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June 23, 2022


Transportation Academy to Provide Valuable Professional Development Opportunity

NDTA and USTRANSCOM invite all to participate in Transportation Academy, which will take place in conjunction with the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting October 17-20, 2022, in St. Louis, Missouri. The program provides a valuable opportunity to learn and discuss various topics that span the defense transportation and logistics spectrum. […READ MORE…]


A Ransomware Framework for Cyber-Readiness

By Ted Rybeck Chair, Benchmarking Partners, & Chair, NDTA Cybersecurity Best Practices Committee

The continuing ramp-up in ransomware attacks highlights the cybersecurity challenges for each member of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Like any ecosystem, the DIB’s supply network interdependencies among its members increase the vulnerabilities and the responsibilities of the prime contractors who organize their sub-suppliers for a common business objective. […READ MORE…]


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Innovative Partnership Gives Shippers a New Option to Reach West Coast Markets

OceaNS Bridge Express, a new partnership between four NDTA members—Norfolk Southern, Hapag-Lloyd, Union Pacific Railroad, and the Port of Virginia—will provide expedited service from the East Coast to the Western United States, giving shippers a new option to reach West Coast markets. […READ MORE…]


Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 Signed into Law

By the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation

President Biden has signed into law S. 3580, the “Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022.” Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and John Thune (R-S.D.) first introduced the bill in February 2022. It was passed by the Commerce Committee on March 22. The Senate unanimously passed the legislation on March 31 and it passed the House on June 13. […READ MORE…]


Editor’s Picks

Starship Troopers: Pentagon Wants Rocket-Launched Soldiers Anywhere on Earth in Hours
(Task & Purpose)  The DoD and SpaceX are teaming up to send huge payloads of troops and gear anywhere on earth in an hour. Would you like to know more?

Got Fuel? Fixing the US Military’s Aerial Refueling Architecture
(Defense One)  It’s a military pilot’s nightmare: you arrive for your airborne refueling but no one’s there—just empty sky above the ocean that will soon swallow your fuel-dry aircraft. That’s the situation U.S. pilots are likely to face in a conflict against China unless the Pentagon quickly makes some changes in its investment priorities and operational concepts.

Marines Still Have Big Plans for Seabasing Ships as 2 Head for Mothballs
(Marine Corps Times)  A sweeping slate of proposed ship retirements that would take nine littoral combat ships offline also would end the career of two unconventional seabasing vessels that have less than a decade in service. But Marine Corps seabasing is far from a failed concept, current and former Marine officials said, and similar ships remaining in service are poised to take on new missions ― including support of unmanned surface vessels ― in the near future.

The Bay of Bengal Could Be the Key to a Free and Open Indo-Pacific
(War on the Rocks)  To maintain the status quo in the Indo-Pacific region and keep China’s assertiveness in check, the United States, Japan, and Australia, among others, have advanced the idea of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.” Within the Indo-Pacific theater, the Bay of Bengal — situated at the intersection between South and Southeast Asia — is a divider, a connector, and one of the prime battlegrounds.

How Much Does Bad Software Cost DOD? Lawmakers Want to Know
(Defense One)  House lawmakers are looking for more oversight of the Defense Department’s cyber, network, and information technology efforts through a series of reviews that range from evaluating underperforming software to auditing the military’s Joint All Domain Command and Control program, according to proposed language for the upcoming 2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

Career Shift: As Supply Chain Issues Pile Up, More College Students See Potential Jobs
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)  A career option sometimes overlooked in college has become as obvious these days as empty grocery store shelves, a months-long wait for a new laptop, or a campus dining hall where nobody has forks.


FedEx and FourKites Announce Alliance to Make Supply Chains Work Smarter
(FedEx)  FedEx Corp. and supply chain visibility platform FourKites® have announced a strategic alliance that will provide businesses with new, more robust real-time visibility capabilities to help solve their most pervasive supply chain challenges, become more efficient, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Cambria Hotels Drives Coast-to-Coast Expansion with 10 New Franchise Agreements and Four Groundbreakings
(Choice Hotels International)  Building on its strategy to continually grow its footprint in markets sought-after by guests and developers alike, Cambria Hotels, an upscale brand franchised by Choice Hotels International, Inc., has awarded 10 franchise agreements to develop the new Cambria prototype.

The Power of Sight: How Total Asset Visibility Secures the Supply Chain
(CGI)  The Department of Defense (DOD) constantly moves equipment around, all over the world.  Gaining visibility into those assets in order to track their movement and know the location of any given item at any time requires extraordinarily complex processes. It’s easy to think of total asset visibility (TAV) as simple supply chain management, but it has the potential to be much more.

ARC Supports 175th Air Wing During Exercise Swift Response
[American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier (ARC)]  American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier (ARC) recently supported the 175th Air Wing in both Iceland and Norway on the recent Swift Response exercise.

Post-COVID Supply Chain Disruption
(Crane Worldwide Logistics)  With COVID restrictions rapidly reducing in many parts of the world, is it fair to comment that the general public assumes that supply chains have recovered and goods will be accessible as before? Amongst supply chain experts, that is highly questionable, since disruption to freight transportation and warehousing is still clearly evident.


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