the highlights from 2023 to date include:

  • The Science Based Targets initiative approved our 1.5°C aligned near and long-term science-based emissions reduction targets, and verified Uber’s net-zero science-based target by 2040.
  • Held our first ever sustainability-focused product event, Go Get Zero, where we unveiled a suite of innovative features to make it easier to go green.
  • Launched our first electric product in Africa, Electric Boda, which can deliver an approximately 30-35% reduction in running costs for drivers, for whom fuel is one of the most significant costs. We also expanded Comfort Electric, UberX Share and made Uber Green available in 140+ markets around the world, giving riders in 200+ cities more options to move sustainably.  
  • Expanded our partnership with Hertz to Europe, bringing up to 25,000 EVs to drivers on the Uber platform.
  • Supercharged our electrification progress in India with a suite of measures to help drivers access vehicles and infrastructure, including partnering with Zypp to deploy 10,000 electric two-wheelers by the end of 2024.  
  • In Australia we partnered with EVSE to secure discounts on cutting-edge at-home EV chargers for drivers, joined with BYD to make more than 10,000 EVs available to drivers, and expanded our partnership with bp pulse to deliver greater charging discounts
  • Teamed up with Tembici to make their bikes and e-bikes available directly on the Uber platform, providing millions of Uber customers in Latin America with another sustainable and convenient travel option. 
  • Launched our integration with SmartCar enabling Battery Aware Matching for drivers of select makes and models with plans to expand. 

Of course, there’s much more work to do. Getting to zero is hard  and we can’t do it alone. We’re working with policymakers, climate experts, EV industry leaders and many others to meaningfully reduce the environmental impact of trips taken on our app and help create healthier, more liveable cities. We’re in it together.


Are you a driver interested in going electric? Visit Uber’s sustainability page to see the latest discounts on EVs and EV charging tools available through our partners. 

*In 2020, we set a goal of reaching 50% of trip kilometers completed in battery EVs in 7 European capitals: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid, and Paris. For this reason, all mentions of “Europe” for the metrics reported in the CASPR refer to all passenger mobility trips completed in the country-level markets corresponding to these 7 European capitals: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, the UK, Spain, and France, respectively. Further details can be found in our SPARK! Report.

Note that between Q2 and Q3 2023, we adjusted our methodology for identifying EVs in Europe to improve accuracy.

Written by Thibaud Simphal, Global Head of Sustainability, Uber
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