Troop Support Medical’s System Marks 2500 Critical Supplies Shipments

Jul 23, 2023 | Partner News

On July 11, Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Medical Transportation Team marked 2500 freight shipments using a new system that delivers bulk orders of critical supplies in record time.

The Warehouse Management System allows customers to browse, compare and order a wide range of medical/surgical equipment, collectively weighing over 300 pounds, that is not available through distribution and pricing agreements under the Medical Prime Vendor program.

“DLA Troop Support Medical’s Transportation team monitors [overseas electronic catalogue] orders and then uses its extensive network of transportation assets to meet them on time, target, and budget,” said Medical Tailored Vendor Logistics Specialist, Thor Myers.

Utilization of this system cuts down the time between when the Warfighter orders an item and when they receive it.

“This system decreases required delivery timeframes while increasing customer support and satisfaction; provides primary and back-up carriers to support day-to-day steady state operations, as well as the ability to flex and add additional carriers to support increased shipments of medical supplies during contingency and/or surge operations,” Operational Customer Facing Division Chief, Army Lt. Col. Edwin Caudell said.

The system is funded by DLA’s Warstopper Program, which helps the procurement of items vital to the wartime mission, but not generally required in peacetime. When the Defense Department has a requirement industry doesn’t have a business case to support, DLA uses its Warstopper Program to fill the need.

All medical supply chains have both primary and secondary carriers to accommodate the transportation environment, Caudell said. Specifically, if a surge requires additional capacity, or the primary carrier is unable to handle peacetime volume, secondary carriers are activated by the DLA Troop Support Medical Transportation Office.

“The dedicated and talented members of the DLA Troop Support Medical Transportation Team are the unsung heroes of the DLA Medical supply chain,” said Caudell. “Without their methodical and continuous efforts and attention to detail, the supply chain would be unable to support the warfighters and thousands of other DLA medical customers located OCONUS.”


By Alison Welski, DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

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