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October 13, 2020


Dear NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting Participants,

Incredible is the word I would use to describe the meeting we just experienced together and for several reasons. First, when the pandemic broke out, we were planning for an in-person meeting in St. Louis, and it took us a little while to realize that it just wasn’t possible. Then, we had to figure out how to put together a “virtual” meeting—not something NDTA and USTRANSCOM had done to this scale before. As you can imagine, a few challenges had to be overcome, but our planning team took them on, one at a time, and figured it out. Even so, our biggest concern was the willingness of our government, military and industry, logistics, and transportation community to embrace and support a virtual meeting. However, embrace and support you did with an astonishing 1,520 registrants. To me, that is incredible! […READ MORE…]


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Key Issues Emerge from the 2020 NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting

By Sharon Lo Managing Editor, Defense Transportation Journal and The Source

The 2020 NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting may be over, but the meeting’s impact is still being felt. Several key issues have emerged from the meeting and are being discussed among the Defense community.

During his keynote address, USTRANSCOM Commander GEN Stephen Lyons announced a new collaboration between the command, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), and Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc) to explore rapid transportation through space. “Think about moving the equivalent of a C-17 payload anywhere on the globe in less than an hour,” said Lyons.

While such capability may seem a far-off idea, GEN Lyons revealed it may be ready for testing as soon as next year. “Think about that speed associated with the movement of transportation of cargo and people. There is a lot of potential here and I’m really excited about the team that’s working with SpaceX on an opportunity, even perhaps, as early as 21, to be conducting a proof of principle.” […READ MORE…]


Challenges and Opportunities for European Theater Mobility

RADM Peter G. Stamatopoulos, USN, former Director of Logistics, US European Command (EUCOM), presented Challenges and Opportunities for European Theater Mobility at the Surface Force Projection Conference Virtual Meeting on July 30, 2020.

The conference was presented by the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) and Christopher Newport University’s Center for American Studies (CNU CAS), in collaboration with the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), the US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD), and the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA). The theme of this year’s conference was Enabling Dynamic Force Employment Through Global Port Readiness. […READ MORE…]


Editor’s Picks

Democrats Face Internal ‘Fight’ on Defense Spending, Says Smith
(Defense News) The Democratic split over the size of future defense budgets will come to a head in the new Congress, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., predicted Tuesday.

The Next Evolution of Supply Chains
(Supply Chain Management Review) The adaptation of supply chains to the new global world economy had already started before the U.S.-China trade war and COVID started, and these events have accelerated the process of redefining global supply chains.

The US Military Is About to Launch Its Largest 5G Experiments Yet
(Defense One) After months of expectation, planning, and consulting with the services and with industry, the Pentagon is finally ready to start testing new concepts for 5G communications at five bases across the country.

After COVID, is the Transport and Logistics Industry an Open Goal for Dominance by Data Giants?
(Forbes) Covid-19 has dealt the whole of global society a punishing blow, but if there’s one industry that’s always been tasked with uniting that society, it’s transport and logistics.

The Rise of Exoskeletons in Logistics
(DC Velocity) It might be an understatement that technology has drastically changed modern logistics. One area we’re seeing that evolution, particularly in the past five years, is with companies utilizing exoskeletons to gain a competitive advantage by keeping workers healthy.


National Airlines to Increase Its Fleet Size; Adds Three More B747-400Fs and an A330-200
(National Airlines) In response to the rapidly growing demand for cargo and passenger charters, National Airlines has expanded its fleet with three more B747-400Fs and an A330-200 passenger aircraft.

ARC Selected as Prime Contractor for United States Navy Global Husbanding Service Provider (HSP) Contract
(American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier Group Inc. [ARC]) ARC been selected as a prime contractor for the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center worldwide United States Navy Global Husbanding Service Provider (HSP) contract.

U.S. Bank Instant Card Now Integrated with Concur Expense
(SAP Concur) U.S. Bank Instant Card transactions now seamlessly integrate into Concur Expense, simplifying expense tracking, reporting, and reconciliation. Instant Card users can easily capture their expenses with e-receipts, populate expense reports, and submit expenses for approval from anywhere using their mobile device.

Nearly 9,000 New Chassis Being Added to HRCPII’s Fleet Through End of FY21
(The Port of Virginia) The Port of Virginia’s® continual investment in new equipment is helping to build one of the youngest chassis fleets in the nation, with the average age of chassis in the port’s pool being 3.5 years old. Experts in the field estimate the average age of an intermodal chassis to be 15-years to 20-plus-years-old.

Peerspace Teams with United to Bundle Flights with Work and Meeting Spaces for Remotely-Distributed Companies
(United Airlines) Peerspace has announced it is collaborating with United Airlines to bundle flights with meeting space rentals for companies adopting flexible, remote work policies.


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