U.S. Bank Instant Card Now Integrated with Concur Expense

Oct 5, 2020 | Corporate Member News

U.S. Bank Instant Card transactions now seamlessly integrate into Concur Expense, simplifying expense tracking, reporting, and reconciliation. Instant Card users can easily capture their expenses with e-receipts, populate expense reports, and submit expenses for approval from anywhere using their mobile device.

The new U.S. Bank Instant Card is a fast, efficient, and simple way for employees, contractors, or consultants to make business purchases without using a personal credit card or filling out complex expense reports. With Instant Card, companies can push a virtual corporate card to the Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets of employees, contractors, or consultants in seconds, giving them the ability to make purchases online or in person using contactless technology. Companies can also set the credit limit and expiration date on the card.

“We’ve seen tremendous interest in Instant Card since its debut in June,” said Bradley Matthews, senior vice president for the Corporate Payments group at U.S. Bank. “The card is perfect for companies who need to extend temporary use of a commercial card to almost anyone. And now, we’re excited to be partnering with the SAP Concur organization, with a full integration into their innovative expense management platform. SAP Concur customers can now provision commercial cards directly to a mobile wallet –– and the expenses post automatically to Concur Expense.”

The Instant Card uses a uniquely generated card number, expiration date, and security code as a proxy, providing an extra layer of fraud and misuse mitigation. Mobile wallet use provides an additional layer of payment security.

“SAP Concur has a rich history of partnering with issuing banks to provide our joint customers an integrated way of managing their corporate card spend,” said Valerie Blatt, business head and general manager, Global SMB, at SAP Concur. “The current business environment has compelled companies to increasingly embrace digital transformation. A marked increase in the use of virtual cards, in lieu of traditional plastic corporate cards, is one example. This is why we’re pleased to partner with U.S. Bank to provide a full integration with Instant Card. Customers will now be able to optimize their card program with U.S. Bank, while still having complete visibility into their total employee spend through Concur Expense.”

The card can currently be used in a wide variety of scenarios: expenses for someone who needs to travel to interview for a job, an employee who travels too infrequently to have a corporate card, or a volunteer who needs to buy items for an event. Plus, there are many other potential ways the Instant Card could be used in the future: an employer could send money to an employee who is stranded while traveling, or a management company could send a virtual card to a contractor making unanticipated repairs on a property.

To learn more about the U.S. Bank Instant Card and Concur Expense integration, visit the SAP Concur Partner Directory.


Note: Instant Card is available to current U.S. Bank One Card, U.S. Bank Corporate Travel Card and U.S. Bank Purchasing Card customers with Access Online. Instant Card requires U.S. Bank Payment Plus in order to use.

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