Updates on the Ukraine Invasion

Mar 8, 2022 | Your Source

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III ordered 500 more U.S. service members to be deployed to locations in Europe to augment U.S. forces that are already there, according to Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby.

MarketWatch reports that Americans are facing a new record-high national average gas price — surpassing July 2008 highs — as Russia’s war on Ukraine continued to rage and roil US commodity markets.

Some experts predict the invasion could drive ocean shipping rates to triple. In addition, flight restrictions and more expensive fuel are also driving up airfreight prices.

At least one US lawmaker predicts that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will also have an affect on DOD’s budget. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee predict the invasion will boost the Pentagon’s funding for next year, “Without question, it’s going to have to be bigger than we thought.”

The invasion has reinforced the critical role of logistics in a conflict. Logistics often determines the course of a war. Fuel, ammunition, food and water, and medical supplies are all critical needs on the front lines. Russia’s 40-mile long convoy stalled outside of Kyiv is serving as a lesson in what not to do.

Truckers in Ukraine are finding themselves on the front lines, both in delivering much-needed goods across the country, as well as taking up arms themselves.

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By Sharon Lo Managing Editor, Defense Transportation Journal and The Source

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